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William ALSTON [11108]
John ALSTON of Newton Suffolk. [2826]
(-Bef 1514)

William ALSTON of Newton SFK [2819]
(Abt 1485-1564)


Family Links

1. Ann (Elizabeth) SYMONDS [2820]

William ALSTON of Newton SFK [2819]

  • Born: Abt 1485, Newton SFK
  • Marriage (1): Ann (Elizabeth) SYMONDS [2820] about 1506 in Newton SFK
  • Buried: 30 Jan 1564, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK

bullet  General Notes:

William was a prosperous landowner, resident upon and cultivating a considerable estate. His will is dated 18 Oct 1563, and was possibly made at the onset of an illness which proved fatal. In it he left the lease of the Manor of Newton to his son William, who however died in the same year. It was proved PCC 23 Oct 1567, and is the earliest Alston will from the PCC that Cresswell could locate at Somerset House.

The Lay Subsidy (Tax) return for Suffolk dated 1568 mentions William Alston of Newton worth 10 pds in goods to pay 8/4d tax.

Manor of Newton Hall.
In 1538 is found amoungst the Bodlean Charters (30 Hen VIII., Bodl. Ch. 358) a lease for 21 yrs by Margaret Pole the Countess of Sailsbury to William Alston of Newton of this manor, there called "Newton Manor al. Newton Hall" Probably the lease only related to lands held of the manor or the lease was an attempt by the countess to exercise a right of ownership.
There is however amoungst the Chancery Proceedings of Queen Elizabeth in 1598 a claim made under a lease brought by Henry Wynterfludd against William Alston snr and jnr to messuages in Newton holden of Thomas Barrowe as of his manor of Newton Hall in Newton by William Houge who granted the lease in question
The Manors of Suffolk pg 174

William Alston leased Priors from Margaret Countess of Sailsbury (no date), she was beheaded in 1541
Ref: Susan Perrett

Baberg Hundred Military Survey 1522
Newton - William Alston Husbondman in londes by yere 3/4d In movables L10/0/0

