Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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FAIRBROTHER, Elizabeth of East Bergholt [3702]S,P chr. Oct 1682 died 2 Jun 1752, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
FARIES, Angus [10541]P born 1840 died 1899
FARIES, Jane [10265]S born 1874 died 5 Apr 1925, Fort William Thunder Bay Ontario
FARR, Susan [23323]P born Abt 1878, Truro CON died 4th Qtr 1943, Devon. UK
FAWSSETT, Angela Joan [2409]C born 27 Apr 1917, Jesmond, NBL died 19 Dec 1992, 9 Richmond Dr, Lisburn, Co Antrim
FAWSSETT, Dorothy Mary [83]C born 29 Dec 1914, Heaton, NBL died Jun 2003, Little Bealings SFK
FAWSSETT, Evelyn [110]S born 15 Nov 1879, Louth, LIN died 11 Jul 1953, Overdene, Riding Mill, Northumberland bur. St Andrew, Bywell, Northumberland
FAWSSETT, Frederick [2410]C born 3 Feb 1922 died 7 Sep 1998, Philip Island, Victoria. Australia
FAWSSETT, Frederick Md Jp, Surgeon Lieut [2515]P born 1835 died 1918
FAYERS, George Wright [32014]S born 1798 died 1881
FENN, Adria Margaret "Chick" [490]C born 8 Oct 1895 died 1982
FENN, Alan Playford [527]C born 18 Oct 1883 died 10 Jan 1887, Dunedin Otago NZ bur. Dunedin Otago NZ
FENN, Annie Vanderzee [4]C born 25 Mar 1841, Rushall WIL chr. 6 May 1841, Rushall WIL died 27 Feb 1922, St Lawrence Rectory Norwich bur. Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Arthur Alston D S O, Lt Col [492]C born 13 May 1887, Churchill Worcester died 25 Aug 1966, Nayland bur. Nayland Churchyard SFK
FENN, Catherine Maria (Kate) [7]C born 30 Sep 1844, Nayland SFK chr. 29 Oct 1844, Nayland SFK died 24 Dec 1882, Pagoda Anchorage Foochow China. bur. Pagoda Anchorage Foochow China.
FENN, Charles Edward "Charlie", Dr [18]C born 23 Sep 1873, Richmond SRY died 30 Apr 1947, 8 Priory Rd Kew London. bur. 5 May 1947, Richmond Cemetery.
FENN, Cyril Duncan R N, Lieut Commander [38]C born 19 Aug 1882, Richmond SRY chr. 4 Oct 1882 died 9 Aug 1921, Nayland SFK bur. 12 Aug 1921, Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Dorothy Edythe [488]C born 30 Dec 1892 died 3 Jul 1893
FENN, Edgar Julius "Baa" M A, Rev [39]C born 16 Jun 1885, Richmond SRY died 7 Aug 1942, Castlethorpe bur. 12 Aug 1942, Castlethorpe Churchyard
FENN, Edith Nancy Alston "Nancy" [31]C born 2 Feb 1917, 8 Lancaster Plc. Hamstead London died 26 Sep 2003, Wimbledon London bur. 6 Oct 2003, Putney Vale Chapel Wimbledon
FENN, Edward Churchill [36]C born 19 May 1881, Richmond SRY died 20 May 1882, Richmond SRY
FENN, Edward Gerald Palmer "Bo", Lieut [489]C born 2 Sep 1894, Grey Frairs Colchester. died 19 Sep 1918, Killed In Action Kefe-Kasim Palestine bur. Wadi Rabah
FENN, Edward Liveing M.D., Dr [3]C born 20 Aug 1843, Stourbank Nayland SFK chr. 6 Oct 1843, Nayland SFK died 8 Dec 1907, Nayland SFK bur. Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Ernest Harrold M.R.C.S. C.I.E., Col [15]C born 16 Feb 1850, Nayland SFK chr. 24 Mar 1850, Nayland SFK died 24 Nov 1916, Hagley Lodge Hagley Worcester bur. Churchill Graveyard
FENN, Ernest Vanderzee "Van" M A, Rev [37]C born 20 Feb 1880, Richmond SRY chr. 31 Mar 1880 died 22 Jan 1956, Timaru N.Z. bur. 1956, Timaru N.Z.
