Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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CAREY, Harold Hoghton [2461]S born 2 Nov 1907 died 6 Apr 1992
CARPENTER, James M [26020]S born 28 Dec 1924 died 2 Qtr 2004, Kidderminster WOR
CARR, [24039]P
CARR, Addie Eliza [3834]S born 14 Aug 1863, Wisconsin USA died 26 Mar 1941, Riverside California
CARR, Thomas [19586]S born Abt 1685
CARTER, George Vicar of Pentlow, Rev [11622]P
CARTER, Rebecca [11621]S
CARTER, Thomas [3513]S
CARTWRIGHT, Elizabet [22156]S born 1734 died 1818, Mursley BKM
CASE, Charles Hesketh, Major [4095]S died 1876
CASE, Henry [4096]P
CAUSTON, Elizabeth [9029]S chr. 1598, Gt Clacton ESS
CAVE, Ann of Fletching [3392]S bur. Fletching
CHAMBERS, Catherine [509]P born Abt 1732 died 18 Dec 1802, Ovington ESS bur. Ovington ESS
CHAMBERS, Charles Harcourt [3587]S died Oct 1876
CHAMP, Eliza [18709]P
CHANCEY, Elizabeth [6405]S
CHANDLER, Judith [3428]S bur. 18 May 1683, St Botholph Aldersgate City
CHAPLIN, [2869]S
CHAPLIN, Alfred [7010]C
CHAPLIN, Caroline [16558]C
CHAPLIN, Eleanor [7012]C
CHAPLIN, Horace [7011]C born Abt 1826, MDX LND
CHAPLIN, John Worthy V.C. C.B., Col [4004]C born 23 Jul 1841 died 19 Aug 1920, Market Harborough LEI bur. Kibworth LEI
CHAPLIN, Marian [22918]C born Abt 1819, MDX LND
CHAPLIN, Mary Emma [23930]P
CHAPLIN, Mary Susanna [3697]S born Abt 1718 died 15 Dec 1813, Newton SFK
CHAPLIN, Muriel Gladys [22920]C born 1884, Kibworth LEI
CHAPLIN, Reginald Spencer [22914]C born Abt 1873, Harleston Hall NTH
CHAPLIN, Rosa [4005]C
CHAPLIN, Sarah [22917]C born Abt 1819, MDX LND
CHAPLIN, William [2870]C
CHAPLIN, William Augustus Chaplin [7009]C
CHAPLIN, William James M.P. [4003]S born 1788, Rochester KEN died 1859
CHAPLIN., C W [4006]S
CHAPLYN, John M.D. of Sudbury [3698]P
CHAPLYN, Susannah [3697]S born Abt 1718 died 15 Dec 1813, Newton SFK
CHAPMAN, [17567]P
CHAPMAN, Anne [7260]S
CHASE, Robert Esq. [3257]S
CHASTON, Henrietta Susannah [3881]S
CHASTON, James of Brundish Lodge [3882]P
CHAUNCEY, Frances [3186]S
CHEW, Anna Sophia Penn of Philadelphia U.S.A. [4070]S born 17 Jun 1862, Philadelphia PA.USA. died Abt 1931, Cannes France
CHEW, Samuel of Philadelphia [18027]P
CHRISTROP, J of Stanidron Durham. [2963]P
CHRISTROP, Mary [2962]S bur. 28 Dec 1795, St Oswalds Durham
CLARK, Lydia [5677]S
CLARKE, Elizabeth Wagstaff [4710]S born 5 Mar 1793 chr. 24 Mar 1793, Westminster MDX bur. 11 Feb 1858, Highgate Cemetery London
CLARKE, George [17569]P
CLAYTON, James Knt., Sir [3229]S born Abt 1649 died 28 Nov 1714, Chalfont St Giles bur. Chalfont St Giles
CLAYTON, Thomas Knt, Sir [3230]P
CLEMENTS, Florence Ceclia [262]S
CLENCH, Daniel of Burgh Suffolk [2887]S
CLOPTON, Frances [2852]S
COAKLEY, Elizabeth [5302]S born Abt 1861 died 1918