Will William Alston of Newton
18 Oct 1563
In the name of God, Amen. I Wylliam Alstone of Newton in the Com of Suff husbandman this xviijth daye of October 1563 do make and declare my last wyll and testament in maner and forme following ffryste I commend my Sowle to God my bodye to the yereth and at my buriall daye I wyll yt there shalbe bestowed at my funerall and amonge the poore
thanne x li whereof in Boxford xxs and Nayland xxs. And w' in one yere next after my decease I will there shalbe distributed amonge the poore people of Sudburye, Boxford, Nayland and Assingtone by my executors vjl. xiijs. iiijd.
Itm I wyll yt Alice Rose shall have duryng and by all the terme of her naturall lyfe wekely vjs. and at euerye Christemas one Smocke and a peticote to be payed and delyuered by my executors
It I geue and bequethe to Elizabeth my wyffe al my lands and tents comenly called and known by the name or names of Dallys, Newton house, Lokers and Cantyng wth all and synguler there appertenances for terme of her naturall lyfe and after her decease
I wyll yt all the Sayd Landes, tenets wt all and Singulars there appurtenances Shall remayne to Wylliam my Sonne duringe his lyfe and after theire decaase
I wyll yt all the p'mysses as well free as bonde shalbe sowle by my executors and Supvisors, or by so many of them, as so yt shall well assent and agre and all the money comying of yt shall be distributed amonge my children' children by the better aduise of those yt shall make the Sale.
It. I give and bequeath vnto my Sayd wyffe halfe my house howlde Stuff
and vtensiles of howshowlde vj my lope neate, v feeme of Barley, iij feemes of wheate xx Sheepe, one horse or gelding or iijlb in money for fire at her choyse and xlb in money, wch ten pound to be payed wt in two yeres nexte after my decease, in eyther yere a lyke p'tione by my Executors, and the sayd vj neate v seme of Barly iij seme of wheate xx Shepe and the Horse or Geldyng or thre pounde for him
I wyll shalbe payed and delyuered by my Sonne Wylliam only. In consyderatione whereof I do geve and bequeth vnto my sayd sonne William, my lease and terme of yeres of and in the maner of Newton wt
all the appertenances together wth all my Come, haye and stower, and all yt to my husbandye apperteyneth, as horses, Cattell, carts, plowes, and other necessaries whatsoever together wt the other halfe of my howsholde Stuffe and vtensils of howshoulde, my best bedde and the chest upon the Soller.
Item I give and bequeth vnto the sayd Wylliam all those my lands and tents wth all and singular there appertenances sett lyeng and being in Neylande, Boxforde and Hadlye fee or in Eyther of them, now of late in the tenure and occupancy of Wylliam Whyghting, John Sendale, and John Everrarde there assignes duringe and by all the terme of his naturall lyfe, and after his decease, I will yt all the laste recyted p'misses shall remayne to Wylliam the sonne of Edwarde my sonne and his heyrs for Ever.
It. I wyll yt the sayd Wylliam my sonne out of the p'misses during his lyfe shall beare and paye yerely towards the payments of these my legasyes iiijth.
It I geve and bequeth vnto my said sonne Wylliam and his heyrs my howese in Sudburye whh I purchased of Barred and my house in Newton called the Pores wth all the yeards, gardenes, and grounds to them or to eyther of them belonging and appertyning. And in respecte thereof I wyll yt my said sonne Wylliam his heyers or assignes for ever shall yerely paye or cause to be payed for and towards the relyse of the poore people of Sudburye xvjs. And to the pore people of Newton xs.
It. I geve unto Anne my daughter and her heyers my tents in Sudburye called the Bell wt all yt there to apperteyned and in moneye xl li to be payed wthin two yeres next after my Decease, in eyther yere a lyke p'tione
It I give to Alice my dawghter and to her heyers my two croftes in Cornarde wch I bowghte of Mr. Pastone and in money to be payed as before is appoynted for ever.
It. I geve to Alice her dawghter xx ponds at the Daye of her mariage, or at the age of xxii yeres whc shall fyrst happen.
It I wyll yt every servant in my howse at my decease aboue the age of xviij yeres shall have of my gyfte xxs. and being xviij or vnder vjs. viijd. and everye woman s'vante xs using them selves honestleye to me and myne Executors, euery of them for his or her parte.
It I geve to Thomas the Sonne of Edwarde my sonne and his heyers all
yt my tente called Waspes wth all all the grownds thereto belonging or appertyning now or late to the occupency of Robert Bartlow or his assignes, And I wyll yt any thinge before wreyghten not wth Standing yt the Sayd Robte John Harlod and Abl Lettell my tenaunts shall be clere acquited and discharged of the halfe yeres terme of there Generall portions wch shall happen next after my decease.
All the resedue of my goods Chattells redye money and detts I geve them to my executors whome I ordaine and make Edward and Wylliam my sonnes. And I ordeyne and make Supvisors thereof Thomas Barowe
Esquire and John Halte Gent and I geve to eytber of them v. pounde And yf any of the above named Legatoryes do disturbe, troble, or vexe my Executors in Executione of this my wyll, and testament, Then I wyll his or her Legacye shalbe wt howlden, and by the sayd Supvisors to pore people distributed for wyttness whereof I the said Wylliam the father, after I had harde all ye p'misses redd, dyd set herevnto my marke and desyered sunderye wyttnes to setto there marks also by me Thomas Barrowe, Wylliam Weste.
Probate granted by John Muriel, Commsy of Archdeanery of Sudbury 1st March 1563.
Alstoniana pg 152

