Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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WALFORD, Elizabeth [5807]S bapt. 11 Oct 1682, Gt Yeldam ESS died 1751
WALFORD, Robert of Gt Yeldham [19686]P
WALKER, Dorothy Thurlow [17894]C born 22 Mar 1886, Walton on Thames SRY died 28 Oct 1965, Margate KEN
WALKER, Keith William Scutts [2446]S born 23 Apr 1930, Oxford OXF died 4 Jul 2010, Portsmouth HAM
WALKER, Robert Hill Pawsey [17879]S born 1856, Chelmondiston SFK died 31 Jan 1936, Surrey England
WALKER, William Scutts [22289]P born 5 Apr 1897, Greenwich KEN died 23 Mar 1961, London
WALLIS, Annie [3099]S died After 16 May 1720
WALLS, Frances Elizabeth [9705]S born Aug 1897, Letchworth HRT died 17 Apr 1963, Oxford
WALLS, Richard Arthur [9706]P
WALSH, Anne Lucy [4149]S
WALSH, Jane [22340]S
WALSH, John of Anne Mount Kilkenny. [4150]P
WALTON, Maude Jeannette [7264]S born 1879, Ontario, Canada died 1 Feb 1949, Burlington, Ontario, Canada bur. Caledonia Cemetery, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
WARD, Barbara [15022]S born 18 Oct 1911 died 20 Jul 1973
WARD, Thomas [21727]S
WARNER, Betty [11562]S
WARNER, Edmund [2978]P
WARNER, Mary [2977]S bapt. 22 Jul 1617, Parham died 17 Sep 1687 bur. Bramford SFK
WARREN, Elizabeth Eleanor Ann [3357]S born Abt 1822, London City
WARREN, S S [3658]S
WASE, Jeremiah of Bruisyard Hall [10005]P
WASE, Susannah [3916]S born Abt 1821, Bruisyard SFK died 4 Oct 1855
WASPE, Thomas [2656]S
WATERWORTH, Constance Ethel [20904]S born Abt 1884, Wingfield SFK
WATERWORTH, Sarah Ann [3918]S born 11 Jul 1842, Hackney LND bapt. 21 Jan 1848, St Peter Cornhill LND died 12 Jun 1919, Hackney LND
WATERWORTH, William of Wingfield [3919]P
WATSON, Ann [14418]P born 1833 died 1872
WATSON, Edward [13824]P
WATSON, Ellen [13862]P
WATSON, Frances May [21984]S
WATSON, Lucy Eleanor [13862]P
WATSON, Lucy Elizabeth [24512]P
WATSON, Maria [13816]S born 6 Jul 1834, Bermondsey SRY died 18 Dec 1906, 114/44 Royal Hill Greenwich Union Workhouse
WAUGH, Janet [9367]P
WEARE (WEAIRE), Elizabeth of Oxted Surrey [3276]S born 19 Sep 1721 died 21 Jun 1800
WEARING, Denis Sydney [12143]C born 7 Oct 1928, West Ham ESS died 26 Jan 2009, Francistown Botswana
WEARING, Reuben [10590]S born 1882, West Ham ESS died 1960
WEARING, Sydney Percival [10591]C born 1905, Stratford ESS died Jun 1986, Bulawayo Zimbabwe bur. Ashes Scattered
WEATHERALL, Mary [3479]S died 11 Dec 1650, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK bur. 13 Dec 1650, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
WEATHERALL, Thomas B.D., Rev [3480]P died 1630, Newton SFK
WEEKS, Mary [25031]P
WEIGH, Eveline Victoria [20761]P born Sep 1884, Lancashire Eng. died 30 May 1962, Mentone Victoria AU
WELLDON, Elinore [966]S born Abt 1845, Tunbridge Kent
WELLDON, J. I. D.C.L., Rev [967]P
WELLS, Anne [11799]C born 25 Aug 1630
WELLS, Charlotte [11803]C born Abt 1848, St Pancras London
WELLS, Elizabeth [11800]C born 30 Jan 1632/33
WELLS, Elizabeth, Mrs [3237]S died After 1722
WELLS, Emily [11804]C born Abt 1850, St Pancras London
WELLS, Henry [11801]P
WELLS, Mildred [6452]S
WELLS, Millicent [2863]S born Wymondham NFK bur. 24 Mar 1634/35, Stanton SFK
WELLS, Simon D.D. [2864]P,P bur. 20 May 1635, Brockley SFK
WELLS, Thomas Esq. [3112]S
WELLS, William [11776]C born 5 Feb 1628/29
WELLS, William [9903]S born Abt 1814, Sittingbourne Kent died Bef Apr 1861
WELLS, William, Rev [7261]S born Jan 1587/8, Lawshall SFK bur. 1 Feb 1635/36, Rougham NFK
WELLS, William H [11802]C born Abt 1843, Baker St Clerkenwell
WEST, Elizabeth [3431]S bapt. 4 Apr 1586 died Living 1603
WEST, John of St Dunstan East [24932]P died 23 Sep 1613 bur. St Dunstan East LND
WESTCOMB, Elizabeth [2953]S
WESTCOMB, Gregory Esq. of Eltham Kent. [2954]P
WESTRUP, Ralph [6951]S
WET, Hester de [20049]S
WHEELEY, James of Colchester [3971]S
WILDING, Christian (Xtian) [5609]S bur. 20 Dec 1757, Gt Waldingfield St Lawrence SFK
WILLIAMS, Harold Lloyd [19247]S born 1886, England.
