The Kings Candlesticks - Family Trees
VAN DER ZEE [29430]
Jan Harmensz CLOEK of Delft [23833]
Haesge Joosten de VLIEGER of Appelmarkt Delft [23834]
Cornelis Cornelisz VAN DER ZEE of Delft. [717]
Cornelia Jans CLOECK [123]

Jacobus VANDERZEE [120]
(Abt 1688-1746)


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1. Mary GUSTERSON [2071]

Jacobus VANDERZEE [120]

  • Born: Abt 1688
  • Baptised: 1 Aug 1688, Austin Friars Dutch Church Dulwich London.
  • Marriage (1): Mary GUSTERSON [2071] about Oct 1733 in Alresford nr Colchester ESS
  • Died: 17 Aug 1746 aged about 58
  • Buried: 23 Aug 1746, inside Nayland Church SFK

bullet  General Notes:

The Zee family may have emigrated to England following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes?

Baptism: 1 Aug 1688 Zee Van der Jacobus f Cornelis & Cornelia.
Austin Friars Church London. Image on file.

The records of the Dutch Reformed Church Austin Friars London colated and indexed in book form by W C J Moens ref. London Met. Archive 60.57 (Dut) shows Jacobus van der Zee was baptised at Austin Friars 1 Aug 1688, son of Cornelius and Cornelia. There are no references to Zee in the marriage or burial records.
There is a further entry as follows:
1674 (ref 1369) Thursday 19 July David Clinquant preacher at Delft in the name of the Consistory - (b) Balte van der Zee - (c) The Bretheren Overseers of the Community of Jesus Christ in England - (d) Delff, 19 July 1674 - (f) Printed Dutch; Printed Seal.

Jacobus Vanderzee practised in London before settling in Nayland. An Indenture between Mr Vanderzee and Mr William Boys of Colchester dated July 1739 contains a sentence to the following effect "The said Jacobus Vanderzee shall and will allow provide and find sufficient meat drink washing and lodging for the said William Boys the younger during the said term when and so long as he shall reside and be with the said Jacobus Vanderzee in the country and also shall and ask allow and pay unto the said William Boys the younger seven shillings weekly and every week in lieu of meat drink and washing and find and provide for him convenient lodging when he shall reside with the said Jacobus Vanderzee in London during the said term of five years"
In this Indenture Mr Vanderzee is described as one of the Attorneys of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at Westminster.
Ref: Dr Edward L Fenns book of notes pg 9
Jacobus no doubt went to London from time to time to conduct legal business on behalf of his Nayland clients.

The earliest mention of Jacobus (Jacob) in Nayland found by Dr E L Fenn was 1728, and about 1734 he occupied "Grooms" later named "Alston Court" by Dr E L Fenn, Jacobus practised as an Attorney at Law in Nayland with the long established law practise of Thomas Paris (died 1728) and his son Thomas (died 1735).

Marriage Licence Bond
KNOW all men by thefe prefents That We Jacobus Vanderzee of the parish of Nayland in the County of Suffolk and John Potter of the parish of Alresford in the County of Essex are held and firmly bound unto the Right Reverend Father in God Edmund by divine permission Lord Bishop of London; in Two Hundred Pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain; To be paid under the faid Right Reverend and Father in God or to his certain Attorney his executors adminiftrators or affigns: To which payment well and truly to be made, We oblige ourfelves; and each of us by him felf for the whole our and everyones of our Heirs Executors and Adminiftrators firmly by thefe Prefents fealed with a seals. Dated the fourteenth day of October in the seventh year of the Reign of a Sovereign Ld George by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King defender of the Faith and fo forth: And in the year of our Lord One thoufand feven hundred and thirty three.
The condition of the above written Obligation is fuch, That if there fhall not hereafter appear any lawful Let or Impediment by reafon of any Pre-Contract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other juft caufe whatfoever; but that the above bounden Jacobus Vanderzee of the parish of Nayland in the County of Suffolk single man and Mary Gusterson of the same parish single woman may lawfully marry together: and that there is not any Suit depending before any Judge ecclefiaftical or Civil, for, or concerning any fuch Pre-Contract: And that the confent of the Parents, or others the Governors of the faid Parties, be thereunto firft had and obtained; And that they caufe the faid Marriage to be openly folemnised in the Face of the Parish Church of Alresford in the County of Essex between the Hours of Eight and Twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon; And do and fhall fave harmlfs and keep indemnified the abovenam'd Bishop of London his Surrogates and all others his Officers and Succeffors in Office, for, and concerning the Premifes:
Then the faid obligation to be void; or elfe to be and remain in full Force and Virtue.
Sealed and Delivered (being first duly stamped) in the presence of
Francis Tennent
Jacobus Vanderzee
John Potter his mark.
Copy on file.

