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Raymond de LAYARDE [26464]
Francoise Tanzia de SAVARY [27058]
Maj. Peter Raymond LAYARD [19207]
Marie Anne LA CROZE [19208]

Sir Daniel Peter Raymond LAYARD MD [19204]


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1. Susanne Henriette CHEVALLEAU DE BOISRAGON [19205]

Sir Daniel Peter Raymond LAYARD MD [19204]

  • Born: 28 Mar 1720, London
  • Christened: 8 Apr 1720, Les Grecs Soho LND
  • Marriage (1): Susanne Henriette CHEVALLEAU DE BOISRAGON [19205] on 9 Aug 1743 in Spring Gardens Chapel London
  • Died: 5 Feb 1802 aged 81
  • Buried: 17 Feb 1802, Greenwich LND

bullet  General Notes:

Sir Daniel Peter Raymond Layard:
Daniel became a very eminent physician and was the physician to Her royal Highness Charlotte Auguste, princess of Wales during his career. Degree: 1742, M.D. (University of Rheims)

Layard - Boisragon. 9 Aout 1743. Daniel Peter Layard bachelier, par de St Anne Soho Wesmeter Middx. Suzanne Hanriette Boisragon, par de St James mesme conte en L'eg de Spring gardin par Mr Jos Guiteau lecteur a Spetrefil. Lisance de L'Arch de Cantorbery 4 Aout.

Daniel Layard a member of The Royal Society, contributed to a number of scientific Papers of the time on subjects varying from inoculation of cattle against distemper, to diseases of the eye and drinking water.

Daniel Peter Layard was the son of Pierre Raymond de Layard (1666-1747), a Huguenot of good parentage of Monflanquin in Guienne ( Lot et Garonne ), who fled from France following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes . Pierre Raymond came to England as a member of the Corps of Noble Cadets of William III, and rose to the rank of Major in the British army in 1710, at which time he was in General Vezey's Regiment of Foot. Having become naturalized British in 1713, he settled in Canterbury , and married, at the French Protestant chapel at the Savoy in the Strand, London in February 1715, to a much younger wife, Marie Anne la Croze or Croizett. They had several children, most of whom died and were buried at St Alphege, Canterbury. Daniel Peter Delayard was born 28 March and baptized 8 April 1720 at the French Huguenot chapel of Des Grecs, Crown Street, Westminster. His father died in Westminster in 1747. His mother lived down to 1773, and died testate in London.
Layard graduated Doctor of Medicine at Reims University on 9 March 1742. On 9 August of the following year (as Surgeon, of St Anne's Westminster), he married Suzanna Henrietta Boisragon at the Savoy chapel. In April 1747 he was appointed physician-accoucheur at Middlesex Hospital , but shortly afterwards he resigned on account of ill health and travelled abroad.
In 1750 Layard settled at Huntingdon, practising there for twelve years, and was styled "of Woodhurst Huntingdonshire" he claimed the barony of Clifton-Camville. He was admitted a licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, on 3rd July 1252. A most calamitous cattle-plague raged in Great Britain from 1744 to 1756. In 1757 Dr. Layard published "An Essay on the Contagious Distemper among the Horned Cattle in these Kingdoms." He also published "An Essay on the Bite of a Mad Dog" (1762). In 1769, when the cattle-plague again broke out, he was sent for by the Privy Council, and assisted in the drafting of Orders in Council and Acts of Parliament, which were mainly instrumental in extirpating the plague. The House of Commons gave him a grant of £500, and the king appointed him to be Corresponding Secretary with Foreign Courts on the nature, causes, and cure of that distemper. In 1762 Dr. Layard had settled in London as an accoucheur, and in 1772 he published a Pharmatrosia, specially for his feminine patients. But in or before 1769 he had taken up his abode in Greenwich. He received many honours; he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and of the Academy of Gottingen, and he received in 1792 the honorary degree of D.C.L from Oxford. He was elected a Director of the French Protestant Hospital of London 4 Oct 1775.
Layard was physician to Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess, and Dowager Princess, of Wales . He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sciences of Göttingen (now the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities) . Layard was a founder of the British Lying-in Hospital, of which he was later appointed a Vice President. On 20 June 1792 he was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Civil Law honoris causa at the University of Oxford .
Layard died at Greenwich in February 1802, leaving a will, and requested burial in a private crypt in St Benet's, Paul's Wharf , and that his late wife's remains should be brought there from their original burial-place at St Martin in the Fields . He refers to the King's pleasure his wish that his unpublished manuscripts should be published for the financial benefit of his children; he refers particularly to the national services he has performed for the prevention and cure of afflictions of black cattle in Great Britain and other European countries between 1769 and 1793, for which he anticipates reward or compensation of not less than £20,000; and he appoints Brownlow Bertie, 5th Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven to be his executor.
His son Charles had become Dean of Bristol .
Protestant Exiles from France, Chiefly in the Reign of Louis XIV ..., Volume 2

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bullet  Other Records

1. Daniel Peter Raymond Layard: Will, 25 Feb 1797, Greenwich KEN.

In the Name of the Holy Blessed and Incomprehensible Trinity Amen, I, Daniel Peter Layard of Laws and of physic of the parish of St. Alphage in the village of Greenwich in the County of Kent do make this my last will and testament in manner (?) following, First, in all humanity (?) I committed (?) my soul to the Trinity of Almighty God beseeching my creator that through the merits of my blessed Redeemer (?)and his interxxxssion all my Sins and Errors and Transgressions may be forgiven and my soul made acceptable in his sight and xxxded into everlasting happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven in the hope of a glorious resurrection to life Immortal.

