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Edmund ALSTON [2617]
Rachel SKINNER [2782]
Rev Thomas WEATHERALL B.D. [3480]
Maria DOMELAW [6239]
Edward ALSTON [2786]
Mary WEATHERALL [3479]

Rev Edward ALSTON B.D. [3482]


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1. Frances TABOR [3685]

Rev Edward ALSTON B.D. [3482]

  • Baptised: 12 Nov 1643, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK
  • Marriage (1): Frances TABOR [3685] on 29 May 1679 in Newton SFK
  • Died: 18 Feb 1721/22, Newton Nr Sudbury SFK aged 78
  • Buried: 23 Feb 1721/22, Newton SFK

bullet  General Notes:

Edward was educated at Colchester & Felstead, he was Adm penns (age 16) at Sidney College Camb. 5 Mar 1660-1 Matric 1661-2; BA 1664-5; MA 1668; BD 1675; He was rector and patron of Newton 1683, Rector of Brantham 1679 with the Chapel of East Bergholt. Taxor 1673; Perhaps Rector of Layer Marney ESS 1695** (Suff. Man. Fam. I. 176)
** Refer Edward Alston 3236.

ALSTON (EDWARD), B.A., from Sidney, Sussex, Coll. Cambridge, 1665 ; M.A. 1668 ; (Incorp. 1669) B.D. 1675. Brother of Charles, Archdeacon of Middlesex. Admitted to Gray's Inn 1662; Rector of Brantham, Suffolk, 1679, of Newton, juxta Sudbury, 1683.
Fosters Alumni Oxoniensis 1891

Christening date from Newton Register Transcription Alstoniana Pg 218

1701: There was divers loose pieces of Brass in the town chest wch together weighed 80 lb. and odd wch were ordered by ye visitors to be sold and with the money a Comunion Salver to be bought for the use of the Church and accordingly there was a Salver bought and now put into the town chest weight eight ounces three quarters wth this inscription "Edward Alston B.D. Rect. & Mr. John Leech & Mr. John Parker Churchwardens of the Parish of East Bergholt in Suffolk Anno Domini 1701." There were 30 pieces of brass.

BITS ABOUT BERGHOLT, by Villager, "December 11 1874 - Mr Wellbank (an unpopular incumbent) was followed by Mr. Edward Alstone a very different man. He seems to have been popular in the parish and many of the town meetings were held at the Rectory.
In January 24th 1681 we found him obliging his neighbour the Rector of Wenham Magna by officiating at a funeral in his stead. Very graphically did he describe the various persons whose names he entered in the register making such notes as these "an almsman, a weaver, a Town charge, a vagrant of Gravesend, a poor chairmaker, a knacker, a compter, a great town charge and a Potash maker."
He was required in some cases to state whether persons were possessed of L600 or not and very quaintly does he record of Henry Godfrey that "he was not worth 6 farthings as he saith."
In 1683 he recorded the baptism of his child Nicholas son of Edward Alston by Frances his wife, at church.
In 1658 an Act was passed for the encouragement of the woollen trade which ordered that all the dead should be shrouded in woollen stuffs. It was this act to which Pope refers in the well known lines
"Odious in woollen twould a saint provoke
Were the last words that poor Narcissa spoke."
On March 28 1687 we find "This is a true account of all the Burials in East Bergholt the last year past and that the several persons were buried in woollen and affidavit made of the same (except John Matthews and Ann wife of Joseph Clark who were punished according to the Statute).
Ita testatar
Signed:Edward Alston (Rector)

Title Feoffment of Cowpasture in East Bergholt to new trustees
12 Apr 1683.
Description John Maxey, Holton, gent, to Nathaniel Parker, Henry Parker, Edward Alston, rector of East Bergholt, John Hammond, Joseph Gullifer, Richard Mitchell, William Browne, William Ellis, Robert Woodgate, Richard Mitchell junior, Edward Lewis, John Leech, Robert Fenn and Thomas Partridge
Suffolk Record Office Reference EG3/L/2/4/3

