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John PASFIELD [28850]
(Cir 1474-Aft 1516)
STAMER [28851]
(Cir 1475-)
Richard PASFIELD [28844]
(Cir 1504-Aft 1573)
UNKNOWN [28845]
(Cir 1505-Bef 1573)
Edward PASFIELD [24354]
(Abt 1527-Bef 1598)


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1. Agnes LIVERMORE [25147]

Edward PASFIELD [24354]

  • Born: Abt 1527, Essex
  • Marriage (1): Agnes LIVERMORE [25147] circa 1548 in Wethersfield ESS
  • Died: Bef Oct 1598, Wethersfield ESS

bullet  General Notes:

Edward Pasfield and Robert King were in a lawsuit over the ownership of Lighwater. Land was owned by grandfather John King, deceased. Father of Robert is John King and mother is Joane.
ERO C 2/Eliz/P12/7, C 2/Eliz/P14/12 - 1570 to 1572
Edward was in several law suits around 1570 with Robert King over the land called Lightwaters. The property was sold to Edward by Robert's nephew John King. The dispute, this property should have stayed with the male descendants of the King family and should not have been sold to Edward Pasfield in the first place. It was unclear how this case was resolved but both parties owned properties named Lightwaters in the 1600s.

Edward was an Executor of the Will of Richard Brond alias Bolle 20 Jan 1573/74

Indictments of Richard Garter of Wetherfield, labourer, for stopping up a water-course flowing from the water-mill in the same in the tenure of Edward Pasfield the elder, between two closes of land in the tenure of John Ludham which one iscalled Lyes Pightell andthe other Shorte lands, so that the said Edward has lost the profits of his mill for a long time; and of the said John Ludham of Wethersfield, clerk, for procuring and abetting the said Richard to stop up he said water-course.
11 Sep 1602
Ref: 24. ERO Q/SR 159/102 (F.King)

Exemplification of a decree in Chancery.
Sir John Wentworth of Gosfield Knight and bart., John Sparrowe sen. of Gestingthorpe esq. and John Sparrowe junior his son and heir apparent (pl.), v. Thomas Nashe, John Wallaker sen., John Wallaker jun., John Bredges, Clem. Purr, William Pasfeild tanner, Wm. Pasfeild carpenter, Edward Pasfeild, Robert Walford, John Bowles als. Brand, Lanc. Britten, John Cleweland, Richard Parmenter, Wm. Fitche, Henry Livermere sen., Henry Lyvermere jun., Nath.Nash, John Inger gent., Ezekiel Rogers clerk and John Porder [?] gent. )def.) Wethersfield
12 Feb 1619/20
Ref: 55. ERO D/P 119/25/92A (F.King)
Many of these Pasfield placements are uncertain or conjectural, based on documents searched by Forrest King from the ERO 2016.

Edward witnessed the will of John Edwarde of Wethersfield on 28 Jun 1565.[1] Edward was in several Chancery lawsuits with Robert King over land called Lightwaters once owned by Robert's grandfather John King. The property was sold to Edward by Robert's nephew John King. These lawsuits lasted several years around 1570.[2] It was unclear how this case was resolved but both families owned properties named Lightwaters in the 1600s.[3] It is possible that the actual land transfer of Lightwaters took place in 1582 when John Kinge sold to Edward Pasfield 1 garden, 1 orchard, 10 acres of arable land, 3 acres of messuage, and 10 acres of pasture for 40 pounds.[4]
Obtaining the Lightwaters property brought several changes to Edward's life. This property was on the highway northwest of Wethersfield toward Finchingfield. Lightwaters evidently had access to enough water to support a mill. His son Edward became a miller.
Edward was a legatee in the will of father Richard Pasfield on 7 Nov 1573 and given money.[5] About a month later on 6 Dec 1573, he was an executor on the will of brother-in-law Richard Brond alias Bolle on 6 Dec 1573.[6] On 27 May 1577, he and a number of other town residents created a way to generate money to help pay for the poor of the parish.[7] Edward and others were mentioned in the will of William Cherrye on 10 Oct 1580.[8]
Edward had Puritan sympathies. He, several of his cousins, and other relatives were witnesses in in court in front of Lord Rich, also a Puritan sympathizer, against several individuals who "had attended the religious exercise in Wethersfield" on 11 Mar 1583.[9] Edward's will existed at one time but has since been lost. His will was referred to in the will of his wife Agnes on 30 Oct 1598. [10]