WILLIAMS, Irene Alice [6534]S bur. Springvale Crematorium
WILLIAMS, Judith [11223]S
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane [4912]P born Cir 1858 died 2 Qtr 1887, Pwllheli Wales
WILLIAMS, Peter Lloyd Armstrong [3844]S
WILLIAMS, Rowland Montague [3845]C born 1898
WILSON, Albert [6859]C born c1844, Sudbury SFK
WILSON, Charles [6860]C born c1847, Sudbury SFK
WILSON, Eliza [6857]C born c1840, Sudbury SFK
WILSON, Euphan [6406]S
WILSON, Joan [11367]S
WILSON, Susanna [6858]C born c1842, Sudbury SFK
WILSON, Thomas [5799]S
WISEMAN, Elizabeth [3087]C
WISEMAN, Hester [3086]C
WISEMAN, John [3084]C
WISEMAN, John Esq of Bozeat. [3083]S
WISEMAN, Katherine [3085]C
WISTO, Hannah [1567]C
WISTO, John [1564]S
WISTO, Mary [1565]C
WIT, Anna Johanna Cornelia de [20056]P,P born 1845 died 1881
WITHERS, Bella [11702]P
WITHRINGTON, Brenda [22210]S died 14 Dec 1994
WITT, Elizabeth Anna Petronella de [3933]S died 5 Apr 1895
WITT, Hendrick Pieter Herman de [20054]P
WITTEN, Edward Walter [3857]S
WITTEN, James of Camden Town [3812]P
WITTEN, Jane Elizabeth [3803]S born Abt 1832, Islington MDX London died 2 Qtr 1914, Reg Bromley KEN
WITTEN, Walter [9493]C
WITTEWRONG, John, Sir [3223]S died 1703
WITTEWRONG, John Bart., of Rothamstead., Sir [3224]P born 1 Nov 1618 died 23 Jun 1693, Rothamstead
WITTEWRONG, Mary [3225]C
WOLSEY, Alice [3317]S
WOLSEY, Lily [3311]S
WOOD, James Creighton, Major General [3898]P
WOOD, Louisa Melville [3897]S born Cir 1862, India died 22 Nov 1944, Little Waltham ESS
WOOD, Mary Anne [3645]S born 1806, Lingfield SRY died 14 Jul 1878, Lingfield SRY
WOODCOCK, Charles [4429]P
WOODCOCK, Margaret Anne [4428]S born Abt 1865, Leeds YKS
WOODMAN, Ivy [12198]S
WOODS, Susannah [13810]S born Abt 1821
WOODWARD, Christian [20923]P born 27 May 1749 died After Jun 1782
WRAITH, Louisa [3412]S
WRIGHT, Arthur MA JP Rector of Coningsby, Canon [3909]P
WRIGHT, Dorothy [15221]P
WRIGHT, Elizabeth [6954]S bur. 24 Aug 1781, Edwardstone SFK
WRIGHT, Florence Mary [3908]S
WRIGHT, Julia [10860]P,P born 20 Feb 1825, Pattishall NTH bapt. 21 Feb 1825, Pattishall NTH died 1 Qtr 1896, Northampton NTH bur. St Sepulchre Northampton
WRIGHT, Samuel Pryiane [25949]P
WRIGHT, Sarah Anne [3589]S born Cir 1819 died 16 Apr 1894, Perth WA
WYATT, Richard Charles [13861]P
WYATT, Wilfred James [13857]S born 14 Jun 1906, Burnley Victoria died 2 Mar 1990, Kyneton Hospital Victoria Australia
WYK, C. M. van [20063]S born 1882 died 1962
WYNNE, Thomas [3014]S
WYTHE, Frances [5850]S

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