In 1701 the Rev. Edward Alston officiated at a strange sort of wedding. Anxious to prevent two paupers from obtaining a settlement here, the town overseers determined to pay for their marriage and removal to Ramsey the following expenses:
Paid to Mr. Alston for a licence and marriage of Katherin Harmon 23s. 6d.
Paid more to the King's Duty 2s. 6d.
More to Parkin's (the Clark) 6d.
More to two horses journey to carry them to Ramsey 3s.
Alstoniana Pg 362

Edward Alston Dates: 1701-1725 Title: Reverend, Rector of Brantham, Suffolk Occupation: cleric(a) Gender: Male Occupation:
Occupation: cleric
Education: B.D
Clerical Office: Rector of Brantham, Suffolk
Source Date: 1714 Source Info:
Subscribed to An attempt towards recovering an account of the numbers and sufferings of the clergy of the church of England who were sequester'd, harass'd, &c. . . . . . in the . . . . . times of the great rebellion, occasion'd by the ninth chapter . . . . . of Dr. Calamys Abridgement of the life of Mr. Baxter, 1714, WALKER, John. London
Subject: history
Ancestry Directories

Bill, 24 June 1706, by Edward Allston of East Bergholt, co. Suffolk v. Dorothy Reynolds and James Hovell.
The defendant Dorothy Reynolds of Ipswich, co. Sussex, widow, daughter of . . . . . Newton of East Bergholt widow, has for several years last past consulted with Orator as to the management of her affairs. The suit relates only to the purchase by said Dorothy of some lands in Suffolk and Essex, when complainant acted as her security.
Hamilton, 12/49. 1706.
Alstoniana Pg 192
Placement of this is uncertain 2004

Bill, 13 March 1703/4, by Joseph Chaplin, citizen and wine cooper of London, and Mercy his wife, sister and administratrix of Henry Parker the younger of East Bargeholt, co. Suffolk, gent., decd., who was son and heir of Henry Parker of Gray's Inn, co. Midd., Esq., and Anne his wife, v. Edward Alston, clerk, rector of Brantham-cum-Bargeholt.
Henry Parker the elder presented the defendant to the said living, upon condition he should not accept of any other to hold jointly with it. His son Henry inherited the advowson, and died unmarried at East Bargeholt, 23 April 1701. On the following day the defendant came to the house where he died, and desired to know wherein he could be serviceable to Oratrix, she thinking her brother might have left some will among his writings, ordered all the papers and writings in the house to be laid before the defendant, and he had them in his inspection and custody for some hours, when he said he could not find any will, and went away. And about two months after the said Alston again looked through the same papers, and some others which had been found in the meanwhile. After taking out letters of administration, orators find that several securities are missing, among them the bond given by the defendant on his presentation for fulfilment of the above condition ; it is supposed these are in Alston's possession, but he denies it, sometimes also denying the fact of his having had access to the papers.
Edward Alston, in his answer, says he was presented to the living by Henry Parker senior, about January 1678/9, on the recommendation of one Mrs. Gurdon, sister of the said Henry ; but he denies he ever gave, or was required to give a bond as alleged. Mr. Parker desired him to preach an approbation sermon, which he accordingly did in the church of St. Dunstan, Fleet Street, London. He had to pay about L44 for his predecessor's arrears of tithes and procurations, and about L150 for the finishing of the parsonage house.
He inspected the papers as requested, but always in the presence of the said Mercy and others.
Collins. 397/36. 1703/4.
Alstoniana Pg 216