[1] Frederick G. Emmison, Essex Wills The Commissary Courts 1558-1569 (Chelmsford, Essex: ERO, 1993), 8:36.
[2] The National Archives of the UK, Kinge v Pasfield, several years (London, England: The Nationals Archives), C 2/Eliz/P14/12, C 2/Eliz/K5/23, C 2/Eliz/K5/53 and C 2/Eliz/P12/7. According to the will of John King referenced in the suit, this property should have stayed with the male descendants of the King family and should not have been sold in the first place.
[3] Essex County, England, Court Roll Deeds Online Abstract D/DP 119/25/113 , ERO. John Yongman's property is mentioned.
[4] Frederick G. Emmison, Feet of Fines for Essex 1581-1603 Vol. 6 (Oxford, England: Leopard's Head Press, 1993), 12. This property was next to Franklins Fenn and a property called Terryngtones owned by John Yongman. (Essex County, England, Court Roll Deeds Online Abstract D/DP 119/25/82 , ERO.)
[5] Essex County, England, Church of England, Archdeaconry of Middlesex, registered copy of wills 1563-1582, microfilm no. [0094730] page 180, Family History Library [FHL] Salt Lake City, Utah.
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[7] Essex County, England, Court Roll Deeds Online Abstract D/DP 119/25/106 , ERO. Some of the others include John Pasfield Sr., John Clarke, William Livermore, Robert Spring, and two different John Livermores.
[8] Essex County, England, Commissary Court Will William Cherry 1580 Wethersfield, ERO. They were to help distribute money to the poor and Edward was to be a supervisor. Another person who helped distribute these funds was Richard Rogers, a known Puritan minister.
[9] Frederick G. Emmison, Elizabethan Life: Disorder (Chelmsford, Essex: ERO, 1970), 140-141. Cousins John Clark and John Livermore were also participants. (Essex County, England, Calendar Entry Online Abstract Q/SR 84/43 , ERO)
[10] Frederick G. Emmison, Essex Wills The Archdeaconry Courts 1597-1603 (Chelmsford, Essex: ERO, 1990), 7:161. Her brother John was a witness to her will.
Forrest D King - 2019

bullet  Research Notes:

Forrest King's research Nov 2016
Edward Pasfield md. Agnes and had Edward and Richard. Edward seems to have died without a male heir. Richard is a yeoman and alive as of 1614. Richard married Ellen Livermore. Nicholas appears roughly in the same place in Wethersfield as Richard was located. (I think I am doing a pretty good job at separating the Wethersfield Pasfields out.) Nicholas probably marries a Young alias Clarke and has Phillip. Phillip marries Susan Dyer.

Pasfields in Essex compiled by Forrest King 2016
Martha chr. 11 May 1651 Frating, Essex
Bridgitmar 1 Apr 1657Colchester, Essex to Richard Brewer
No name1659Wethersfield, Essex
Williambur 28 Jun 1660Wethersfield, Essex
No namebur 2 Apr 1666Wethersfield, Essex
Williambur 18 Feb 1672Wethersfield, Essex
Sarahchr 10 Aug 1684Colchester
Susanchr 6 Mar 1688Colchester
Sarahmar 12 Apr 1696Colchester

John and Mary
Sara chr 19 Jan 1650 Frating, Essex
John and Anne (MFDD-5ZP)
Ann Elymar 24 Jun 1653Frating, Essex
Susanbir 5 Dec 1654Frating, Essex
John chr 22 Aug 1657Frating, Essex
Dorothychr 13 May 1662Wethersfield, Essex

Dorothychr 1 May 1666Wethersfield, Essex
Marychr 29 Sep 1670Wethersfield, Essex
Williamchr 9 Apr 1674Wethersfield, Essex

Edward and Mary (MFL4-ZNR) (9JHJ-RVS) (MFLW-HXG)
Williamchr 8 Feb 1661Wethersfield, Essex
Johnchr 24 Feb 1665Wethersfield, Essex
Edwardchr Oct 1656Wethersfield, Essex