England Law Lists.
Admitted 13 Feb 1737 - Jacobus Vanderzee of Nayland Gent - Before Judges S Burroughs & Allen - Enrolled 13 Feb 1737.
Jacobus is recorded on the Chancery List
Ref: Dr Edward L Fenns book of notes pg 10

On 21 Sept 1739 Jacobus was appointed Steward of the Manor of Nayland by Mr Samuel Gibbs Gt Horksley Park, Lord of the Manor.

In 1739 he was living in a house in Fen St, owner Elizabeth Gray widow. Nayland Rentals 1735 - 1740 Ref Ips HA108/1/4/10 entry no. 56. Fenn St - Edward Gray for the house he lives in - with a later entry J Vanderzee tenant.

1742 - Jacobus was living in another house in Fen St, owner Mrs Jane Fisher
In 1744 he had taken a home in Town St known as How's Hse next to the Rose Inn, lately occupied by Abraham How, glazier. It is recorded that Joseph Smyth owner of the Rose Inn objected to the use of his yard for access and Jacobus was required to pay 1/- p.a. for the right.
Ref: Dr Edward L Fenns book of notes pg 22

Laft Week Mr Vanderzee, of Nayland in the County of Suffolk, an eminent Attorney at Law, was by the Lord High Chancellor of Great-Britain, appointed a Master Extraordinary in the Court of Chancery.
Ref: The London Poft and Advertifer. Monday, December 1, 1740. numb 1905.
(In England there are two kinds of Masters in Chancery, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. The Masters Extraordinary perform the duty of taking affidavits touching any matter in or relating to the Court of Chancery, taking the acknowledgment of deeds to be enrolled in the said court, and taking such recognizances, as may by the tenor of the order for entering them, be taken before a master extraordinary.
Ref: . . . .
Jacobus practiced in London before this date.

Return of Writs Oath of Jacobus Vanderzee, master extrordinary in Chancery.
PRO C202/128/2 14 Geo II Mich.

Jacobus Vanderzee attorney of Nayland Master, Apprentice Thomas Baylis parent Martha Baylis widow, date of Indenture 23 Jun 1744, date of Duty 6 Jul 1744, Term 5 years, Fee L105.0.0 Ref:The Genealogist IR 1/17

April 1745 - Jacobus writes he is confined to the house with a violent fit of gout.
Ref: Dr Edward L Fenns book of notes pg 27

bullet  Research Notes:

NOTES ON ALSTON COURT - Nayland & Wissington Conservation Society.
Album lent by Mrs Nancy Hadwen
East Anglian Times (around 1900?)
Dr Fenn's great-great-grandfather was Jacob Vanderzee, a solicitor, and he came into the occupation of the house about 1734, succeeding a Mr Thomas Paris, also a solicitor, who had been in practice there since the days of William III. Mr Samuel Alston married a daughter of Mr Vanderzee and succeeded to his practice in this old house, which is still in the occupation of his granddaughter Miss Alston.

Death of Miss Alston, Saturday lst March 1902.
Her grandfather Samuel Alston commenced practising as an attorney-at-law in Nayland in 1746, when he succeeded his father-in-law Mr Jacobus Vanderzee, who appears to have settled in Nayland in 1728. Mr Alston was succeeded by his son George and his grandson Samuel (d.1887).

Country Life c.1920. Article by Christopher Hussey entitled 'Alston Court in Nayland, Suffolk; the residence of Mrs E.L.Fenn'.
[Looking down the village street] to the right was Mr Holmes Family Drapery and Grocery Shop [now Church Mews], said by tradition to be an old bay and say factory backing upon the churchyard. To the left was the baker's, formerly the guildhall. . . . . and beyond it the White Hart Inn. . . . . The Queen's Head, built 500 years ago as a weaving mill, with the master's house adjoining, on the banks of the millstream. . . . .
The older part [of Alston Court]. . . . .has been attributed to the reign of Edward IV. There is evidence to support this view, and to date the building about 1472. The hall. . . . .seems somewhat later, about 1510, and the wings forming the south and west sides of the court are later still in the sixteenth century. . . . . In the space between the west wing and the brick wall bordering the street, which at present is a strip of garden, where a house called Chamberlayne's seems to have stood..: At the end of the eighteenth century, when it (Alston Court] had been for fifty years the home of a branch of the Alstons, it was known as Groom's. A clothier of the name of Grome is found to have worked in Lavenham.

