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William FENN [31250]
(Cir 1490-)


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1. UNKNOWN [31733]

William FENN [31250]

  • Born: Cir 1490
  • Marriage (1): UNKNOWN [31733] circa 1513

bullet   Another name for William was FENNE.


bullet  Research Notes:

Mike Fenn in 2019 after research at the Ipswich RO concludes the the Kenton Fenns descend from a Fenne family in Thorndon SFK some 4.4 miles from Kenton.

Mike compared the Thorndon Registers with transcriptions on public websites eg Findmypast, with the Parish Register. He found it a difficult task, each line of the register whilst in Latin and chronological order, was in very cramped writing, approx 2 millimetres in size with virtually no gap between each line.

The transcriptions used in each persons file on this record are extracted from Ancestry in 2019

Research instructed April 2019:
Mike Fenn

Y Massingham
Research Assistant
Suffolk Record Office
Our Ref: 2019 - 8412
Date: 25 April 2019
Dear Mike
Please find enclosed the results of the search that you requested. lts interesting.
Yours sincerely


FB155/L2/1 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 20 Nov 1575
·FB155/L2/2 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 20 August 1612
·FB155/L2/3 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 10 September 1612
·HA171/A2/2 Extent of Manor…some relating to the Manors of Thorndon and Occold Rectory June 1577
·X1/5/5.1 Duke of Suffolk 'Town of Thorndon' 1476
·X1/5/8.9 Lands & Tenements (1482 - 1528)
· <>
·HB10/427/6/(6) Court Book Manor of Thorndon with Members 1597 - 1612
·FB155/D1/1 Original Parish Register Thorndon 1538 - 1711

1.Making a search of our catalogues for any pre-1600 documents for Thorndon gave a few from the 'Town Estate Charity'.

FB155/L2/1 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 20 Nov 1575, is an indentured document a little larger in size than A3, in English with a wax seal. Names are certainly included, although the catalogue entry contains the following overview of contents:-

Thomas Heneage Esq, Treasurer of the Chamber to Her Majesty the Queen and Lord of the Manor of Thorndon to Edward Grymston Esq, John Pretyman and Thomas his son, John Cullum of Stannell and John his son, John Cullum of The Hill and John his son, John Shorke, Thomas Byshop, Robert Nune and Thomas his son, Edmund Maryot, John Calver and William Clarke, inhabitants of Thorndon; tenement called Gayes alias Gyles with 3 acres of land adjoining, one acre of land of same tenement in Hollmeare, one acre and half of meadow of same tenement, lying in one piece in Gandersike, one tenement lying upon Stannell Grene with 5 acres and 1 rood of land belonging with other lands belonging to demesne of manor of Thorndon

FB155/L2/2 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 20 August 1612 is similar to the above in size and content, and the catalogue overview notes:-

John Cullum of The Hill, Thorndon, yeoman, Thomas Byshoppe of same, yeoman, Thomas Nunne of Redgrave, servant to Rt. Worshipful Sir Nicholas Bacon, Edmund Marrotte of Mendlesham, yeoman, to Thomas Brankinge of Thorndon, yeoman, one tenement called Gayes or Giles with 3 acres of land, adjoining, one acre in same tenement lying in Hollemear, one acre of meadow in same tenement in Gandersicke, one tenement upon Stannellgrove with land belonging, one acre called Smithes and other land belonging to demesne of manor of Thorndon

FB155/L2/3 Thorndon Town Estate Charity Grant 10 sept 1612, unfortunately is classed as Fragile, so is not accessible.

HA171/A2/2 Extent of Manor…some relating to the Manors of Thorndon and Occold Rectory June 1577
This is from the 'Voysey Family Collection HA171, and came up in a search of 'Thorndon'
This is a soft bound volume, about A4 size, and ¾" thick
Regular paragraph entries to record the change of occupation etc of land held from the Manor

2.Searches of the old paper 'slip list' catalogues for the place of Thorndon, contains several early entries:-

X1/5/5.1 Duke of Suffolk 'Town of Thorndon' 1476
This is a small (A5-ish) piece in English.
As this was small, I skimmed across it to see if any FENNE-type name leapt out, but none did although that doesn't mean it wasn't there!