Elizabethchr 4 Jan 1680Wethersfield, Essex
Philip (9J4M-NJF)
Mary1649Wethersfield, Essex
Annchr 22 Jun 1653Wethersfield, Essex
Susanbur Mar 1654Wethersfield, Essex

Samuel (9JHJ-RKF)
Alexanderchr 4 May 1656Wethersfield, Essex

William (MFL4-ZJR) (9JHJ-R27)
Johnchr 17 Oct 1671Wethersfield, Essex
Williamchr 14 Jan 1669Wethersfield, Essex
Robertchr 21 Aug 1673Wethersfield, Essex
Williambur 7 Mar 1675Wethersfield, Essex
Williambur 1675Wethersfield, Essex

Williamwill 1700Wethersfield, Essex
Williamminister from 1586 to 1636 b. maybe 1560 Wethersfield, Essex
Robert purchased land in 1666 in Wethersfield, Essex
Essex County Web site
Richard - Elizabeth the wife and John dated 1693 need will
Roger - wife a Steward, uncle Richard, brothers Lancelot, William, Joanna and Jane married to Robert Steward in 1587
William P. is a clerk in court record dated 23 Nov 1599 [67]
William P. is a clerk in court action dated 7 Jan 1608 [47]
William P. , a clerk, and wife Margaret sold land dated 26 Sep 1612 [25]
William P., a clerk, to help keep the peace dated 18 May 1621
William P. , a clerk, had goods stolen dated 12 Dec 1623
Richard - wife Agnes, her child Edward, William, Alice, and Katherine
Agnes - Richard and wife Agnes and Edward Mitchell dated 1587
William - Rebecca, William, and James in 1682
William P. is a wheelwright dated 2 Jan 1585 [59]
William P. is a yeoman and is assaulted dated 19 Jan 1585 [60]
William P. wheelwright dated 15 Jan 1621 [9]
Thomas - Symond, Robert, Margery who married Adam Cornell, dated 1638
William - need will in 1669
Robert P. is a court witness dated 9 Jan 1699 [63]
Gillingham, Kent
Letters of administration for Edward P. dated 1728 [41]
Matthew P. is a butcher and seeking a license dated 5 Dec 1635 [45]
Great Bardfield
Robert P. is a baker in court records dated Jan 1686/7 [51]
Robert P. is a laborer and is doing business without a license dated 27 Mar 1694 [65]
Great Braxted
Robert P. is a witness dated28 Nov 1616
Samuel P. and wife Judith are part of a group selling land dated 26 Sep 1676 [26]
John P. is a butcher dated 1627 [44]
Matthew P. is a butcher with Rhoda P. as a witness dated 12 Jul 1650 [58]
John - need will dated 1619
North Fambridge
Rebecca P. had child out of wedlock dated 14 Feb 1661 [64]
Thomas P. is mentioned in court documents dated 22 Jun 1586 [81]
William P., a laborer, stole a shirt dated 16 Dec 1594 [13]
John - John, George, Anne, and Elizabeth dated 1579
John P. is a tailor dated 16 Nov 1584
Elizabeth - need will in 1608