East Anglian Times February 1922. In the East Anglian Miscellany of 1912, Mr Farrer described the appearance of Alston Court in 1900 . . . . . On Miss Alston's death, it passed to her nephew, Dr Fenn of Colchester. He had it repaired, made it his home and. . . . . christened it Alston Court . . . . .The heraldic glass is evidence that it was built for the Payne family. The Will of John Payne of Nayland was proved in 1526.
Other references : Articles by K.Morrison in Ideal Home Dec 1926, 450-452, Woman's Journal 1927, 169-171, and Town. & Country Homes 1927?, 12-13.

On file to be transcribed a Letter of Attorney between The Revd Mr Smythies Rector of Polstead and Jacobus Vanderzee of Nayland - 2007 ref D/5

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Rowley of Tendring Hall
Catalogue Ref. HA 108
FILE - Messuage in lane the entrance to which is apposite the Crown Inn, later the White Hart and adjacent toft with fennage in Nayland - ref. HA 108/2/133 - date: 1682-1772
1745 Aylewood to Jacobus Vanderzee of Nayland
1758 Mary Vanderzee to John Boor of Nayland

To find out more about the archives described below, contact Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch <>

Portrait by William Keable of Jacobus dated 1743 in possession E L Fenn Auckland NZ 1998. William Keable was a barber and peruke (wig) maker of Nayland, Jacobus was his client in 1731.
This important portrait with others, was purchased in 1898 by Dr Edward L Fenn MD from Charles Barron Alston of Chatham who being rather in extremus for cash, would "gladly exchange for coin of the realm" to Dr Fenn

See William Keable [32991] on this website.

Suffolk Artists
Keable William
William Keable or Keeble, was baptised at Cratfield, Suffolk on 1 October 1715, son of John and Ann Keable. A moderately successful painter of portraits and small conversation-pieces, and a member of St Martin's Lane Academy 1754. He was patronised by a number of American Colonists travelling in London, particularly from Charleston, South Carolina. Two such works, the 1749 portraits of Mrs Benjamin Smith (1722-1760) and her brother-in-law Thomas Smith Jr (1719-1790), were exhibited in the Gibbes Museum of Art 1999 exhibition 'In Pursuit of Refinement - Charlestonians Abroad 1740-1860', and show the important transfer of artistic taste from mid-eighteenth century England to the Americas. William produced a number of charming, small full-lengths in the manner of Francis Hayman (1708-1776) and Arthur Devis (1712-1787), although he also painted large scale pieces. An amateur musician as well as a painter and his role as the flautist implies that he served Crokatt and Muilman as a music master and perhaps also taught them drawing and may have become acquainted with Gainsborough through artistic circles in Suffolk, or musical ones, such as the Ipswich Musical Club, since Gainsborough was himself a talented amateur musician. It was perhaps through a lack of ready patronage that Keable had left to settle in Italy by 1761, where he pained a portrait of Castruccio Bonamici Gandolfini, becoming Accademico della Clementina 1770. Keable was buried at Livorno, Tuscany on 12 January 1774. A label on the back of the stretcher of this conversation piece states that Keable painted the figures and Gainsborough the landscape, although this view has long been disregarded by most Gainsborough scholars.

William Keable
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was the son of John and Ann Keable and baptised at Cratfield, Suffolk in October 1715.
His main period of success as an artist was in the 1740s and 1750s; he was a member of the St Martin's Lane Academy in 1754. He specialised in the painting of portraits, especially of American colonists, particularly from Charleston, South Carolina, who were visiting London. Typical of his work were the portraits of Mrs Benjamin Smith (1722-1760) and her brother-in-law Thomas Smith Jr (1719-1790) in 1749. He was also an amateur musician.
By 1761 he had left England to settle in Italy, where he continued to paint portraits, becoming a member of the Accademico della Clementina in 1770. He died in Italy in 1774 and was buried in Livorno.
Self Portrait (1748). Yale Center for British Art
Portrait of a Gentleman
Mrs Benjamin Smith (1749). Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, South Carolina
Thomas Smith Jnr (1749)
Castruccio Bonamici Gandolfini (after 1761)
A mezzotint portrait of Sir Crisp Gascoyne, Lord Mayor of London by James McArdell, from a painting by William Keable, was published in the London Magazine for July 1753.
"KEABLE, William". Retrieved 5 March 2019.

