Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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PAFFARD, [14428]C born 1867 died 1867
PAFFARD, [24965]C born Still born
PAFFARD, Alice [14430]C born 1868
PAFFARD, Emily [14426]C born 1862
PAFFARD, Francis George [10006]S,P born Abt 1826, MDX LND
PAFFARD, Gertrude [14414]C born 1858, Blackburn LAN
PAFFARD, Henry Alston [14425]S,C born 2 Dec 1859, Blackburn LAN died 22 May 1950, Ashford Kent England
PAFFARD, Mary Helena [14415]C born 1865, Blackburn LAN
PAFFARD, Thomas [14429]C born 1867 died 1867
PAFFARD, William [14427]C born 1864 died 1871
PAGE, Joseph of Manningtree [3745]S
PAINE, Margaret of Milden [118]S
PALMER, Edwin [17738]S born 29 Nov 1841, Morpeth, New South Wales, Australia died 13 Sep 1894, Sydney Hospital, New South Wales, Australia bur. 15 Sep 1894, Anglican, Section EE, Grave 347/Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia
PALMER, George Thomas Jnr. [17872]P
PANFIELD, Mary [11283]S
PARKE, Mary [3433]S
PARKE, Robert [3434]P
PARKER, Ann Jane [955]S born Bef 14 Oct 1860, Ripley DBY England died 27 Feb 1944, Rockhampton QLD
PARKER, Augustine [3153]C
PARKER, Hannah [24889]S died Bef 14 Apr 1828
PARKER, Helen Dorothy [22158]P born 1874, Lutterworth LEI died 1931, Hambledon SRY
PARKER, Susan [3154]C
PARKER, Valentine [3152]S
PARMENTIER, William [13770]S
PARSONSON, Elizabeth [6307]P chr. 21 Sep 1738, St Peters Sudbury SFK
PASFIELD, Mary [3250]S chr. 1649, Wethersfield ESS died Bef 1684, Wethersfield ESS
PASFIELD, Philip [21868]P born Cir 1615, Wethersfield ESS died Aft 3 Jun 1684, Wethersfield ESS
PATRICK, Alice [20967]P bur. 12 Dec 1770, Watton NFK
PATRICK, Sarah, Mrs [7311]S died 19 May 1762, Lt Waldingfield SFK bur. 21 May 1762, Lt Waldingfield SFK
PATTERSON, Gertrude [2513]P
PAUL, Ann Francis [3565]S died 1863
PAUL, John Dean Bart, Sir [3566]P
PAWSEY, Thomas [1574]S
PAYNE, Anne [22686]C died 11 Sep 1684, Morley NFK
PAYNE, Edward [11777]C died 1667, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
PAYNE, Henry [2985]S born Bef 1614, Worlington SFK died Bef 13 Sep 1639
PAYNE, Mary Ann [13854]P
PAYNE, William [31755]P born Cir 1550, Worlington SFK died Bef 1617
PECK, Ruth [5639]S born Abt 1794 died 21 Sep 1873
PEDDER, Elizabeth [20044]P born 1821 died 1869
PEKK, [5639]S born Abt 1794 died 21 Sep 1873
PENNING, Arthur of Kettleborough Suffolk. [3185]P born Abt 1560
PENNING, Elizabeth [4557]P
PENNING, Margaret [2797]S born 1565
PERROT, John [13155]P born Abt 1879, Muswell Hill LND
PERROT, William Roland Sargeant [9299]S born 31 Aug 1906, MDX LND died 30 Dec 1961, Guildford SRY
PETLOW, Elizabeth [2993]S
PETLOW, Francis (Robert) of Framsden [2994]P
PETRITZKA, Marietherese of Prague. [4122]S died 17 Sep 1902
PHEASANT, Anne, Lady [3217]S bur. Chancel Molesey Church SRY
PHEASANT, William [16632]P died Abt 1668
