Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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LAKE JNR, Charles of Milstead [3989]S
LAKER, George [17759]S born 1848, Redditch Reigate Foreign, Surrey, England died 1918
LAMBERT, Mary [332]S died Aft 1719
LANGHAM, Edward [4868]C born 20 Aug 1655 died 4 Jul 1666
LANGHAM, James 2nd Bart of Cottesbroke., Sir [3206]S born 1621 died 22 Aug 1699, Lincoln's Inn Fields. bur. St Helens Bishopsgate London.
LANGHAM, John [4866]C born 9 May 1650 died 3 Jan 1650/51 bur. Cottesbrooke NTH
LANGHAM, John [4867]C chr. 12 Feb 1651/52 died 30 Jul 1657 bur. Cottesbrooke NTH
LANGHAM, John 1st Bart of Cottesbrooke Northants., Alderman Sir [3207]P born 1584 died 13 May 1671 bur. Cottesbrooke
LANGHAM, Mary [644]C chr. 10 Mar 1751/52 died 1691
LANGHAM, Susanna [24919]C born 16 Mar 1657/58
LANGHAM, Susanna [4869]C born 19 Mar 1652/53
LAPPAGE, Mary of Edwardstone [185]S
LARSON, David Daniel [23322]P born Abt 1878, Padstow COR died 23 Jan 1917, Plymouth DEV
LARSON, Harriet Beatrice [9067]S born 12 Oct 1899, Plymouth DEV died 9 May 1975, Swindon WIL
LAURENCE, Audrey [9279]C born Abt 1908, Watford HRT died 2006
LAURENCE, Claud [481]S born 5 Nov 1881, Hook Surbiton SRY died Jun 1975, Eastbourne SSX
LAURENCE, John Allen "Jack" [9258]C born 1908, Watford HRT died 2002
LAURENCE, Joseph Alfred [553]P born 1853, Clapham SRY died 1895
LAURENCE, Penelope Esbell [9278]C born 26 Dec 1905, Kensington LND died 2 Qtr 1951, Reg Battle SSX
LAURENCE, Richard Howard [9280]C born 1918 died 23 Aug 1943, India
LAW, Jeoffrey [20264]S
LAYIT, Catherine [24921]P
LAYMAN, Frances [4899]P
LEAKE, Joseph of Chelsea [3713]S
LEE, Dorothy [7917]P died 1625, Stowe BKM bur. Stantonbury BKM
LEE, Margaret [4034]S died 24 Jul 1809
LEECH, William of Manningtree [3744]S
LEEDER, Edmund of Woodton Norfolk [3723]S born Abt 1816, Woodton NFK
LEES, Emily [10567]S born Abt 1841, Shoreditch LND
LEIGH, [20765]P
LEIGH, Mary [15361]S
LEMON, John [18631]C chr. 6 Feb 1671/72, St Dunstan in the West LND
LEMON, John [3110]S
LEMONS, [18631]C chr. 6 Feb 1671/72, St Dunstan in the West LND
LESLIE, Martha [20309]P
LEVERSON-GOWER, Albert, Lord [4135]S died 23 Dec 1874
LEWIS, Anne [3124]S died Abt 1697
LEWIS, Anne, Mrs [3635]S
LEYCESTER, Maria [3552]S died 13 Nov 1870, Holmhurst
LEYCESTER, Oswald of Stoke Salop., Rev [3553]P
LIGHT, Hannah [17544]S chr. 10 Sep 1703, Walton on Thames SRY bur. 19 Jun 1754, St Giles & All Saints Orsett ESS
LIGHT, John [18312]P
LILLINGTON, Christian [6479]S
LING, Frederic Gaskell [3875]S
LING, Susannah [32090]P born Cir 1791, Badingham SFK
LISTER, Faith [2865]S
LISTER, Randolph Rector of Alpheton. [2866]P
LIVEING, Anna Maria [106]C born 6 Jan 1830, Nayland SFK chr. 14 Feb 1830, Nayland SFK died 30 Apr 1919
LIVEING, Catherine Downing [456]C born 29 Aug 1893, 41 Newland Northhampton chr. 10 Oct 1893, Northampton NTH died 27 Apr 1980, Ramsgate KEN bur. Upper Hardres KEN
LIVEING, Charles Hawker C.M.G. D.S.O., Lieut Col R.A. [1556]C born 1 Apr 1872 chr. 13 Jun 1872, St Paul Cambridge died 20 Mar 1934
LIVEING, Charlotte [108]C born 4 Nov 1838 chr. 5 Dec 1838, Nayland SFK died 16 Nov 1896, Pightle Newnham CAM bur. Cambridge CAM.