Dated 3 October 1719
Parson of Parish of Brantham with the Chapel of East Berghold co. Suffolk Diocese of Norwich, also Patron and Rector of the Parsonage of Newton near Sudbury co. Suffolk.
I desire to be buried in the Chancel of the parich church of Newton near Sudbury as near my wife as may be.
I give to my eldest son Thomas Alston my messuage and lands in Boxford and Groton with Gents or Parsons Meadow given me by my grandfather Weatherel, also 4 acres of meadow ground lying in Fryers meadow Sudbury and Great Cornard, also my messuage and lands belonging to my farm in Assington Newton and Cornard called the Spite house now in the possession of John Creswell, he to pay my executors L150 with interest, according to the mortgage given by him and his wife Mary, also to said son Thomas my messuage and farm in Botishal Cambridgshire which I had with his mother.
I give to my son William and his heirs the advowson of the rectory of Newton, of
which I am at present, the incumbent and which I lately purchased.
I give to my son Nicholas L100 and to Edward his eldest son, my grandson and godson my largest and best silver tankard
I give to Mary Alston the edlest daughter of my son Thomas a small diamond ring with a single stone.
I give to my son William and his heirs my freehold tenement in Newton.
I give to my youngest son Samuel and his heirs the White Lion Inn in Brantham, Suffolk with the orchard and all lands belonging hereto, also my copyhold messuage called Skinners in East Berghold with orchard close and houses, holden of the Manor of Old Hall.
I give also to Samuel L150 with lawful interest lent on mortgage to my son Thomas and the residue of my real and personal estate unbequeathed.
My son William to have all my divinity books, sermons and MSS, my physic books with my receipts relating to physic or surgery.
I give to my son Thomas all my law books.
I desire my son Samuel to pay to the poor of Brantham 20/- and East Bergholt 40/- and to Newton 40/- and I appoint him sole executor.
Signed: Edward Alston.
Witnesses John Simons, James Hare, John Hills.
Proved 13th May 1722.
Marlboro 88
Page 133 Alstoniana

Suffolk Man Family's i 176 puts Edwards death date at 18 Feb 1722 aged 79.

His ledger stone in the Chancel floor at Newton (1899) exhibits the Alston Arms - Azure 10 'etoiles 4 3 2 and 1 with helmet mantling and crest a crescent. There is an inscription "In memory of the Rev Edward Alston BD late of East Bergholt in this County, and Rector of this Parish, who died 18 Feb 1722 aged 79 years".
Miss Ruth Alston has an old account book belonging to Edward (Alston Fenn 1965).

Newton Church.
Within the Communion rails on a black marble on the South side.
Alston Arms
In Memory of
the Revd. Mr. Edward Alston, B.D.
late of East Bergholt in this County
and Rector of this Parish
who died 18 Feb. 1722
aged 79 years.
Alstoniana Pg. 269.

Edward may have lived at Brooks, Newton - research needed to confrm this.

bullet  Research Notes:

Attribution as to the following items of Church Plate is uncertain.

Many of the details of this newspaper report are suspect.
Silver Communion, vessels in use for 300 years at the parish church of Newton, near Sudbury, have, had to be locked away in the bank as they have become too valuable for everyday use.
After the two silver patens and a chalice were borrowed for an exhibition
of old and valuable church silver, it was decided to have the articles; which had been in regular use at Communion services valued, and the result is that they have been insured at 2,000.
About 1628, Edward Alston farmed much of the land in Newton (no record in this pedigree of an adult Edward Alston farming at this time) and the small chalice was given by him. It is marked as being given in 1628 but the silver mark is of London in1638, and the makers initials are S.A.
The small paten bears the 1627-28 London mark, but was made by a Norwich goldsmith.
The large paten is inscribed "to the memory of William Alston, church warden of All Saints, Newton, in 1628." The paten was presented in his memory in 1698.
However the church will not be without Communion vessels as the present churchwardens have offered to replace them with new ones.
East Anglian Daily Times 3 July 1968.

Here is a description of the plate possibly by the valuers:
1. Small Salver on trumpet foot with gadrooned edge inscribed underneath "William Alston 1628". Period William III. Maker Hugh Roberts entered 1697 (J.P. 153) London date 1698. Marked fully on top with Lion's head erased on foot.
Some reports say "Wilhelms Alston Churchwarden of Newton 1628" others above "William Alston 1628" The most likely candidate for the gifting of this piece of silver is William Alston Lord of the Manor of Siam Hall [2832] who would have undoubtedly been a Church Warden of All Saints Newton his Parish Church. In 1628 he would have been aged 66 yrs 5 years before his death.