Now follows a Will for William proved at PCC for probate granted 23 Oct 1567. Was the Sudbury probate in question?
Dated 18th October 1563.
In the name of god Amen. I William Alstone of Newton in the Countie of Suffolk, husbondman, this 18th day of October 1563 Do make and declare my last Will and testament in manner and form following.
First I commend my soul to god my body to the earth and my burial day I Will that there shall be bestowed at my funeral and amongst the poor L10 whereof in Boxford 20s. and Nayland 20s. and within one year next after my decease I Will there shall be distributed amongst the poor people of Sudbury Boxford Nayland and Assington by mine Executor L6. 8s. 4p.
Item I Will that Alice Rose shall have during and by all the term of her natural life weekly 6d. and at every Christmas a smoke and a petticote to be payed and delivered by mine Executors.
Item I give and bequethe to Elizabeth my wife all my lands and tenements commonly called or known by the name or names of Ballys Newton house lockers and cantings with all and singular there Appurtences for term of her natural life and after her decease I Will that all the said lands and tenements with all and singular there appurtences shall remain to William my son during his life and after there decease I Will all the premises as well free as bond shall be sold by my Executors and supervisors or by so many of them as to that sale will assent and agree and all the money comming of the Sale to be distributed amongst my Childrens Children by the better advise of those that shall make the sale.
Item I give and bequethe unto my said wife half my household stuff and utensils of household 6 milche nete five seam of Barley 3 seam of wheat 20 sheep, one horse or gelding or L3 in money for him at her choice and ten pounds in money, the said L3 to be paid within 2 years next after my decease in either year a like portion by mine Executors and the aforesaid 6 milche nete five seam Barley 3 seam wheat 20 sheep and the horse or gelding or L3 in money for him I will shall be payed and delivered by my son William only. In consideration where of I give and bequeathe unto my said son William my lease and term of years of and in the manor of Newton with all the appurtences together with all my corn hay and Stover and all that to my husbandry appertaineth as horse cattle carts ploughs and other necessaries whatsoever together with the other half of my household Stuffe and utensils of household my best bed and the chest on the soller.
Item I give and bequeathe unto the said William all those my lands and tenements with all and singular there appurtences set lying and being in Nayland Boxford and Hadleigh fee or in either of them now or late in the tenure and occupation of William Whiteing John Sendell and John Garrard or their assignes during and by all the term of his natural life and after his decease I Will that all the last recited promises shall remain to William the son of Edward my son and his heirs for ever.
Item I Will that the said William my son out of the promises duringe his life shall bear and pay yearly towards the payment of these my legacies L3
Item I give and bequeathe unto my said son William and his heirs my tenement in Sudbury which I purchased of Burrell and my tenement in Newton called Priors with all the yards gardens and grounds to them or either of them belonging or appertaining and in respect therof I Will that my said son William his heirs or assigns for ever shall yearly pay or cause to be payed for and towards the relief of the poor people of Sudbury 16s. and of the poor people of Newton 10s.
Item I give unto Anne my Daughter and her heirs my Tenenent in Sudbury called the Bell with all that therto appertaineth and in money L15 to be paid within two years next after my decease in either year a like portion
Item I give to Alice my Daughter and her heirs my two Crofts in Cornard which I bought of Mr. Paston and in money L15 to be payed as before is appointed for Anne.
Item I give to Alice her daughter L20 at the day of her mariage or at the age of 22 years which shall first happen.
Item I Will that every man-servant in my house at my decease above the age of 18 years shall have as of my gift 20s. and being 18 or under 6s. 8d. and every woman-sevant 5s. using themselves honestly to me and my Executors every of them for his or her private.
Item I give to Thomas the son of Edward my son and his heirs all my tenement called Waspes with all the grounds thereto belonging or appertaining now or late in the occupayion of Robert Bartlott or his assigns and I Will that anything before written not with standinge the said Robert John Harland and Alice Kettell my tenants shall be clear acquited and discharged of the half year farm of there several portion wich shall happen next after my decease.
All the Residue of my goods and chattels ready money and debts I give them to my executors whom I ordain and make Edward and William my sons and I ordain and make Supervisors there of Thomas Barrow esquire and John Holt gent and I give to either of them L5 and if any of the above named legatories do disturb trouble or vext myne executors in execution of this my Will and Testament that I will his or her legacy shall be witholden and by the said supervisors to the poor people distributed for witness whereof I ye said William ye father after I had hard all ye promises read ded set hereunto my mark and desired Sondry witnesses to set their marks also.
By me Thomas Barrowe, by me Thomas Weste.
Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury before Walter Haddon, Doctor of Laws, by Edward Alston Executor on the 23rd October, 1567.
Stanarde 27.
This Will has been somewhat translated from the Old English style.
Page 87 Alstoniana.
Copy of original Will on this file

bullet  Research Notes:

Lionel Cresswell
Page 3
Stemmata Alstoniata
There is some doubt as to the number of times William was married. In the pedigree registered by one of his great great grandsons, William Alston of Odell at the Heralds' Visitation of Bedfordshire in 1634 his wife is said to have been (Ann), the daughter of (Thomas) Simonds, and her arms are given as " Azure a chevron inter 3 trefoiles slipped d'or."(r) The inclusion of the Christian names within brackets indicates some uncertainty about them, and that about the name Ann is strengthened by the patriarch's mention in his will of his " wyffe Elizabethe" without any reference to a previous marriage. It is not unusual for a trifling vagueness to exist about great great grandparents surnames, to say nothing of their Christian names, and it may not have occured to the Odell family to verify their pedigree by reference to their ancestor's will, even if facilities for doing so were then allowed. On consideration I have decided to regard Ann as a misnomer, and William to have had only one wife-Elizabeth Simonds. This view is supported by Elizabeth's will, to which her son Edward was executor. William Alston died in the winter of 1563/4, his burial being recorded in the Newton registers as having taken place on the 30th January. Husband and wife were not long divided by death, for although no entry of her burial has been found, her will in which she describes herself as widow is dated 14th May, 1564/5, and was proved on the 30th of the following month (June), in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury. William Alston's will is dated 18th October, 1563, being made probably at the beginning of the illness which terminated fatally.
It was proved on the 23rd October, 1567, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and is notable as being the earliest Alston will among the testamentary archives of that Court now in the safe keeping of Somerset House. . . . . .

Accordingly Cresswell has concluded that Ann is a misnomer, and William was not twice married. However the IGI records the marriage (unproven) of William Alston of Newton to Ann Symonds abt 1506 and the researcher E L Fenn has taken a view that Ann was his wife, and a mother of his children.

Map of Newton:

William held land named Crekys in Newton area in 1514 which had prior to this been held by a John Alston
BURY ST. EDMUNDS AND WEST SUFFOLK RECORD OFFICE Received from Mr. L A. Sheppard, 55 Park Town, Oxford, per the East Suffolk Record Office. Ac. 869 .
Thomas Gosse, son of John Gosse, at instance of Joan Medevryn, widow or Thomas Medewyn formerly of Newton, and Robert Rowge, executors of the will of the same Thomas Medewyn to Thomas Bonham Esq., Stephen Roose and William Taylour. A messuage and three pieces of land in Newton. The aforesaid messuage with garden called Pryours lying between a tenement, once of John Fuller now of Thomas Warner, and the common pasture called Newton Hethe, with one head abutting on the way leading from the Rectory there towards the Church of Newton, the other head abutting on land once of John Wyffyn called Santerescroft now called Town Croft. The first piece of land was formerly built upon with a messuage, contains one acre and lies between land once of Peter Jurdon afterwards of Richard Mody, then of Andrew Halys and now of Thomas Hale on both sides and abuts at one head on lands pertaining to the tenement called Crekys once of Richard Croke then of JOHN ALSTON and now of WILLIAM ALSTON and at the other head on the highway leading from Sudbury to Assington. The second piece of land contains half an acre lying in the field called Outefeld viz; between land of the Rectory of Newton and land pertaining to a tenament called Colles pertaining to the chantry founded in Acton, with one head abutting on land of the same tenement called Colles, the other head abutting on land called Basely otherwise Crookes formerly of Robert Donyng now of John White. The third piece of land formerly was called a garden and contains 1 rood of land and lies between the common pasture called Newton Heath and land of the manor called Newton Hall called Yves Croftes. These premises Thomas Gosse formerly held jointly with Thomas Medewyn of Newton, Isabella his wife, John Deene, gent., Richard Smyth, jun. , and JOHN ALSTON, NOW DECEASED, of the feoffment of Richard Gosse of Newton, Grinenilde, his wife, John Gosse and Edward (or Edmund?) Waspe as appears in a certain charter then made. Having and holding to Thomas Bonham, Stephen (Roose) and William Taylour, their heirs and assigns, to the use of Thomas Bonham and his heirs 2 August, 1514. (1 parchment document, seal of Thomas Gosse missing).


bullet  Other Records

1. Alstons of Odell Pedigree: Bedfordshire Visitation, 1634.

2. All Saints Newton & District: Primitive Fresco of Annunciation, Botelier Family Tomb, Local Map.


William married Ann (Elizabeth) SYMONDS [2820] [MRIN: 924], daughter of Thomas SIMONDS [2821] and Unknown, about 1506 in Newton SFK. (Ann (Elizabeth) SYMONDS [2820] died in 1564 in Newton SFK and was buried in May 1564 in Newton SFK.)

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