In 2020 Irene Graziani of the Department of the Arts, Bologna University Italy, wrote an extensive work published by Silvana Publishing on three English artists working in Italy in the 18thC. William Keable, Joseph Nollekens and James Barry.


bullet  Other Records

1. Jacobus Vanderzee: Baptism and image, 1688-1743.
Record of Jacobus's baptism at Austin Friars Dulwich LND, Jacobus image in charcoal with dorse.

This image of Jacobus has been identified as the first known work by William Keable "a man of merit in the profession of making portraits" and friend of Thomas Gainsborough, who worked in England, USA, and Italy.

2. Jacobus Vanderzee = Mary Gusterson: Marriage Allegation & Licence, 14 Oct 1733, Essex.
Marriage Allegation
Oct 14 1733
Appeared personally Jacobus Vanderzee of ye parish of Nayland in the County of Suffolk aged 21 years and upwards and alledged he intends to marry with Mary Gusterson of ye same parish aged 27 years.
He not knowing or believing any lawfull let or impediment by reason of any precontract consanguinity affinity or otherwise whereby to hinder the said intended marriage of the truth of which he made oath and prayed licence for them to be married in the parish church of Alresford in the County of Essex.
Sworn before me
Francis Tennant

3. Note to Jacobus Vandezee by Jno Noyes, 21 Jul 1744, Nayland SFK.
Liveing Archive 250a Alston 107 to E Liveing 100 re Alstons 2 Aug 1873 Pgs 11 of 13

Copy of a note addressed
To Mr Vanderzee
Attorney of Nayland Suffolk
Enclosed is Lahbat [?]
I will make the enquiry you direct the first opportunity, which shall be on Monday Morning if possible
Sir your Very Noble Servant
Jno Noyes
21 Jul 1744.

4. Jacobus Vanderzee: Lease from Mr Aylward, 20 Mar 1744/45.
Transcribed July 2022 by C. L. O'Sullivan, of Christchurch NZ.