X1/5/8.9 Lands & Tenements (1482 - 1528)
In Latin, bigger than A4 nearly A3 size, with large wax seal

3.Considering any Manorial Documents, I accessed the main listing on National Archives MDR webpage, which lists several named manors for Thorndon in Suffolk:-

Hestley Hall Manor
1558 - 1930 Court book index, with Thorndon with Members
Collection held privately

Little Thorndon Manor
Various Court books and Court rolls held in Suffolk Record Office (SRO), but none before 1629 in date

Thorndon Rectory Manor
Several dozen records listed as held at SRO, but none before 1650

Thorndon with Members Manor
Some 36 documents listed, with the earliest being -
'Surrenders' 1429 to 1631, held at Bury Record Office
Court Book 1558 - 1567 Collection held privately
Valuation, Thorndon 1574 held here at IRO, but 'Fragile' so not able to access
Court Book 1597 - 1612 held here at IRO reference - HB10/427/6/(6) (See below)

HB10/427/6/(6) Court Book Manor of Thorndon with Members 1597 - 1612
This is a soft bound volume of about A4 size, and about 1cm thick
Regular paragraph entries to record the change of occupation etc of land held from the Manor

Our Bury St Edmunds Record Office (BRO) has an archive of the Barnardiston Family under Collection reference 613, containing over 700 separate items containing 'Thorndon' in the catalogue entry, of which over 100 or so have a date before 1600. A Research colleague who works there has very good palaeography skills in English, so you may wish to ask them for some research of that collection.

I had a final thought regarding Parish Registers, although I'm not sure whether you have searched all those for Thorndon Parish?

FB155/D1/1 Original Parish Register Thorndon 1538 - 1711, is the earliest volume for the parish (and one of the earliest possible, dating from 1538).
On the first page is an entry for a baptism of an Elizabeth daughter of Thomas FENNE, January 1540
A little further down is a baptism for a William son of Robert FENNE 1541

At this point in time, no further details are entered so that it's just a simple one line. However, you may wish to have the earliest entries in this register searched and all FENNE (and surname variants) noted? Do get back in touch if you do.

Mike Fenn Dec 1919
I have come to the conclusion that John Applewhayte son of Bartholomew baptised 27 November 1569 is indeed the 'illegitimate' son of Bartholomew Fenne.
1.There is no other Bartholomew with children baptised in Eye
2.There is no sign of a Bartholomew Applewhayte or family living in Eye
3.Bartholomew Fenne had a son Nicholas baptised in Eye 26 Aug 1570 and was buried 23 September 1570 two weeks after his mother Joan who probably died from the after effects of childbirth. You suggested earlier shall remayne above indicates Bartholomew was living with his father Robert & step mother Margery in Kenton 1573 which would not be unusual if he was a widower. I imagine that this would include the 'illegitimate' John Applewhayte for whom Bartholomew Fenne had taken responsibility supported by his father Robert who became John's godfather and included him in his will. (I need to look at bastardy records on my next visit to Ipswich).
4.The clincher for me is that a John Applewhayte was buried in Thorndon 23 March 1629 the parish in which all the children of Robert (c1520-1574) and Agnes Palle were baptised and three were buried.
5.We have not as yet found a date for the burial of Bartholomew Fenne. There was a Bartholomew Fene buried in Mendlesham 18 Mar 1637. Mendlesham is 7.1 miles from Eye the latter being the burial place of his wife Joan in 1570. There is no other candidate in the Suffolk Burial Record so I think this must be him although he would have been quite elderly at abt 98 years of age.

Children of Edward Rushe
We know that son Thomas was baptised in Tannington in 1547 and daughter Hansard in 1548 but no sign of his other children Robert, Edward, Ann and Margaret named in Edward's will. We also have no dates for the baptism of John, William and Robert Browne. I am beginning to wonder if Edward Rushe and the father of the Browne children were born earlier than we envisage and hence the children were all born before 1540. We have Edward as born c1515-1520 but if so he died rather young in 1550 having sired six children two of whom are shown as baptised in Tannington and four still to be placed. None born in Tannington 1540 - 1546
A thought - could Margery have been Edwards 2nd wife and that Robert, Edward, Ann and Margaret are children of a 1st marriage? The names of all the children are listed in the findings of Charles Partridge and in Edward's will but we only have the names of two baptisms in Tannington. In the Suffolk Burial Index there is a total of six burials shown in Tannington and they are between 1548 and 1563 which makes me believe that Edward lived and was born elsewhere. There is no obvious clues in the Suffolk Burial Index bearing in mind that the parish records of many villages do not go back as far as 1540. We will never know the true position but it is possible that Robert, Edward, Ann and Margaret were baptised in an unknown village late 1530's early 1540's to a first wife of Edward Rushe. Worlingworth 1. is a possibility
Possible burials of 'missing' children:
Robert Rushe - Tannington 1558
Edward Rushe - Not found
Ann Rush - Not found
Margaret - Married Thomas Huntynge 5 April 1566 in Thornham Magna
I will look in Dennington for missing baptisms 1540-1546 2.9 miles from Tannington