2. Plain Chalice 1638. Slightly bell shaped cup on baluster. Marked fully on the cup and with Lion passant on the foot. About 8 inches high. Maker S.A. in monogram. (J.P. 123 L15) Inscription - Hauriat hinc populus vitam de sanguine sacro. Inflicto aeternis quem fudit vulnere Cristus Dat Deo et Ecclesia de Newton Edrus Alston Rector. F.Q.E.A.
Rev Edward Alston [3482] Rector of Newton 1683 - 1721, does not fit the silver date but most probably gave item 2 judging by the inscription, it is quite possible the silver was not new when purchased.
There was only one Edward Alston Rector of Newton, and no indication any of any other Edward Alston of Newton being involved 1628/38.

3. A small Paten with slightly moulded rim. A small trumpet foot. Inscribed 1628.
Period Charles I. Maker London date 1627, the mark "K" being the second one in Jackson's for that year. The mark on this piece is certainly for London 1627. The makers mark which is very clear is that of a Norwich Goldsmith, see Jackson's pg 317 line 8.
It is not possible on the data available to attribute the gift of this silver to an Alston of the time.

Vol. ix, Proceedings of Suff Inst Arch.
Donors of Church Plate:
Alston, Eliza Ann, of Bradley (Little), 1879.
Alston, William, Churchwarden of Newton, Sudbury, 1628.
Alston, Rev. Edward. Cup, height, 61/2ins., diameter of bowl, 33/4in., on a thick baluster stem. Round bowl is the inscription, "Hausiat hint populus vitam de Sanguine Sacro. Inflmto ceternus quem sudit (fudit?) vulnere Christus. Dat Deo et Ecclesicae de Newton Edrus Alston. Rector."
Alston, Sarah. In Memory of Sarah ye wife of William Alston Many years Vicar of this Parish, whose first husband was Mr. John Patrick of Nether hall in this Parish 1 Ob; 19th Mai: 1762. [Little Waldingfield co. Suff.]
Alston, William, M.A., ad proes. Eliz. Jackson Spr. p.j. Dec. 20, 1727.
Alstoniana Pg 268.

Inscription on a Cup of Silver, Newton.
Huriat time populus vitam de sanguine sacro
Inflecto aeturnus quem fudit ouluere Christus
Dat Deo et Ecclesiae de Newton Edws Alston Rector.
Alstoniana Pg 360

Plain Chalice 1638. Slightly bell shaped cup on baluster. Marked fully on the cup and with Lion passant on the foot. About 8 inches high. Maker S.A. in monogram. (J.P. 123 L15) Inscription - Hauriat hinc populus vitam de sanguine sacro. Inflicto aeternis quem fudit vulnere Cristus Dat Deo et Ecclesia de Newton Edrus Alston Rector. F.Q.E.A.
A "rough" translation is "Here the people drink deep of the life which the eternal Christ poured out in his sacred blood through his wounds"

Short History - R W Gaspard Willis M.A.
May 1984.
. . . . . In 1538 a lease was granted by the then Countess of Salisbury who seems to have repossessed Newton Manor, to William Alston of Siam Hall, Newton and the Alston family were the prevailing influence in the church and village from then until 1785 this is clearly shown by several memorial stones in the chapel bearing the names of members of the Alston family1 . . . . .
. . . . . There is, a beautiful chalice and paten presented by one of the Alston's in 1628, which is taken out of the bank sometimes for special occasions. The Alston's also gave the beautiful 17th-century lectern, richly carved with spiral bands and foliage. . . . .

1. Edward Alston M.D. 1705 [3686], Rev Edward Alston 1721/22 [3482], Samuel Alston 1752 [3704].

The researcher has never examined the silver - 2021


bullet  Other Records

1. Edward Alston - Rector of Newton: All Saints Newton & District.
Rectors of Newton, All Saints Church, Primitive Fresco of Annunciation, Margaret Botelier Tomb 1410, Local Map, the lectern, ancient bier which carried the corpse or a coffin to the burial service and the grave.

2. Edward Alston: Brookes Farm Newton.
Brookes Farm Newton 2000, this property was left to Edward by his father Edward in his Will 18 Nov 1680.

The Old Rectory, Rectory Hill - the veracity of this printed statement has not been confirmed.


Edward married Frances TABOR [3685] [MRIN: 1272] on 29 May 1679 in Newton SFK. (Frances TABOR [3685] was born in 1646 in Cambridge CAM and died before 3 Oct 1719.)

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