Secondly, after my decease I direct and request that on or after the ninth day following and not sooner and when evident marks of dissolution(?) shall have appeared fully on my body my earthly remains be deposited in a distinct and separate vault in the Parish Church of St Benet, Paul's Wharf in the City of London and also the remains of my wife, Susanna Henrietta Layard now deposited in the Vicars vault under the Parish Church of St Martin's in the Fields be reinterred (?) and thither conveyed (?) to be placed next (?) to each other and intombed so as not to be liable to any future removal (?) and all this to be done in the most frugal and direct(?) manner and substantially as was provided for my late dear wife and also should my dear daughter, Susanna Henrietta Pegus continue (?) to desire that at her decease she may be deposited in the same vault near her dear father and mother as expressed some years since and any other of my children have the same desire I do desire that such their will and desire be fully complied with.

Thirdly xxxxxxably and xxxxably to our mutual agreement in a marriage xxxxx dated August 5th 1743 x x according to the xxxxxx wish and desire of my late dear wife, Susanna Henrietta Layard and my own, it is my will and xxxxxx that all the personal property in the public funds so settled in the xxxx xxxxxx consolidated shall be divided into five parts between our dear children xxxxxx one-fifth to the reverend Charles Peter Layard, Doctor in Divinity, one-fifth to Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Lewis Layard, one fifth to Major John Thomas Layard and two-fifths to Miss Charlotte Sophia Layard for her use and benefit solely consisting of one-fifth solely consisting of fifth the part and share for Miss Susanna Henrietta Layard ceded (?) to her Sister, Charlotte Sophia Layard before marriage with Peter Pegus Esq. and mutually agreed upon by all parties with her father's consent and also consisting of one other fifth the right and property of the said Charlotte Sophia Layard.

Fourthly, I leave and bequeath my leasehold house on Crooms Hill Greenwich to my daughter Charlotte Sophia during her natural life on condition of her paying the mortgage money due thereon and on her decease the said leasehold I leave and bequeath to my eldest male heir at Law, Charles Peter Layard, Doctor in Divinity and his immediate male heirs in succession and in default of such male heirs to my second and third sons and to Peter Pegus Esq. and his legitimate sons that the xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx to the end of its xxxxx in my family(?) and I also leave to the said Charlotte Sophia Layard all the furniture, plate, china and xxxxxx and part(?) of the Books as mentioned in a schedule.

Fifthly, I leave and bequeath all the family pictures, prints and the books mentioned in the schedule as so disposed of to the Heirs at Law, proprietor of the leasehold house, for the time being, to remain as heirlooms, and not to be removed.

Sixthly, I leave and bequeath all my manuscripts and copyrights of all published and unpublished to my eldest son, Charles Peter Layard, Doctor of Divinity and my two executors in trust and by xxxx to be printed, published and disposed of in the most profitable manner for the equal use and advantage of my five dear children unless such part may have or been disposed of previously by me so that the xxxx may not deserve (?) public notice in which case I direct they may be buried (?).

Seventhly as His Majesty was pleased most graciously in council on the 25th day of June 1788 to order the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury to xxxxx me such full and adequate compensation for my National Services in the prevention, cure and xxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxx of the infectious(?) diseases xxxxx the Bxxxx xxxxxx in Great Britain and several countries in Europe which services (?) were continued from Christmas 1769 to Christmas 1793 in case I should have not been fully rewarded by compensation or an equivalent provision according to his majesty's royal will and commands I xxxxx my Executors to xxxxx such rewards and compensation not less that twenty thousand pounds sterling, money of Great Britain and when received to discharge every just debt which may remain unpaid and the remainder to be divided and disposed of among my dear five children in equal proportion.

Eightly and lastly, I do hereby request his xxxxxx Brownlow, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven and Edward Spode Esq to be my sole Executors and xx hereby revoke and make void all former will or wills and testaments made by me and xxxxx this to be my only and positive will and testament . In witness which of I have xxx my hand and seal this. *th day of February, One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety Five at Greenwich on Crooms Hill in the County of Kent. Daniel Peter Layard, signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us Edward Edwards, Archdeacon of Brecon, Mary Edwards, his wife. Harriott Ardouin of Greenwich.