COATS, Lucy [22743]S
COBBOLD, Susan [337]S
COCHRANE, Lillias [15233]P born Abt 1816, Dudley WOR died 13 Sep 1905, Hagley WOR
COCKE, Margaret of Ipswich [3495]S
COCKS, William of Sudbury [3490]S
COHN, Florence [18029]S died 3 Feb 1922
COLE, Elizabeth [140]S died Abt 1691
COLEMAN, Edmund [2868]C
COLEMAN, Elizabeth [2810]S died Abt 1590, Newton SFK
COLEMAN, Francis Gent [2867]S
COLEMAN, John [4013]P
COLERAINE, Henry 2nd Bt., Lord [3214]S born 1636 died 1708
COLES, of Bombay., Maj Gen [4073]P
COLES, [2969]S
COLES, Ann Elizabeth [6991]C
COLES, Charles Edward C.M.G. of Ruishton Lodge Taunton [4072]S died 12 Nov 1926
COLLARD, Sarah [3450]S bur. 21 Aug 1678, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
COLLARD, William of Barneston ESS [3451]P died 9 Apr 1668 bur. 13 Apr 1668, Barnston ESS
COLLYER, James [9505]P
COLLYER, Mary [3691]S bur. 13 Sep 1743, St Nicholas Alons LND
CONECHY, [2457]S
CONSTABLE, Daniel of Manningtree [3733]P died 1780
CONSTABLE, Frances (Fanny) [3732]S chr. 13 Dec 1745 bur. 15 Jul 1803, Manningtree ESS
CONSTABLE CURTIS, Dorothy Rose [493]S born 13 Jan 1890, Reg Dist Of Ross Co Hereford & Glos. died 1980 bur. Nayland Churchyard SFK
CONSTABLE CURTIS, Edward [4109]S born 13 Feb 1847
CONSTABLE CURTIS, Frank John [2626]P born 1Qtr 1857, Ecclestone Square Pimlico London died 17 Oct 1947, Ross on Wye Herefordshire.
COOE, [3192]S
COOK, Maria [5672]S born Abt 1823, Sudbury SFK
COOK, Thomas [6853]P
COOKE, William [5861]S
COOPER, John [4714]S
COOPER, John William [26806]C born 4 Feb 1842, Bethnal Green LND
COPE, Dennis Francis [11525]S born 6 Oct 1907, Stamford Hill LND died 20 Mar 1976, Lewisham LND
CORNWALLIS, Charles 1st Earl Cornwallis [27746]P
CORNWALLIS, Charles James Viscount Brone [2931]C died 27 Dec 1835
CORNWALLIS, James 4th Earl Cornwallis, Rt Rev [2927]S born 25 Feb 1742/43 died 20 Jan 1824
CORNWALLIS, James 5th Earl Cornwallis [2928]C born 20 Sep 1778 died 21 May 1852
CORNWALLIS, Jemima Isabella [2932]C died 17 Dec 1836
CORNWALLIS, Julia [2938]C
CORSTON, Mary [10609]P born 1850 died 1938
COTCHIN, Emily Jane [3928]S born Abt 1854, Luton Bedford
COTES, Digby Henry, Rev [11]S born 22 Jan 1847, Hammersmith LND chr. 18 Mar 1847, St Pauls Hammersmith LND died 10 Jul 1878, Kurrachee Sindh India bur. 11 Jul 1878, Kurrachee Sindh India
COTES, Digby Henry, Rev [21635]P born Abt 1821 died 13 Dec 1869, Claines Nr Worcester
COTES, Dorothy Eleanore Digby "Dolly" [486]C born 20 Mar 1877, Karachi India chr. 25 Apr 1877, Karachi India India died 6 Dec 1962, St Marys Convent Chiswick LND bur. 11 Dec 1962, Lanteglos by Fowey CON
COTES, John Charles Cecil "Jack" [487]S born Mar Qtr 1890 died 23 Mar 1925, Beach Cottage Fowey CON bur. Lanteglos by Fowey CON
COTES, Kenneth [485]C born Abt 1875 died Infancy.
