Descendants of John Alston of Newton by Sudbury Suffolk

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RACKHAM, Harriet [3866]S chr. 30 Dec 1813, Norwich died 15 Oct 1852, Framlingham SFK bur. Dennington
RACKHAM, William JP, Alderman [3867]P born 17 Mar 1782, Norwich NFK chr. 20 Mar 1782, St Margaret Norwich died 18 Oct 1854, Great Yarmouth NFK bur. 26 Oct 1854, St Giles Norwich
RANCLAUD, James St John [29611]P born 1786, Cork co Cork IRL died 29 May 1832, Booragul Hoxham Newcastle NSW AU
RANCLAUD, Susan Catherine [17833]S born 1820, Jersey, Channel Islands died 18 Oct 1877, Paddington Sydney NSW
RANDS, George [10859]P,P born 1820, St Sepulchre Northampton chr. 6 Aug 1820, St Sepulchre Northampton died 31 Jan 1902, Northampton NTH bur. Feb 1902, St Sepulchre Northampton
RANDS, George St John [462]C born 21 Mar 1893, St James Dunston Northampton NTH died Mar 1978, Market Harborough LEI
RANDS, George William [454]S chr. 23 Jan 1853, Northampton NTH died Mar 1940, Northampton NTH
RANDS, Julia Violet Charlotte [464]C born 21 Dec 1898, St James Dunston Northampton NTH died 10 Apr 1938, Northampton NTH
RANDS, Margaret [448]S born 17 May 1858, St Sepulchre Northampton chr. 21 Jul 1858, Northampton NTH died 18 Mar 1947, Burgh Heath SRY
RANDS, Oliver Francis [463]C born 12 Mar 1895, St James Dunston Northampton NTH died 3 May 1917, in action France bur. Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras, Pas de Calais, France
RAYNES, Elizabeth, Lady [3058]S born Abt 1698 died 12 Aug 1742 bur. 20 Aug 1742, Odell BDF
RAYNES, Thomas, Capt [3059]P
RAYNSFORD, Elizabeth [4038]S born 24 Oct 1756, Brixworth NTH chr. 24 Oct 1756, Faxton NTH
RAYNSFORD, Juistinian of Brixworth Northants. [4039]P
RAYNSFORD, Louisa Sophia [4160]S
RAYNSFORD, Nicholas [4161]P
READ, Susannah [24916]S
REDMAN, Gordon G [2596]P born 1873 died 1969
REDMAN, William Wray Gordon, Lt Col [497]S born 18 Aug 1912 died May 1998, Broughton HAM bur. 13 May 1998, Broughton HAM
REED, Edith [9288]C born 1917, India died 1917
REED, Henry Robert Baynes "Bobby" CIE DSC MC, Capt [483]S born 3 Jan 1880, Lahore W Bengal India died 1 Jan 1939, Southbrook Budleigh Salterton DEV
REED, Jocelyn [9286]C born 1917, India died 1995
REED, Kathleen Mary "Kim" [9282]C born 1910 died 1940
REED, Pamela [9287]C born 1917, India died 1917
REED, Robert Gerard Baynes [9281]C born 1909 died Sep 2005
REES, Anne [2568]P born Cir 1799, Llangadock CMN WLS died 1884, Llandilofawr CMN
REILLY, Jane [14793]P born Dec 1851, Dublin Ireland died 2 Apr 1933, Dublin Ireland
RENTLE, Alice [7679]C born 1875
RENTLE, Anne [7673]C born 1866
RENTLE, Caroline [7666]C born 1829
RENTLE, Charles [7669]C born 1834
RENTLE, Charles [7674]C born 1869
RENTLE, Christopher [7655]S born Abt 1793, Fryerning ESS
RENTLE, Clara [7675]C born 1870
RENTLE, Edith [7672]C born 1865
RENTLE, Elizabeth [7668]C born 1833
RENTLE, Emma [7670]C born 1836
RENTLE, George [7664]C born 1826
RENTLE, Henrietta [7677]C born 1871
RENTLE, Henry [7681]C born 1891
RENTLE, James [7665]C born 1827
RENTLE, Kate [7678]C born 1875
RENTLE, Kate Ellen [7657]C born 1873, Reading Berkshire
RENTLE, Lucy [7663]C born 1824
RENTLE, Philip [7656]C born 1840, Colchester ESS
RENTLE, Thomas [7667]C born 1830
RENTLE, Thomas [7680]C born 1879
REYNOLDS, Dorothea [9731]C chr. 19 Jun 1666, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Dorothy of Ipswich [3000]S died Bef 1711
REYNOLDS, Edward [9713]C chr. 24 Nov 1664, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Edward DD Archdeacon of Norfolk., Dr [3104]S born 27 May 1630 died 28 Jun 1698 bur. 1 Jul 1698, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Edward DD Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev [3105]P born Nov 1599 died 28 Jul 1676
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth [9728]C chr. 23 Jun 1663, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Frances [9726]C chr. 9 Oct 1661, Kingsthorpe NTH bur. 6 Oct 1704, Ravensthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Henry [9722]C chr. 14 Apr 1680, Kingsthorpe NTH bur. 14 Apr 1680, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, John [9716]C born Abt 1691
REYNOLDS, John [9717]C chr. 6 Dec 1669, Kingsthorpe NTH died 11 Sep 1688 bur. 12 Sep 1688, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Joshua [9719]C chr. 11 Jan 1673/74, Kingsthorpe NTH died 16 May 1674 bur. 18 May 1674, Kingscliff N.S.W.