Sible Hedingham
Will of William P. is registered dated 1709 [41]
William - William, John, Edward, Elizabeth, Sarah md. John Brown in 1709
John P. is a yeoman dated 16 Jun 1748 [46]
Richard P. is a yeoman mentioned in a court action dated 27 Apr 1603 [ ], [68]
Joseph P. is a witness dated 28 Nov 1700
Robert P. is charged with assault dated 25 Jul 1608 [66]
Tolleshunt Darcy
William P., a minister, was assaulted dated 4 Nov 1599 [82]
Grace - Alice md a Smith, John Annis in 1575 need will
Edward P. testified in court dated 11 Mar 1583 [40]
Robert P. is a surety dated 26 Jun 1586 [34]
Edward P. a miller dated 30 Sep 1602 [23]
Anne - need will in 1603
Nicholas P. is a yeoman a broke the law dated 26 Apr 1610 [37], [69]
Nicholas P. owns land dated 18 Feb 1618/9 [72]
William P. is a tanner, William P. is a carpenter, and Edward P. is mentioned dated 12 Feb 1619/20 [55]
Nicholas P. is a trustee dated26 Feb 1624/25 [62]
William P. has items stolen dated 28 Dec 1625 [56]
Katherine P. has items stolen dated 13 Jul 1629 [39]
Phillip P. had goods stolen with witnesses Phillip P. and Nicholas P. dated 15 Jan 1631 [75]
Edward - Dorcas the wife, Mary, Dorcas, and Edward in 1631
Nicholas P. is on a jury dated 8 Apr 1636 [73]
Edward P. is a yeoman in selling land dated 24 Mar 1637 [27]
Nicholas P. is a witness dated 1 Jul 1637 [32]
Nicholas P. has items stolen dated 20 Aug 1637
Nicholas P. is yeoman in court action dated 22 Nov 1637 [31]
Nicholas P. and Phillip P. had farm items stolen dated 24 Nov 1637 [15]
John P. is a carpenter is in court documents dated 22 May 1654 [52]
Samuel P., Joseph P., and Edward P. mentioned 21 Jul 1655 [53]
William P. is a carpenter is a debtor dated 20 Jan 1656 [35]
Edward P. had land dated 1 Dec 1660 [21]
William - William, Helen, Abigail, and Ann who married Joshua Livermore dated 1660
William P., son of William P., probates father's will 10 Dec 1660 dated Jun 1661 [16]
Robert P. is a yeoman and purchased land dated 14 Mar 1665/6 [38]
William P. is son of William P. was here 3 Jun 1661 Land described dated 10 Jul 1673 [10]
Robert -other relatives dated 1684
Robert - need will in 1684
William P. is owed money from John Alston, gent, dated 12 Jun 1692 [57]
William P. will - wife, John, Robert, William dated 14 Jun 1700 [8]
William P. on the death of father William P. Will dated 14 Jun 1700 and references land on 7 Jun 1674 dated 9 Jun 1701 [1]
William P. will - wife Mary, William, Ersham, John, mother Elizabeth, brother Robert dated 21 Apr 1719 [11], [14]
William - need will dated 1701
William P. on death of uncle Robert P. Father William admission 9 Jun 1701, died 15 Jun 1719 when son was a minor dated 29 May 1721 [2]
William P. is a baker leasing property and William Smith 21 Oct 1721 [28]
John P., son of William P. yeoman, and William Smith his guardian dated 24 Aug 1725 [17]
William P. is a yeoman in court documents dated 22 Sep 1725 [42], [48]
William P. has uncle and guardian Robert P. William P. was his father. Description of land dated 6 Nov 1728 [3], [4]
John P. is a glover and is dealing with William Smith dated 26 Mar 1735 [80]
Robert P. occupies land dated 1741 [50]
William, Margery the wife, his mother, brother Thomas and sister Ellen and others
Thomas P. is a tanner dated 14 Jul 1626 [54]
Thomas P. is a tanner dated 16 Jul 1626 [61]
Robert P. is a yeoman in court appearance dated 28 Jul 1637
Woodham Mortimore
John - needs will in 1580
William P. was assaulted, William P. was a witness dated 13 Feb 1602 [18]
Simon P. on list dated 21 Jan1580/81 [22]
Arthur P. mentioned dated 1627 [43]
Marriage license between Jonathan P. and Mary May dated 1689 [76]
Marriage license between John Brown and Sarah P. dated 1706 [77]
Marriage license between John P. and Alice Cornell dated 1710 [78]
Marriage license between Samuel Whiffin and Jane P. dated 1721
Index - 942 B4b V. 78, 79, and 84 also available on fiche
Index - 1594951 item 2, 3 (1535-1837), 1594953, 54, 55, 56, 57, 1595027, 28, 29, 30 (Check for dates to other films)
Index - 94216, 94217 (ordered), (check for dates)
Index - 91231, (check for dates)
Index - 91211 (check for dates)
Index - 91273 (check for dates)
Index - 94737, 94779, 80, 81 (very complex, many rolls)
Wethersfield Parish Register - 571187 item 4, 1526986 items 19-27, printout 820788 item 2
Other - 942.67 B4e no. 71, 942.67 P2j,
Films - 174917,
If time 1702752 item 1


Edward married Agnes LIVERMORE [25147] [MRIN: 8768], daughter of Thomas LIVERMORE [25166] and Ann [28842], circa 1548 in Wethersfield ESS. (Agnes LIVERMORE [25147] was born about 1529 in Wethersfield Essex and died after 30 Oct 1598 in Wethersfield ESS.)

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