COTES, William Eastwick Henry, Rev [2061]P born 4 Mar 1857, Hammersmith LND chr. 14 Jun 1857, St Pauls Hammersmith MDX died Sep 1935, Reg Marylebone LND
COTTERELL, Bridget [3231]P
COUGHTRIE, James Billington R.A. [2045]P born Abt 1838, Manchester died 17 Apr 1920, 29 Hillcrest Rd Acton MDX
COUGHTRIE, Phyllis Isabell [2044]S born 17 Nov 1875, Hong Kong died Mar 1955, Hemel Hempstead HRT
COWELL, Eliza [9492]S born Abt 1838, Hertfordshire died Abt 1884
COWPER, Mary [9259]S born 1909 died 1991
CRABB, Mabel Mary [2441]S born Apr Qtr 1863, Brighton SSX chr. 24 Jun 1863, Chapel Royal Brighton died 1947, Western Supermare SOM
CRABB, Martha of Wethersfield ESS [5349]S born Abt 1653, Wethersfield ESS chr. 17 Apr 1653, Wethersfield ESS died 20 Sep 1728, Edwardstone SFK bur. 3 Mar 1727/28, Edwardstone SFK
CRABB, William [26827]P
CRABB, William Joseph of Hove. [4853]P born 30 Oct 1827, Ware HRT died 11 Jan 1902, Steyning SSX
CRADDOCK, Aaron [13853]P
CRADDOCK, Alfred Aaron [13858]C born 11 Apr 1905, Leytonstone ESS died 6 Feb 1981, Northcote Victoria Australia bur. 11 Feb 1981, Coburg Lawn Cemetery Victoria
CRADDOCK, Alfred George [13850]S born 2 Jul 1878, Leystone ESS died 24 Jul 1960, Warley Hospital Brentwood ESS
CRADDOCK, Audrey Victoria [13859]C born 20 Jan 1909, Wanstead ESS died 11 May 2004, Chelsea Victoria Australia bur. 18 May 2004, Cheltenham Cemetery Victoria
CRADDOCK, Grace Maud [13856]C born 10 Mar 1903, Leytonstone ESS died 17 Jul 1995, Kyneton Victoria Australia
CRAMER, Charlotte Sarah Ann [16467]S born 1859 died 1929 bur. Municiple Richmond SRY
CRASWELLER, Ellis Reginald [7480]S born Abt 1890, Ipswich SFK died 1 Dec 1950, 98 Abbots Rd Abbots Langley Watford HRT
CRAWLEY, Martha [24000]P born 1671, Dunstable BDF died Mar 1753, Drayton Parslow BKM bur. 15 Mar 1753, Holy Trinity Drayton Parslow BKM
CRAYMER, Charles [24404]P
CRAYMER, Harriet [4723]S born Abt 1828, Limehouse MDX
CREEK, James of Little Horksley [4920]P died Aft 1803
CREEK, Mary [62]S born 1770 chr. 27 Feb 1770, Little Horkesley ESS died 13 Apr 1801, Little Horkesley ESS bur. 20 Apr 1801, Little Horkesley ESS
CREWE, George [22067]S
CREWE, Mary [22068]C
CREWE, Temperance, Hon [3035]S chr. 8 May 1656, Flore NTH died 18 Oct 1728, Old Rectory Harrold BDF bur. Odell Church BDF
CREWE, Thomas 2nd Bt of Stene, Lord [3036]P born Abt 1624 died 30 Sep 1697
CREYKE, Diana [14797]P born Mar 1874, Westminster LND died 19 Sep 1945, Hawthorne Hse Hamstead Heath LND
CROCHERODE, Anne [3117]S chr. 19 Jan 1574-1755, Toppesfield ESS bur. 11 Oct 1657, Toppesfield ESS
CROCHERODE, Thomas of Toppesfield ESS [3118]P born Abt 1536, Toppesfield ESS died 14 Jun 1619
CROKE, Mary [21]P
CROMPTON, of London [3226]S
CROOKENBERG, Mary [3215]S died 1671, Alston House bur. 7 Feb 1670/71, St Lukes Chelsea LND
CROOKENBERG, of Bergen-Op-Zoom [3216]P
CROSS, Matilda [1009]S born 24 Feb 1798, Sudbury SFK died 1869, Medway KEN
CROSSE, Longworth [3107]S
CRUISE, Hannah [21926]S born 9 Apr 1836, Ireland died 1 Feb 1911, Orillia Ontario CAN
CULVERWELL, William Norman [4651]S born 28 Aug 1895, Wellington SOM died 17 Dec 1958, Sutton Coldfield WAR
CUMMING, Eliza [257]S born Abt 1861 died 1941, Cheltenham GLS
CURD, Amy [11669]C
CURD, John of Sudbury [3498]S
CURD, Susan [7249]C
CURLING, Sarah [24910]S
CURRANS, John [13843]S born Abt Jun 1860, Greenwich LND
CURTIN (CARTER), Mary [2639]S
CUTLER, Henry of Ifield Sussex [3396]S

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