REYNOLDS, Joshua [9720]C chr. 11 Mar 1674/75, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Mary [9723]C born 26 Jun 1660, London chr. 26 Jun 1660, London bur. 25 Jan 1708/09, Ravensthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Robert [9721]C chr. 17 Feb 1676/77, Kingsthorpe NTH bur. 24 Feb 1676/77, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Sarah [9732]C chr. 23 Oct 1667, Kingsthorpe NTH
REYNOLDS, Thomas [9718]C
RICH, Anna [25630]P died 13 Mar 1681/82 bur. Hadleigh Church SFK
RICHARDS, David Andrew [2465]C born 28 Jan 1929 died 21 Feb 2012
RICHARDS, Edith Lucy [2460]C born 12 Dec 1919
RICHARDS, Edward Reginald John [2456]C born 1918 died 1981
RICHARDS, Elizabeth Mary, Sr [2464]C born 24 May 1923
RICHARDS, Elizabeth Wroughton [265]P born 21 Sep 1826, Bedhampton HAM chr. 8 Oct 1826, Farlington HAM died 2 Nov 1877, 10 Strathmore Gdns Kensington London
RICHARDS, Harold Arthur David CMG DSO, Lt Col [22155]P born 16 Feb 1874, Plumstead NFK died 16 Jan 1947, Market Harborough LEI
RICHARDS, Laura Dorothy Kate [2450]C born 26 Jul 1916 died 2000
RICHARDS, Philip Thomas RN, Cmdr [22138]P born 13 Mar 1845, Farlington HAM chr. 11 May 1845, Farlington HAM died 25 May 1887, East Lodge Farlington HAM
RICHARDS, Reginald Philip Edward, Rev [2443]S born 9 Dec 1884, Farlington HAM died 24 Jan 1969, Tonbridge KEN
RICHARDS, Violet Mary [2469]S born 23 May 1904 died 23 Jun 1997, Bath & Walcot SOM
RICHARDSON, Anne Emma [32024]S born 1828 died 1909
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth [2998]S bur. 19 Jul 1656, Bramford SFK
RICHARDSON, Jacob [7285]S
RICHARDSON, William of Halstead ESS [3005]P
RICKETTS, Alston [21705]C chr. 2 Feb 1838, St Mary Magdalene Taunton died 4 Sep 1884, Ontario CAN
RICKETTS, Ann Lord [22621]C born 1787 died 1849
RICKETTS, Charles Lord [21596]C born Nov 1790, Soulbury BKM chr. 15 Nov 1790, All Saints Soulbury BKM died 30 Jul 1845, Taunton SOM
RICKETTS, Elizabeth [22746]C born 1782 died 1831
RICKETTS, James [22738]C born 1784 died 1793
RICKETTS, John [15721]S born 14 Jul 1758, Hoggeston BKM died 1 Qtr 1838, Soulbury BKM
RICKETTS, John [22068]P born 1729, Whitchurch BKM
RICKETTS, John Alston [22737]C born 1786 died 1852
RICKETTS, Mary Alston [22747]C born 1779 died 1793
RICKETTS, Mary Latitia [21940]C born 10 Jul 1861, Mariposa Victoria Ontario CAN died 27 May 1901, Victoria Ontario CAN
RICKETTS, Robert [22710]C born 1786
RINCH, [3445]S
ROBERTS, Isabella Charlotte [3838]S born Abt 1863 died 7 Apr 1936, 20 Devonshire Plc MDX bur. Eastbourne, Ocklynge Cemetery
ROBERTS, Mary Ann [7411]P
ROBINSON, Edward [27013]P
ROBINSON, Elizabeth [23092]S
ROBINSON, Kate Emily Allcock [3870]S born 26 Apr 1854, Derby DBY died 2 Oct 1943, Kent England
ROCHFORD, of Ireland, Col. [2922]S
RODGERS, John Stevenson, Dr [2510]S born 31 Dec 1910 died 20 Feb 1996
ROGERS, Mary Eliza [203]P born 15 Apr 1849, Paddington London MDX chr. 12 Jun 1860, St Anne Soho MDX
ROLFE, Elizabeth [284]S bur. 9 Jul 1744, All Saints Sudbury SFK
ROOKWOOD, Nicholas [2951]S
ROPER, George William [3990]S
ROSE, Ann [3284]S born Abt 1753 bur. 4 Aug 1820, Lingfield Church SRY
ROSE, Mary [3283]S born 1749 died 29 Jul 1820 bur. 4 Aug 1820, Family Vault Lingfield Churchyard
ROUSE, Elizabeth Henrietta [4833]P born 20 Dec 1818, Rouse Hill, Windsor, Nsw chr. 12 Jan 1819 died 26 Mar 1863, Windsor, N.S.W. bur. 29 Mar 1863, St Matthew Windsor NSW
ROWE, Henry Esq of Epsom. [3050]S born Abt 1692 died 17 Apr 1769 bur. Epsom SRY
ROWE, Jean [6042]S born Sep 1917 died 2011
ROWES, Selina Augusta [17873]P
ROWLER, [3137]S
RUCKER, Elizabeth [6464]S
RUDD, Elizabeth [17547]S chr. 26 Mar 1728, Bromley St Leonard ESS
RUDD, Richard [17559]P
RUSSELL, Wingate of Oakley [7144]S
RYVES, Bruice D.D. [7251]P
RYVES, Jane [7250]S

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