Mr. Aylward
Mr. Vanderzee

Release of a house, land and fennage behind the church at Nayland

Date 21st March 1745

This indenture made the twenty first day of March in the nineteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, king defender of the faith and in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and forty five between Benedict Aylward of Nayland in the county of Suffolk innholder of the one part and Jacobus Vanderzee of Nayland aforesaid Gent of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds of lawful money of Great
Britain to him the said Benedict Aylward in hand well and truly paid by the said Jacobus Vanderzee at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he the said Benedict Aylward doth hereby acknowledge and thereof and of every part and parcel thereof doth acquit, release, and discharge the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs, executors, and administrators, and every of them by these presents and for diverse and other good causes and considerations him thereunto moving he the said Benedict Aylward hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released, and confirmed and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, release, and confirm unto the said Jacobus Vanderzee (in his actual possession and seisin now being by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof made by the said Benedict Aylward for one whole year by indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents and by force of the statute for transferring of uses into possession and to his heirs and assigns forever all that messuage or tenement situate and being in Nayland aforesaid with the yards and appurtenances thereto belonging as the same
formerly in the possession and occupation of Margaret Hall afterwards of John Restuey and now are in the tenure or occupation of [blank space] Payne his assignee or assigns and stands within a yard belonging thereto abutting upon a lane leading from behind the church of Nayland aforesaid into the town street against or opposite to the gateway belonging to the Crown Inn there towards the west and also all that toft of ground whereon a house formerly stood situate and being in Nayland aforesaid and near or adjoining to the said messuage and yard belonging to the same towards the south and west and against certain meadows belonging to Mr . Todd of Colchester on the north and east together with one fennage common or right of common and pasture in certain meadows called the Fenns in Nayland aforesaid thereto belonging and all and everyother fennage and fennages, commons, rights of common and pasture and other the appurtenances to the aforementioned premises or any part thereof belonging or in anywise appertaining or to or with the same or any part thereof held, used, occupied, or enjoyed or reputed or taken as part, parcel, or member thereof and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues, and profits thereof and of every part and parcel thereof and all the estate, right, title, interest, property, claim, and demand whatsoever of him the said Benedict Aylward of, in, and to the same and every or any part and parcel thereof to have and to hold the said message or tenement, toft, fennage, and common of pasture and all and singular other the premises hereinbefore mentioned or intended to be hereby granted and released with their and every of their rightmembers and appurtenances unto the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs and assigns to the only use and behoof of the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs and assigns forever
and the said Benedict Aylward for himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators and every of them doth covenant, promise, grant, and agree to and with the said Jacobus Vanderzee, his heirs and assigns and every of them by these presents in manner and form following that is to say that the said Benedict Aylward now at the time of the sealing and delivery of these presents is the true and lawful owner and proprietor of the said messuage or tenement, toft, fennage and common of pasture and all and singular other the premises hereinbefore mentioned or intended to be hereby granted and released with their and every of their appurtenances and also that he the said Benedict Aylward now is and standeth lawfully and rightfully seised to him and his heirs of and in all and singular the same premises of a good, sure, perfect, lawful,
absolute, and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple to the only use of himself and his heirs without any manner of condition, contingent, proviso, or other limitation of use or uses or any other matter or thing whatsoever to determine alter change or make void the same and likewise that the said Benedict Aylward hath in himself a good right, full power, and lawful and absolute authority to grant and convey all and every the premises aforesaid with the appurtenances unto and to the use of the said Jacobus Vanderzee, his heirs and assigns in manner and form aforesaid and that it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs and assigns from time to time and at all times forever hereafter peaceably and quietly to have, hold, use, occupy, possess, and enjoy, all and singular the said hereby granted or released premises with their and every of their appurtenances and to receive and take the rents, issues, and profits thereof and of every part and parcel thereof to his and their own use and uses forever without the lawful let, suit, trouble, eviction, disturbance or interruption of or by him the said Benedict Aylward his heirs or assigns or any other person or persons whatsoever lawfully claiming or to claim any estate, right, title or interest of, in or to the same or any part or parcel thereof by, from or under him, them, any or either of them and that free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted, exonerated, and discharged or otherwise well and sufficiently saved, defended, kept harmless, and indemnified by the said Benedict Aylward his heirs and assigns of, from, and against all and all manner of former and other gifts, grants, bargains, sales, leases, releases, jointures, dowers, titles of dower, and especially the dower or right of thirds of Ann the now wife of the said Benedict Aylward, mortgages, uses, wills, entails, statutes, judgements, executions, extents, recognizances, forfeitures, issues, amercements, rents, arrearages of rent and rents and of and from all other titles, troubles, charges, and encumbrances whatsoever had, made, committed, done or suffered or to be had, made, committed, done or suffered by the said Benedict Aylward, his heirs or assigns or any other person or persons whatsoever claiming or to claim by, from or under him, them, any or either of them the rents, customs, and services from henceforth to grow due and payable to the chief, lord or lords of the fee or fees of whom the said premises are holden for or in respect of the tenure thereof only excepted and foreprized1 and lastly that he the said Benedict Aylward and the said Ann his wife and his, her, and their heirs and all and every other person and persons whatsoever claiming or which hereafter shall or may claim any estate, right, title or interest of, unto or out of the said messuage or tenement, toft, fennage, and common of pasture and other the premises or any part thereof by, from or under him, her, them, other or any of them shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter at the request, cost, and charges of the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs and assigns make, do, acknowledge, levy, execute, and suffer or cause and procure to be made, done, acknowledged, executed, and suffered all and every such further and other lawful and reasonable act and acts, thing and things, [devises] conveyances and assurances in the law whatsoever for the further, better, more perfect, and absolute granting, assuring, settling, and confirming all and singular the same premises and every part and parcel thereof with their and every of their rights, members, and appurtenances unto and upon the said Jacobus Vanderzee his heirs and assigns absolutely and forever be it by fine recovery or otherwise as by him or them or his or their counsel learned in the law shall be reasonably devised, advised or required. In witness whereof the party first above named have to these presents interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
The mark of Benedict Aylward.