FENN, Esme [526]C
FENN, Evelyn Alston [34]C born 29 Feb 1876, Richmond SRY died 27 Sep 1877, Portland Tce Richmond SRY
FENN, Francis Alston [439]C born 1889, New Zealand died 8 Mar 1960, Twickenham
FENN, Harold Liveing "Harry" [33]C born 28 Mar 1877, Richmond SRY chr. Stoke died 6 Jan 1969, St Georges Hospital Christchurch NZ bur. 1969, Timaru N.Z.
FENN, Isabella Frances Louisa [6]C born 23 Jul 1842, Rushall WIL chr. 30 Aug 1842, Rushall WIL died 6 Sep 1927, Southbourne HAM bur. Lanteglos by Fowey CON
FENN, Joan Alison [496]C born 6 Mar 1924, Zomba Nyasaland Protectorate Africa died 5 Dec 1998 bur. 11 Dec 1998, Broughton HAM
FENN, John Hilton R N [473]C born 19 Apr 1882, Midhurst SSX died 1 Jun 1902, Park Cottage Easeborne Midhurst SSX
FENN, Lucy Dorothea [24]C born 12 Sep 1877, Park Cottage Easeborne Midhurst SSX died 16 May 1936, Cornwall, UK
FENN, Lucy Vanderzee [12]C born 30 Jan 1848, Nayland SFK chr. 20 Apr 1848, Nayland SFK died 21 Oct 1909, Kent England bur. Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Margaret Henrietta Alston [17]C born 12 Jan 1852, Nayland SFK chr. 15 Feb 1852, Nayland SFK died 15 Apr 1852, Nayland SFK bur. 21 Apr 1852, Nayland SFK
FENN, Margaret Hermione Playford [1600]C born 5 Sep 1913, Midhurst SSX died 28 Oct 2008, Philadelphia PA.USA.
FENN, Margaret Josephine Sr [440]C born 10 Apr 1890, Forrest Row Sussex chr. 3 May 1890, Forrest Row SSX died 1 Qtr 1973, Reg Fulham LND
FENN, Olive Mary Alison [494]C born 5 Jun 1888, London died 17 Feb 1960
FENN, Reginald Alston [35]C born 1878, Richmond died 11 Jul 1879, Portland Tce Richmond SRY
FENN, Richard Playford (Dick) M C, Capt [438]C born 17 Nov 1880, Park Cottage Easeborne Midhurst SSX died 1967, Oakwood Chichester bur. St Marys Sennicotts, Chichester.
FENN, Robert, Capt [198]P chr. 2 Oct 1785, Coddenham SFK died 27 Mar 1844, Coddenham SFK bur. 3 Apr 1844, Coddenham SFK
FENN, Theodore George, Lieut R.N. [8]C born 19 Jun 1846, Nayland SFK chr. 5 Aug 1846, Nayland SFK died 20 Dec 1889, Dunedin Otago NZ bur. Southern Cemetery Dunedin N.Z.
FENN, Theodore Richard Playford "Dickie" [1602]C born 5 Sep 1917 chr. Rangoon Burma died 14 Oct 1939, In Action Scapa Flo. bur. At sea of Scotland
FENN, Thomas George Playford [23]C born 8 Aug 1879, Southampton HAM chr. Midhurst SSX died 20 Mar 1944, Municipal Hospital Brighton bur. Brighton SSX
FENN, Thomas Harrold M.R.C.S., Dr [1]S born 1815 chr. 27 Mar 1815, Coddenham SFK died 13 Apr 1870, Nayland SFK bur. Nayland SFK
FENN, Walter Robert Julius "Bobby" [32]C born 5 Jan 1875 died 9 Aug 1880, Isle Wight
FFOLKES, [6861]P
FFOLKES, Audrey [2604]S born 15 Mar 1878 died 1965
FFRIER, Ellen [2767]S born Abt 1620, Stansfield SFK died 17 Dec 1681 bur. 19 Dec 1681, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
FILBEE, Fanny Amelia [6028]S born Abt 1848, Wotton NFK died 24 Jun 1899, Guys Hospital London bur. 30 Jun 1899, St Peters Sudbury SFK
FILBEE, William of Tivetsall NFK [10019]P
FINCH, Robert [3449]S
FINDLAY, George [10617]S