LIVEING, Edward M.D. F.R.C.P., Dr [100]C born 8 Feb 1832 chr. 8 Mar 1832, Nayland SFK died 2 Apr 1919 bur. Stoke By Nayland SFK
LIVEING, Edward M.R.C.S., Dr [98]S,P born Abt 1795 chr. 28 Oct 1795, St Nicholas Harwich ESS died 10 Mar 1843, Nayland SFK bur. 17 Mar 1843, Nayland Churchyard SFK
LIVEING, Edward George Downing [457]C born 24 Mar 1895, Romsey HAM died 31 Jan 1963, London bur. Stoke By Nayland SFK
LIVEING, Edward Henry Torlesse ARSM MIME, Prof. [445]C born 30 Jun 1855, Nayland SFK chr. 29 Jul 1855, Nayland SFK died 14 Dec 1950, Longstanton CAM bur. Stoke By Nayland SFK
LIVEING, Ellen [109]C born 6 Jun 1842 chr. 28 Jul 1842, Nayland SFK died 30 Jan 1864, Torquay
LIVEING, Frances [451]C born 5 Feb 1857, Cambridge CAM. chr. 5 Apr 1857, St Andrew Cambridge CAM died 3 Feb 1903, Briarcombe Haslemere SRY
LIVEING, Frances "Fanny" Downing [104]C born 26 Dec 1823 chr. 28 Jan 1824, Nayland SFK died 24 Apr 1843, Stoke By Nayland SFK bur. 29 Apr 1843, Nayland Churchyard SFK
LIVEING, Frances Downing [458]C born 19 Jun 1898, Winchester HAM died 11 Mar 1979, Margate KEN
LIVEING, George Downing, Professor [99]S,C born 21 Dec 1827, Nayland SFK chr. 25 Jan 1828, Nayland SFK died 26 Dec 1924, Cambridge CAM.
LIVEING, Harriet [107]C born 9 Jun 1836 chr. 16 Jul 1836, Nayland SFK died 14 Jul 1903
LIVEING, Harriet [227]P born 21 Sep 1789, St Nicholas Harwich ESS chr. 20 Nov 1789, St Nicholas Harwich ESS died 28 Mar 1864, Nayland SFK
LIVEING, Helen Adelaide [1560]C born 7 Mar 1870, London. chr. 13 Apr 1870, St Thomas, St Marylebone died 19 May 1893, Marylebone London MDX
LIVEING, Henry George Downing, Rev [447]C born 10 Mar 1861, Queen Anne St London chr. 5 Jun 1861, St Mary, St Marylebone Rd London died 17 Apr 1947, Burgh Heath SRY
LIVEING, Katherine Edith [1558]C born 22 Sep 1867, Marylebone London MDX chr. 25 Oct 1867, St Mary Branston SQ Westminster MDX died 20 Dec 1942, Reg Westminster
LIVEING, Majorie Downing [455]C born 10 Jul 1891, Bramley SRY chr. 2 Aug 1891, Holy Trinity Bramley SRY died 4 Sep 1978, St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
LIVEING, Margaret "Meg" [453]C born 21 Dec 1858, Highbury Middlesex
LIVEING, Mary Kate [103]C born 9 Jul 1822, Nayland SFK chr. 14 Aug 1822, Nayland SFK died 12 Dec 1888, Chertsey SRY bur. 17 Dec 1888, Chobham New Burial Ground SRY
LIVEING, Robert M.D., Dr [101]C born 30 Mar 1834 chr. 1 May 1834, Nayland SFK died 22 Feb 1919
LIVEING, Robert Arthur Harrold [1557]C born 4 Jan 1876, Marylebone London MDX chr. 17 Sep 1876, St Thomas Marlylebone LND died 3 Jun 1879, Marylebone London MDX
LIVEING, Robert George R.N., Lt Cmdr. [7057]C born 2 Qtr 1905, Woolwich KEN died 1 Qtr 1968, Reg Dist Portsmouth
LIVEING, Robert Henry Torlesse, Capt [465]C born 16 Sep 1896, Lewisham LND died 27 May 1961
