Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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GALE, Georgihannah [21589]P born Abt 1824, Southward SRY
GARDINER, Rose [15908]P born 15 Jul 1757 died 21 May 1835 bur. St Mary Pishiobury
GARDNER, John [1577]S
GARDNER, Rose of Shimpling [3492]S
GARNHAM, Thomas of Ipswich. [3004]S
GEORGE, Benjamin [17521]P born Abt 1836, Beaufort Brecon WLS
GEORGE, Reginald RNR [495]S born 17 Jan 1887, Llanelly WLS died 4 Dec 1940, Eastbourne SSX
GEORGE, Sarah [3265]S born 1695 bur. 17 Aug 1764, Reigate SRY
GIBSON, Arden [7237]S
GILBERT, Edward of Cheshire & London. [3198]S
GILBERT, Elizabeth [3199]C
GILES, Arthur Allan [7483]C born 6 Jul 1871, Tientsin China died 20 Apr 1872
GILES, Austin Loudon Valentine Saint [9255]C born 25 Oct 1907, Cambridge chr. 25 Dec 1907, St Marks Grantchester CAM died 9 Dec 1993, Hampton Wick Kingston LND
GILES, Bertram C M G [476]C born 24 Sep 1874, Hankau Wuhan Hubei China. died 26 Mar 1928, Bushes Oakland Close Weybridge SRY
GILES, Edith [482]C born 1880, Xiamen (Amoy) China died 1917, Lansdowne India
GILES, Gwyneth [8791]C born 1881, Pagoda Anchorage Foochow China. died 1881, Pagoda Anchorage Foochow China. bur. Pagoda Anchorage Foochow China.
GILES, Harold Alston [6369]C born 17 Feb 1872, Tientsin China died 2 Nov 1873
GILES, Herbert Allen M.A. L.L.D., Professor [27]S born 8 Dec 1845, Oxford, Oxfordshire. UK died 13 Feb 1935, Cambridge. bur. Feb 1935
GILES, John Allen D.C.L. of Churchill Court SOM, Rev [2048]P born 26 Oct 1808, Mark SOM died 24 Sep 1884, Sutton SRY bur. Churchill SOM
GILES, Lancelot [479]C born 6 Jun 1878, Amoy China died 21 Nov 1934, Tientsin China bur. British Cemetery Racecourse Rd Tientsin China
GILES, Lawrence Perivale R E, Capt [413]C born 11 Apr 1911, 13 Whitchal Gdns. Acton MDX died 4 Qtr 1999, Gipping & Hartismere SFK
GILES, Lionel C B E, Dr [477]C born 29 Dec 1875, Sutton SRY died 22 Jan 1958, Langley HRT
GILES, Mabel [480]C born 1879, Xiamen (Amoy) China died 10 Nov 1957, The Knoll Nairn Rd Canford Cliffs Poole DOR
GILES, Margaret Valerie Saint [2593]C born 19 Jan 1906, Meerut Bengal India died 23 Feb 1993, Malvern WOR
GILES, Marjory Saint [7482]C born 18 Feb 1913, Ku Kiang China died 26 Jan 2007, Perth Western Aust. bur. 5 Feb 2007, Perth Western Aust.