FINNEY, [3200]S
FINNY, Elizabeth [22103]C chr. 28 Feb 1636/37
FINNY, John [22104]C chr. 23 Jul 1639
FINNY, Richard [22102]C chr. 7 Sep 1634 bur. 28 Sep 1635
FINNY, William [22105]C bur. 29 Mar 1636
FINNY (FYNNEY), Richard [22101]S bur. 15 Nov 1639, St Lawrence Jewry City of London
FIRMAN, John [11282]C
FIRMAN, Mary [4681]C
FIRMAN, Thomas [4680]S
FISHER, Ada [4145]C born 27 Dec 1840
FISHER, Caroline F Winfred [25026]C born Abt 1857, East Witton DEV
FISHER, Charles Forest of Lorton Somerset., Rev [4144]S born Abt 1811, Ireland died 7 Mar 1864, Brislington SOM
FISHER, Edith [25025]C born Abt 1854, Elsworth DEV
FISHER, Emily C [25023]C born Abt 1845, Elsworth DEV
FISHER, Helena [25022]C born Abt 1843, Bath SOM
FISHER, Lucy [25021]C born Abt 1841
FISHER, Mary L [25024]C born Abt 1849, Elsworth DEV
FISHER, Sackville [25027]C born Abt 1860, Bath SOM
FITZGERALD, Elizabeth Rouse [76]S born 5 Oct 1844, Windsor, N.S.W. chr. 1 Sep 1846, St Matthew Windsor NSW died 6 Apr 1918, East Cliff House, Sandgate, Kent bur. Apr 1918, Folkstone, KEN
FITZGERALD, Henry John [17846]S died 15 Jul 1857, Singhee Rampore India
FITZGERALD, Robert of Sydney M.L.C., Hon [1533]P born 1 Jun 1807, Windsor, N.S.W. chr. 28 Jul 1820, St Matthew Windsor NSW died 9 May 1865, Windsor, N.S.W. bur. 11 May 1865, St Matthew Windsor NSW
FLICK, Harriet Amelia [450]S born 23 May 1867, Burnham-on-Crouch ESS died 26 Jun 1945 bur. Radlett HRT
FLICK, Thomas of Burnham ESS [8338]P born Abt 1839, Burnham ESS
FLINT, [24026]P
FOORD, Edgar [11523]S
FOOTE, Benjamin Hatley of Malling Abbey Kent. [2911]S
FOOTE, Francis Hender [2913]S died 1733
FOOTE, George Talbot Hatley of Malling Abbey. [2942]C died 1821
FOOTE, John [2943]C
FOSTER, Avis [2882]C,C
FOSTER, Lord Chief Justice [2881]P
FOSTER, Margaret [2884]C
FOSTER, Thomas [2883]C
FOSTER, Thomas Kt., Sir [2880]S
FOX, Francis [7262]S
FOX, Martha [7263]C
FRANCIS, Grace Charlotte [3774]S born 19 Feb 1853, Islington MDX London died 1890, Lost at Sea "Roman Empire"
FRANCIS, William of Norbiton [3775]P born Abt 1808, Noxton Middlesex
FRANKLAND, Thomas, Sir [3636]P
FRANKLIN, Adelaide Gertrude [22250]P
FRASER, Francis of Tornaveen, Maj. [11325]P born 12 Dec 1855, Edinburgh died 28 Jun 1931, England
FRASER, Philadelphia Constance Violet Flora MacDonald [9234]S born 5 May 1886, LND chr. 30 Jun 1886, St Thomas Portman Sq MDX died 9 Jan 1956, Hinton Charteerhouse SOM
FREEBORN, Elizabeth [3759]S born 1788, Great Maplestead died 7 Apr 1824
FREEBORN, John of Gt Maplestead [4032]P chr. 27 Mar 1744, Gt Maplestead ESS died 27 Apr 1815, Gt Maplestead ESS
FREEMAN, Elizabeth [21860]P
FREEMAN, Kathleen M [10501]S born Abt 1914
FRENCH, John Rsm Dcm [16791]S died 1919, Egypt bur. Cairo Military Cemetery
FRYER, Ellen [2767]S born Abt 1620, Stansfield SFK died 17 Dec 1681 bur. 19 Dec 1681, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
FULLER, Charlotte [3629]S
FULLER, Thomas F of Heathfield, Rev [3630]P

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