PHILLIPS, George Braithwaite, Col [16679]S born 5 Mar 1836, Canning WA chr. 14 Apr 1839, Canning River W.A. died 26 Mar 1900, Perth WA bur. 27 Mar 1900, East Perth Historic Cemetery WA
PHILLIPS, John Randall J.P. [22112]P chr. 7 Jan 1790, Barbados WI died 27 Dec 1852, Albany WA bur. Albany Historic Cemetery WA
PICKERING, Dorothy Elizabeth [22096]C died Aft 1741
PICKERING, Edward 4th Bt of Tidmarsh WIL, Sir [22095]C died 1749
PICKERING, Frances [22097]C died Aft 1741
PICKERING, Gilbert 3rd Bt of Tidmarsh WIL, Sir [18008]S,C born 1670 died 1735, Cavendish Sq St Marylebone LND
PICKERING, Gilbert Bt of Nova Scotia, Sir [18009]P,P born Abt 1613 died 1668
PICKERING, Jemima [22098]C
PICKERING, John 2nd Bt of Tidmouth, Sir [3029]S,P born 1640 died 1703
PICKERING, Montague of Birchmore BDF [3033]S
PICKERING, St John [3030]C chr. 13 Apr 1671, Odell BDF
PICKFORD, Harold Langley "Pete" [7488]S born 10 Jan 1900, Wandsworth LND died 7 Oct 1976, Fremantle Western Australia
PILGRIM, William Thomas [6318]S born 1896 died 1968
PIRRE, James [6487]S
PITMAN, Avice [2871]S chr. 28 Feb 1592/93, Woodbridge SFK died 1633 bur. 18 May 1633, Woodbridge SFK
PITMAN, Jeffery Esq. of Woodbridge [2872]P born Abt 1560 died 21 May 1627
PLAYFORD, George Frederick of Highfields Forrest Row SFK [1594]P born Abt 1809, Marylebone MDX died 27 Aug 1903, Highfields Forrest Row SSX
PLAYFORD, Lucy Ellen [1596]P chr. 28 Sep 1849, Worth SSX died Mar 1915, Norfolk
PLAYFORD, Margaret [9]S born 20 Dec 1847 chr. 8 Mar 1848, Worth SSX died 26 Sep 1921, Chichester SSX
PLAYSTED, Henry [6694]P born 1843 died 1886
PLAYSTED, Mary Ann (Poppy) [6031]S born Abt 1878 died Jul Qtr 1951, Sudbury SFK
POND, Anne [11627]S born 1717
POND, Lydia [17542]S bur. 22 Mar 1720/21, Havering atte Bower ESS
PONDER, Edmund [3476]C
PONDER, Robert [3475]C
PONDER, Robert of Boxford [3474]S
PONDER, Samuel [3477]C
PONDER, Sarah [3478]C bur. 24 Oct 1685, Edwardstone SFK
POO, Simon Ah [17866]S born 1 Jan 1840, Canton China died 1897, Springvale Victoria AUS
POORE, Johanna Naomi [14738]P born 1800 died 1833, Paris Ile-de-France France
POTTER, Ann [31230]P
POWELL, Alice Maud [3826]S born Abt 1867, Croydon SRY died 24 Oct 1957 bur. 31 Oct 1957, Elmers End Cemetery KEN
POWELL, George Thompson [3827]P
POWIS, Thomas [2941]S
PRATT, [26922]S
PRATT, Sarah [3460]S,P bur. 2 Feb 1740/41, Boxford SFK
PRETTYMAN., Elizabeth [31207]S born 1571, Bacton SFK
PRETTYMAN., John [31218]P
PRICE, John Armitage [28392]S
PRIDDLE, Anna [24505]P
PUDNEY, Charles [4721]S born Abt 1802, Carshalton SRY
PURSLEY, Charlotte [31999]S born 1802 died 1845
PYE, Anna [3069]C
PYE, Henry of Farringdon BKM [24957]P born 23 Aug 1683 died 6 Jan 1748/49 bur. Farringdon BKM
PYE, Robert L C D Prebend of Rochester, Rev Dr [3068]S born 1743 died 5 Jun 1788

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