26 Mar 1542 Elizabeth d. of George Drane
10 Aug 1544 Rose d. of George Drane
27 April 1547 Agnes d. of George Drane
8 Nov 1549 William d. of George Drane
He possibly had sons George and John born before 1540
5 May 1553 Elizabeth Drane widow buried (widow of William?)
Son George first married Anne ? c1560 and had three children:
18 Oct 1562 son Thomas Drane. He was buried in Kenton 23 Oct 1562 son of George & Anne
8 June 1563 son James Drane buried in Kenton son of George and Anne (I appear to have missed his baptism c1561)
29 June 1564 daughter Frances Drane was buried in Kenton 24 July 1564 d. of George and Anne
I suspect this was the George Drane of Kenton who was buried in London 14 Feb 1565.
Anne Drane widow was buried in Kenton 20 January 1595
Son George secondly married Jane Fenne in Kenton 1 Jul 1571 and had a daughter Thomasin. Baptism date still to be established either in Kenton or Bedingfield
A William Drane (father of George ?) blacksmith was buried in Kenton 19 Aug 1540 and a John Drane blacksmith was buried in Kenton 22 April 1560 (son of George?)
I still need to look at the parish record for Dranes of Bedingfield which is 2.3 miles from Kenton.

1552 John Browne=Christian Appelwith
15 Jan 1561 Rose Browne d. of John Browne baptised
22 Feb 1563 Thomas Browne son of John and Alice baptised
28 Sep 1551 Anne Browne d of Edmund buried
18 Nov 1551 Edward Browne buried
23 July 1554 John Browne buried

Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
1542 13 May Elizabeth d. of Nicholas Drane
1543 16 Feb Margaret d. of Nicholas Drane
1545 11 May Robert s. of Nicholas Drane
1547 7 May George s. of Nicholas Drane
1747 11 June Thomas s. of Edward Rushe - We are aware
1548 11 Mar Rose d. of Nicholas Drane
1549 30 April Hansarde d. of Edward Rushe - we are aware
1550 19 Jan Marie d. Nicholas Drane
1552 17 Dec Dorothy d. of John Rushe
1554 1 Aug John s. of Nicholas Drane
1557 19 April Susan d. of Robarte Rushe
1558 27 Mar Edward s. of Robarte Rushe
1559 27 Aug Richarde s. of Nicholas Drane
1559 12 Feb Thomas s. of Robarte Rushe
1560 12 July Lianle s. of Robarte Rushe
1562 1 Jan Prudence d. of Robarte Rushe and Catherine
1564 1 Mar Margaret d. of Robarte Rushe and Catherine
1589 30 Dec Elizabeth d. of Thomas Dade and Anne Gent
1604 31 John s. of Nicholas Garnish and Adrave Dade d. of Thomas Gent
1605 2 Dec Anne d. of -------------------------- " -----------------------------------
1606 21 Sep Anne d. of -------------------------" -----------------------------------
1614 8 Sep Thomas s. of Thomas Dade and Ann Gent
1617 29 May Ann d. of -------------------" -----------------
1618 7 Mar Margery d. of ----------------" -----------------
1623 15 Jan Martha d. of William Dade and Marie Gent
1624 23 Jan Charles and Audrey of --------" ---------------
Nothing further 1625-1637
1566 7 Oct Thomas Drane to Hansard Rasse
1567 26 April Thomas Girling to Anne Drane
1603 19 Sep Nicholas Garnish to Adrye Dade
1618 23 Feb Thomas Fletcher to Elizabeth Dade d. of Thomas Dade
1635 25 May John Soanes to Maria Dade
1663 1 Nov Thomas Rushe to Maria Goodale
Nothing further 1663-1676

Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
1560 8 Nov John Browne s. of Thomas Browne
1562 20 May Thomas Browne - no father shown
1564 28 Oct Robert Browne ----------"----------
1567 10 Jan Stephen Browne ----------" ---------
1569 8 Jan Elizabeth Browne ----------" ---------
1572 19 Oct Steven Browne ----------" ---------
1675 25 Dec Gile (?) Browne -----------" ---------
1678 22 June Humphrey Browne s. of Thomas and Margaret
Nothing after 1568 My records suggest that Nicholas Fenne son of Elizeus and Margaret Richards was baptised in Mellis c1593 - to check on next visit
1560 6 Oct John Browne to Elizabeth Huntinge [Interesting] Placed this Elizabeth as sister of Thomas Huntynge husband of Margaret Rushe m 1566 Gt Thornham and married her conjecturally to John Browne* son of Robert & Margery
1561 12 Jul Steve Browne to Elizabeth -------- No name given
Nothing after 1561 although I notice from my records that Elizeus Fenne=Margaret Richards on 30 April 1589 (Findmypast)
Placed in notes of John Browne* above

Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
Lots of Dranes - not extracted. Future visit required
1543 25 June Thomas Browne s. of Walter Browne
1572 6 April Thomas Fenne shown d. of Thomas Fenne - typo? Not sure where he fits in.
1574 25 March Thomas s. of Thomas Rushe
1576 29 Oct Bridget d. of Thomas Rushe
1590 17 May John Browne s. John Brownee

Marriage c1572 of Thomas Rushe and Bridget not found.
Placed in notes of Thomas Rushe father of Thomas bap 1574 above

Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
Records start 1558
1561 15 Dec Robert s. of Robert Browne
1562 31 Aug William s. of Edmund Browne
1563 6 Jan Nicholas s. of ---------"-----------
1565 10 June Faye d. of ---------"-----------
1566 8 Jan John s. of ---------"-----------
1568 4 April Joan d. of ---------"-----------
1569 17 April Diane d. of ---------"-----------
1570 14 May Elizabeth d. of ---------"---------
1572 19 June John s. of ---------"-----------
1575 3 May Margaret Browne - no father shown
1578 1 June Oliver s. of Edmund Browne
Nothing found 1579-1588

1595 21 Aug William Browne to Alice Adams
1602 2 May John Browne to Martha Adams
1603 14 June Oliver Browne to Susan Dobbs
1605 24 Sep John Browne to Eliz Page
Nothing between 1606-1653
Placed in notes of William Browne bur 1598 Worlingworth

Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
Records start 1558
1568 27 Dec Joane d. of Thomas and Joane Browne
1572 3 April Edward s. of Thomas and Bridget Rushe
1596 4 July Elizabeth d. of Elizeus and Margaret Fenne - already aware (Margaret Richards)
1600 15 June Elizeus se. of ----------------"------------------ - already aware -----------"-----------
1602 15 Aug John s. of ---------------- "------------------ - New -----------"-----------
1616 6 June Robert s. Thomas Rushe
1624 16 Sep Abigale d. Simon Rushe
[1616 Rebecca Rushe d. of Thomas Rushe found by Yvonne not seen. I probably missed it. I will check next visit]
Nothing 1625- 1628.
C1593 Nicholas Fenne son of Elizeus and Margaret Fenne not seen . Possibly Mellis. To check next visit
None found. Marriage of Thomas Rushe and Bridget c1572 not found.
Placed in notes of Edward Rushe bap 1572 Thranderson

Thornham Magna
Transcripts as extracted. I have not attempted to place them in our records.
1553 15 Mar Anthonye s. of Anthonye Rushe
1559 28 Dec Margaret d. of Robert Dade
1560 15 Aug Francis s. of Anthonye Rushe
1561 15 Mar Thomas s. of John Browne
1563 30 Nov Robert s. of Robert Dade
1564 20 Mar Robert s. of John Browne
1564 9 May Thomas s. of Robert Dade
1564 15 Oct Wolfran s. of Nicholas Dade - already aware
1564 24 Aug Bartholomew s. of John Browne
1565 15 Nov Roger s. of Robert Dade
1566 15 Dec Mirable d. of Nicholas Dade - already aware
1567 1 Feb Elizabeth and Judith d. Robert Dade
1567 21 Mar Thomas s. of Robert Rushe
1569 26 June John s. of Robert Rushe
1570 3 Oct Margaret d. of William Browne
1578 7 Dec Nicholas s. of James Fenne - unknown
1581 24 Dec Symonde s. of Robert Rushe
1585 6 Sep Nicholas s. of Wolfran Dade - already aware
1586 20 Nov Edmond s. of Robert Browne
Nothing 1586-1605
Nothing found before 1582
1584 3 July Wolfran Dade to Myrabel Robertson - already aware
Nothing 1585-1619
Placed in notes of Wolfrand Dade bap 1564 Gt Thornham

1562 24 Feb baptism of William Browne mentioned in Yvonne's Report - ye son of William Browne. No other Browne's found at that time

Still need to look at Thorndon for all families


William married UNKNOWN [31733] [MRIN: 11075] circa 1513.

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