LIVEING, Sarah Ann [105]C born 14 Dec 1825 chr. 11 Jan 1826, Nayland SFK died 22 Feb 1844, Thorington St Stoke by Nayland SFK bur. 1 Mar 1844, Nayland Churchyard SFK
LIVEING, Thomas [102]C born 7 Mar 1841 chr. 8 Mar 1841, Nayland SFK died 28 Mar 1841, Nayland SFK bur. 1 Apr 1841, Nayland Churchyard SFK
LIVEING, Thomas R N, Commander [230]P born 16 Mar 1760 chr. 23 Apr 1760, Harwich ESS died 30 Aug 1836 bur. Harwich Churchyard
LIVEING, William Robert Francis [449]C born 9 Feb 1866, Queen Anne St London chr. 22 Mar 1866, St Mary St Marylebone Rd St Marylebone, London. died 11 Dec 1944 bur. Radlett HRT
LLOYD, Ernest Henry Downing [1552]S born 1860, Caramon Bangor
LLOYD, Louisa Mary [14806]P born Abt 1835, LND died 1908, LND
LLOYD, Mildred Travers [2439]C chr. 12 Oct 1900, St Saviour London died 8 Jun 1989, California USA
LOADER, Daniel [15335]P
LOADER, Sarah [3983]S chr. 16 Sep 1759, St Marys Chatham KEN died 1828 bur. 2 May 1828, St. Nicholas, Rochester. Kent
LODER, [2828]S
LONG, Elizabeth [7289]P
LONG, Emily Dorothy Henrietta Cecil [4075]S born 15 Oct 1836, London died 24 Nov 1904, Avalon Hse Marnhull DOR bur. 28 Nov 1904, Odell BDF
LONG, Frederick Beckford of Hampton Lodge Farnborough. [4076]P
LONGUET, Benjamin of Bath [8233]P
LORD, Alston [22327]C chr. 19 Apr 1752, Drayton Paslow BKM died Bef 1837
LORD, Ann [22433]C born 27 Feb 1754, Drayton Parslow BKM chr. 22 Mar 1754, Drayton Parslow BKM died 1833
LORD, Charles, Rev [22148]C born 1740 chr. 17 Jul 1740, Newton Longville BKM died 1820, Mursley BKM
LORD, Elizabeth [11573]C chr. 10 Feb 1749/50, Drayton Parslow BKM died Nov 1825, Soulbury BKM
LORD, James, Rev [22513]C chr. 14 Oct 1758, Drayton Paslow BKM died Oct 1835, Drayton Paslow BKM
LORD, John [22126]C born 3 Feb 1737/38, Bedfordshire chr. 31 Dec 1736, Marston Moretaine BDF died 1813, Drayton Parslow BKM bur. 3 Mar 1736/37, Toddington BDF
LORD, John [23975]P born 1671, Kensworth HRT died 1751, Toddington BDF bur. 15 Oct 1751, Holy Trinity Drayton Parslow BKM
LORD, John [26551]C chr. 31 Dec 1736, Marston Mortaine BDF bur. 3 Mar 1736/37, Toddington BDF
LORD, John, Rev [6431]S born 1712, Kensworth HRT chr. 6 Aug 1712, Kensworth HRT bur. 9 Jul 1778, Drayton Parslow BKM
LORD, Mary [22294]C chr. 19 Jan 1747/48, Drayton Parslow BKM died 1818
LORD, Newdigate [22241]C chr. 6 Jan 1745/46, Drayton Parslow BKM died 8 Jan 1825, St Thomas Hackney MDX
LORD, Robert [22472]C chr. 24 Jan 1756, Drayton Parslow BKM
LORD, Thomas [22162]C chr. 20 Apr 1742, Drayton Parslow BKM
LORD, William, Rev [22220]C chr. 22 Aug 1743, Drayton Parslow BKM died 1817
LUCAS, Emily Sarah [3805]S born Abt 1838, Camberwell died 2 Jun 1870 bur. 9 Jun 1870, Highgate Cemetery London
LUCAS, Joseph [6765]P
LUSH, William George Vawdrey F R C P M D, Dr [985]S born Abt 1834, South Newton WIL died Dec 1904, Dorset bur. 13 Dec 1904, St Ann Radipole DOR
LYNTON, Margery [5851]S

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