Omitted in copying and xxxxx by me xxxx the eighth 1795 Daniel Peter Layard Inserting the name of Peter Pegus Esq but under Pegus( ?) signifying his intention of visiting his estates in the West Indies now xxxx and apoint in the the Room(?) of Peter Pegus Esq, Edward Boodle Esquire of Lower Brook Street.

I so hereby rectify that xxxxx this xxxxxxxx revised and carefully examined the several interxxxxxxitions have been made by me in order to be fairly (?) copied and xxxxxxxx which xxxx xxx sworn on the 25th day of February 1797 in the presense of my three servants James Colier, Susanna Maddison and Mary Marlowe who consent to my putting down their names as witnesses to my intentions. . . . . .

21st April 1802
Appeared Personally, The Reverend John xxxx of Greenwich in the County Of kent, Holy Chaplain to the Royal Hospital xxxx xxx xxxx Rev John Maule of the same place Curate of xxxxxx Chapel in the Parish of St Martins in the Fields in the County of Middlesex and being xxxxxxx sworn on the Holy Evangelists made oath as follows (xx xxx) that they xxxx and were acquainted with Daniel Peter Layard late of the parish of St Alphage, Green within the County of Kent, Doctor of Laws and Physic deceased and also with his xxxxxx and character of handwriting and xxxxxxxx having seen him write and subscribe his name and now xxxxxing and xxxfully perusing(/) the paper writings (?) hereuntoxxxxx purporting to be xxxx xxxxxx the last will and testament with a codicil of the said deceased the said xxx beginning thus '' In the the name of the holy blessed and incomprehensible trinity, I Daniel Peter Layard, Doctor of Laws and of physic ending thus 'In witness whereof x x xxx my hand and seal this eighth day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety five xx herewith on Crooms Hill in the County of kent' and thus subscribed Daniel Peter Layard the said codicil beginning xxxxx since the xxxxx my last will and testament I (/) purchased of Captain William Parker his leasehold house on Crooms Hill xxxxxx ending thus ' Crooms Hill, February 6th 1792 and thus subscribed Daniel Peter Layard and the following words xxxxxxxx added xxxxx by way of xxx to be inserted into my will now intended to be xxxxxx and also the following words appxxxx ing to be made in the said will ( to wit) the xxxxxxxx of the words daughter Susanna Henrietta pegus xxxxxx continue(/0 to desire at her decease she may be deposited in the same vault as her dear father and mother as expressed some years since and any other children have the same desire I do desire that their will and desire be fully complied with' between' the eighteenth and nineteenth line of the will the InterXXXX ation of the words of the the 'mortgage money thereon' between the thirty fourth and thirty fifth lines the interlineation of the words 'Charles Peter Layard, Doctor of Divinity' between the thirty fifth and thirty sixth line of the will of the first side of the said will to be xxxxxx from the xxx thereof the ' interxxxx ation' of the words Charles Boodle Esquire between the twenty first and twenty second line of the said second side of the said will be also xxputed from th top xxxx of and also the following note or xxxxxx sum xxxxxx the following words( to wit) omitted in copying andxxxxx by me Februart eighth 1795 daniel Peter Layard inserting the name

Appeared personally, Henry Blatchford Scudamore of Bevxxxxx in the count of Kent, Gentleman and being sworn on the Holy Evangelists made oath that he is the lawful husband of Charlotte Sophia Scudamore formerly Layard whom he verily believes to be the xxxxxxx and lawful daughter and next of kin of Daniel Peter layard late of Crooms Hill Greenwich in the county of kent, Doctor of Laws and of physic.xxxxxxxx the Executors xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the probate and of the xxxx xxx the said deceased having by his last will and testament xxxxxx xxx the eighth day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five affirmed(?) to a certain schedule containing some particulars of his property and thereby constituting apart of hiss will which ought to be brought and xxxxxed and takeb as part and parcel thereof xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx the death of the said deceased xxxx diligent(/) and the xxxx amongst the dividends(?) papers (?) of xxxxx and xxx in such xxxx as served (?) to him most likely to find with the view of burying it accordingly but that xxxxxxx sas proved fruitless by reason that he verily believes that the Schedule referred to by the testator was either omitted (?) or destroyed by him in his lifetime or that the deceased at the time of xxxxx the xxx in his will did intend to make such dschedule but died without without putting his the intention into Execution and he xxxxx xxxxx ans says that if anytime hereafter shall be forthcoming he will deliver it up.
Interlineation is the insertion of words between the lines of a document
Partly transcribed by Adrian Donne to be completed.

2. Huguenot Society Proceedings: Article on the Layard family, 1910, London.


Daniel married Susanne Henriette CHEVALLEAU DE BOISRAGON [19205] [MRIN: 6907], daughter of Louis CHEVALLEAU DE BOISRAGON Chevalier de la Chenaye [26462] and Marie Henriette de RAMBOUILLET [26463], on 9 Aug 1743 in Spring Gardens Chapel London. (Susanne Henriette CHEVALLEAU DE BOISRAGON [19205] was born on 31 Jan 1715/16 and died on 21 Jan 1791 in St Martin in the Fields LND MDX.)

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