GILES, Philadelphia Alaine Alexia Saint [9235]C born 8 Dec 1925, Preston LAN died 22 Jun 2017, Queensland Aust. bur. 30 Jun 2017, Atherton Crematorium QLD
GILES, Rosamond Saint [681]C born 31 Mar 1907, Amoy China died 12 Jul 1996, Canberra ACT Australia bur. 18 Jul 1996, Canberra ACT Australia
GILES, Sydney Graham Saint [7498]C born 15 Jul 1909, Chi-nan Fu China died Mar 1966, Swindon WIL
GILES, Sylvia Sarah [414]C born 8 Mar 1906, Acton MDX died Jan 1990, Worthing SSX
GILES, Valentine RE D.S.O., Col [478]C born 10 Feb 1877, Suchow China died 27 Feb1945, Bexhill SSX
GILL, Ellen Maud Mary [13846]S born 8 Jul 1872, Durham DUR died 21 Aug 1920, Dover Court Harwich
GILLETT, Mary [25971]P born Abt 1858, Jackson Michigan USA
GILMORE, Jessie Rosalie [1515]S born Abt 1837, Middlesex died 17 Dec 1923, Eastbourne SSX bur. Eastbourne, Ocklynge Cemetery
GILMORE, John R N, Capt [1517]P
GILMOUR, David of Shanghai [2047]P born 5 Jul 1842, Glasgow SCT died 8 Mar 1907
GILMOUR, Jessie Violet [2046]S born Jul 1875, Hampstead LND MDX died 22 May 1936, Churchill Court Pytches Rd. Woodbridge SFK
GOFFE, John of Daventry [4743]P
GOFFE, Sarah [3161]S born Abt 1700 died 2 Feb 1739/40 bur. 8 Feb 1739/40, Odell BDF
GOLDSMITH, Samuel Esq [2775]S
GOOCH, Hannah Priscilla of Swainsthorpe [3719]S born Abt 1780 died Bef 1837
GOOCH, Thomasine [6521]P died 1676
GOODAY, George Esq of Bowers Hall Pentlow [3172]S
GOODFELLOW, Susan Ellen [9042]P
GOODRIDGE, Francis of Newton [3472]S
GOODWIN, Catherine [22539]S born Abt 1851, Sudbury SFK
GOODWIN, Mary [17701]S born 1834, Long Wittenham, Berkshire, England died 28 Jan 1923, Arncliffe, New South Wales, Australia bur. St Thomas' Cemetery, North Sydney, NSW, Australia
GORDON, Edith [20893]S
GORDON, Robert [6865]S
GOSSE, Susanna of Waldingfield [2796]S bur. 28 Jan 1625/26, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
GOSSE, Thomas [2809]P
GRAHAM, Mary [4852]P born Unknown died Unknown
GRANVILLE, Thomas William Hinchcliffe [9907]S died 1869
GRAY, Amraham [6457]S
GRAY, Ruffin [6486]S
GREAM, Hilda Cecile Georgina, Lady [7340]S born 9 Dec 1873, Umballa Calcutta India chr. 10 Dec 1873, Umballa India died 19 Mar 1945
GREAM, Robert Neville, Maj. Gen. [7587]P
GREEN, Elizabeth [3140]S
GREEN, Henrietta [6417]S
GREEN, John [4791]P
GREEN, Mary [3729]S born 1609, Sible Hedingham ESS
GREEN, Sarah [6555]S born Abt 1800, Mile End ESS
GREGORY, John of London. [2905]P
GREGORY, Mary [13815]S born 1828, Old Kent Rd LND died 1855
GREGORY, Sarah [2904]S
GREGORY, William [13852]P
GREY, Elizabeth, Lady [4871]P
GREY, George Harry 5th Earl of Stamford & Warrington, Lord [21537]C born 1737 died 1819
GREY, Harry 4th. Earl of Stamford, Lord [4865]S born 18 Jun 1715 died 24 Jun 1768
GREY, Henry 3rd Earl of Stamford, Lord [15220]P
GRIFFIN, Eliza [24967]S,P born Abt 1829, Camberwell SRY
GRIGSON, Robert Reymerston NFK [22687]S born 12 Jun 1616, Hardingham NFK
GRIMSTON, George [3211]S born Abt 1631, Bradfield ESS died 5 Jun 1655
GRIMSTON, Harbottle 2nd Bart, Sir [3212]P born 27 Jan 1602/03, Bradfield Hall died 2 Jan 1684/85 bur. St Michaels St Albans HRT
GROOM, Henry Gent of Ufford. [2874]P
GROOM, Margaret [2873]S died Aft Jun 1641
GROVER, Mary Jane [9703]P born 23 Jun 1835, St Thomas Lewes SSX died Oct Qtr 1911, Brighton SSX
GUILFORD, Anne [2062]S
GUISE, Christopher of Abbots Ct Glos. [2900]P
GUISE, Eleanor [2899]S
GUSTERSON, Mary [2071]P born 1706 chr. 21 Apr 1706, Nayland SFK died 17 Jan 1762 bur. 22 Jan 1762, Nayland SFK
GUSTERSON, Mary [5352]P

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