1. foreprize - to assume, take for granted, to provide for beforehand, to anticipate

Translations by C. L. O'Sullivan BAHONS, GDARTS. April 2022

5. Jacobus Vanderzee: Will, 6 Dec 1745.
Jacobus's Will dated 6 Dec 1745 proved 19 Sep 1746 leaves his estate in its entirety to his wife Mary, no other family members mentioned.

The Will of Jacobus Vanderzee
Dated 6 Dec 1745.
In the name of God Amen
I Jacobus Vanderzee being of sound mind and memory make this my last Will and Teftament and do hereby give devise and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Mary all singular my mefsuages lands tenements and hereditaments and estate both real and personal to hold to her her heirs and afsigns for ever and appoint her sold executrix hereof
Witnefs my hand and seal the sixth day of December in the year of our Lord 1745.
Signed Jacobus Vanderzee
Signed sealed publifhed and declared by the said teftator in the presence of us and attested by us in his presence. Nicholas G Syme, Thomas Bayles, Thomas Scott.
This Will was proved at London before the right worshipful John Rettesworth Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commifsary of the Perogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted the nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord 1746 by the oath of Mary Vanderzee widow the Relict of the deceased and sole executrix named in the said Will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased being first sworn by commifsion duly to administration.

Appended in the margin of the Will.
On the 4th day of February 1829 Admons of the good chattels and credits of Jacobus Vanderzee late of Nayland in the County of Suffolk deceased listed by Mary Vanderzee widow deceased whilst being the relict and sole executrix named in the said deceased Will was granted to Joseph Awthy of Chelmsford in the county of Essex gentleman as a person for that purpose named by and on the part and behalf of the Rev George Tufnell of Wormingford in the County of Essex Clark certified as far only has concerned all the rights title and interest of him the said deceased in and to a certain messuage or tenement hereditaments premises with the appurtenances called . . . . . Bingham situate in Wormingford in the County of Essex and all other lands tenements hereditaments and premises situate in Wormingford aforesaid and the residue and remainer of a certain term of 500 years therin granted and assigned to him the said deceased by a certain Indenture of three parts dated the 20th day of February 1744 and . . . . . and unexpired and all benefits and advantages to be had enjoyed and taken that from but no further or other with or in any other manner whatsoever having been first sworn by Adnosn duly to administer The said Mary Vanderzee made her Will and appointed Samuel Alston and others whose names are . . . . . executives who . . . . . deceased which having proved the same.
Ref Public Record Office PROB 11/749

6. Jacobus Vanderzee: Nayland Rates for Grooms (later Alston Court), 1746-1747, Round The Church.
The ancient courtyard at Grooms

7. Vanderzee Grave, 1746, Nayland Church SFK.
Pauline Vanderzee writes 2022 of a visit to Nayland Church.
"A kind church warden showed us old photograph albums and registers of the church and village.
We saw the slab to the left of the font, but as you discovered only a few words and letters are legible. However, someone had recorded the inscriptions of the flagstones many years ago in a register when the letters were visible. I'm attaching the photos I took of the slab beneath which not only Mary but her husband Jacobus are buried, and of the inscription."

Around the present site of the font: Here lieth the body of Jacobus Vanderzee R.C. Attorney at Law who dyed the 17th August 1746 aged 52 years. "He that is without sin let him first cast a stone" 8th C St. John V 7.
On the left side of this stone lieth the body of Mary Vanderzee widow of the said Jacobus Vanderzee formerly spinster who died the 17th day of February 1762 aged 38 years.
On the right side lieth the body of John Vanderzee late Furnival's Inn in London Attorney at Law who died 30th March 1777 aged 38 years.

Ref: HA541/2/6/19 - ALSTON Papers, Bury R.O., refer to Alston Court (Nayland) and are torn out of an old exercise book written with a fountain pen - not dated and unsigned.
M.I. - Here lyethe the body of/ Jacobus van der Zee/ who died the 23rd August/ 1746/ aged 32 (Error should be 58) he that is without sin let him cast a stone 8 c St.John 7.
On the left side of this stone lieth the body of Mary van de Zee wife of the said Jacobus van der Zee formerly Mary Gusterson, spinster, who die on the 17th day of February 1762 aged 56 years.
On the right side of this stone lieth the body of John van der Zee, late of Furnivall's Inn, Attorney at Law who died the 30th day of March 1777, aged 39 years.
NOTE: these graves lie close to the font in Nayland church. The inscriptions recorded above are no longer legible. Mary the daughter of Jacobus and Mary van der Zee married my great grandfather, Samuel Alston of Nayland. Samuel Alston and his wife are buried in the family vault under the tower.
(signed) A A F (Arthur Alston Fenn c 1950).

The above transcriptions of MI are a reminder of the hazards of accepting such data on face value !

8. Letter by Edward L Fenn re Jacobus & Family Portraits: To Edward Liveing MD FRCP, 22 May 1898, Grey Friars Colchester.
Liveing Archive 20042020.

Grey Friars
May 22 1898.
My dear Edward,
I told you some time back that in W Davy's copy of the inscription on the slab stone over Jacobus Vanderzee's tomb the age reads 32. I am inclined to think that the stone was already so much worn away at that time that he read it wrong, and that it should have read 58. 3 and 5 might easily be mistaken and a much copied 2 might have been really and 8. The surface of the time has long peeled off and only the word Van can now be read.
It is improbable that a lad, an alien, who was only 22, and therefore just out of his articles would have at once married a
Page 2
woman 8 years older than himself (as Mary Gusterson was on the "32" supposition), before he could have established himself in business too. On the other side we have the fact that the name of Van der Zee is uncommon at that date, not to be found in the registers of the Dutch churches at Norwich or Colchester, but a certain Jacobus Van der Zee the son of Cornelius and Cornelia Van der Zee was baptised at the Dutch church in Austin Friars London on August 1, 1688.
There is no record of the marriage of Cornelius and Cornelia there, and he does not appear to have been a member of that Church: probably he had only recently arrived in England, for a host of Dutchman of all conditions came with or followed the Prince of Orange. Probably
Page 3
the family came from Delft, for another member of the clan named Balle Van der Zee brought letters of attestation signed by David Clinquant, Preacher at Delft, in the name of the Consistory and dated at Delft 19 July 1674. He was in that year received as a member of the London Dutch Church.
I must be very Dutch for apparently I am of alien stock on my father's side to \endash the name of Fenn occurring in the last of members of the Walloon church in Norwich in the XVIth Cent.
Acting on your supposition that Charles Alston had some Alston portraits I wrote to him \endash and soon ascertained that he had several portraits which he would gladly exchange for coin of the realm. I purchased accordingly
Page 4.
a sketch in pencil of Jacobus Vanderzee by William Keeble 1743 (here he certainly looks more like 55 than 29), the 2 oval oil paintings of Samuel Alston and Mary his wife, which your mother had, and a small miniature of the same Samuel your and my Gt G Father; also some china plates once the property of Jacobus, I am particularly glad to have rescued these portraits from the Chatham brokers.
I have I think another link in the history of Jacobus Vanderzee viz that he was either articled to or a partner of (or both) of one Thomas Paris a lawyer at Nayland who lived in the old house. I have before me a deed executed in 1728 witnessed by Thom Paris Jnr and
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Jam: Vanderzee written in the good bold hand he used \endash he sometimes signed himself Jacobus and sometimes Jam: in 1728 \endash according to Davy \endash he was only 18 an articled pupil \endash according to the Dutch Church record he was 40, a partner ? I am rather puzzled as Thomas Paris Jun signed a deed in 1728 whilst there was an inscription on a stone (according to Davy) of Thos Paris minor ob . . . . . 1727.
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at the West End of the church, one interesting point connected with Alstoniana has also turned up since I last wrote to you viz that John the ancestor was twice married. Martha Stock being his 2nd wife, this offers an explanation of the disparity in age between his eldest son John, and the 3 younger John born 1680 \endash Samuel (our Gt Gt Gt Grandfather) 1690 Thomas 1693 Jacob 1696. John doubtless was by 1st wife. It seems Mrs John being very regular in her presentation of a son every 3rd year, there are portraits in the hall of John, Samuel, Thomas. I hope I don't bore you but it is a pleasure to unburden myself to you when I think I have anything new.
Yours affectionately
Edw L Fenn
My brother (Ernest Harrold Fenn) left for Bromley last week.


Jacobus married Mary GUSTERSON [2071] [MRIN: 28], daughter of Henry GUSTERSON [124] and Constance HOLTON [2039], about Oct 1733 in Alresford nr Colchester ESS. (Mary GUSTERSON [2071] was born in 1706, baptised on 21 Apr 1706 in Nayland SFK, died on 17 Jan 1762 and was buried on 22 Jan 1762 in Nayland SFK.)

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