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Sir Thomas ALSTON 5th Bt. [3060]
Margaret LEE [4034]
Juistinian RAYNSFORD of Brixworth Northants. [4039]
Elizabeth HILL [25028]
Capt Thomas ALSTON [4036]
Elizabeth RAYNSFORD [4038]

Rowland ALSTON of Pishobury HRT [4042]


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1. Rose MILLES [4085]

Rowland ALSTON of Pishobury HRT [4042]

  • Born: 7 Jun 1782, BED
  • Marriage (1): Rose MILLES [4085] on 26 May 1810
  • Died: 21 Nov 1865 aged 83
  • Buried: 25 Nov 1865, Brompton Cemetery LND

bullet  General Notes:

Rowland was an Ensign in the 3rd Regiment of Guards, serving with distinction under Lord Cathcart at Copenhagen 1807. He was M P and Deputy Lieut for Herts., Deputy Grand Master for Essex. A portrait of Rowland was in the possession of his son Sir Francis B Alston 1899.

Officers of the Militia 1805 - Gentlemen & Yeomanry Calvalry
War Office 14 October 1805.
Bedford & Odell.
Cornet Rowland Alston 14 Jul 1803.

County Election Returns.
Hertfordshire: Lord Grimstone, Mr A Smith, and Mr R Alston relected without opposition.
Ipswich Journal 5 Aug., 1835.

There is a brass plaque on the South Wall of the Church of Great St Mary Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire which reads:
In loving memory of Rowland Alston Esq. of Pishiobury Herts. Served as Ensign in H.M. 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards in expedition to Copenhagen 1807. M.P. for this County 1835. Deputy Lieutenant for Herts, Essex, Bedfordshire and Justice of the Peace for Herts. and Essex. Chairman of Quarter Sessions and in Masonry, Provincial Grand Master for Essex. b. 7 June 1782 d. 21 Nov 1865.
Also of Rose, his wife, eldest daughter of Jeremiah Milles of Pishiobury. A loving mother and true friend she lived her life as in God's sight for the happiness and welfare of her family and the people of this place.
b. May 24 1782 d. 19 Feb 1824.
Erected by their two surviving children Francis Beilby Alston K.C.M.G. and Caroline Hesketh Case.
Ref. Anne Alston suggests Rowland and Rose may be buried at Gt St Mary, but has no evidence (2005)

Chelmsford PRO D/DGe/253 Lease by Roland and wife Rose & others of a Messuage, brick house, and lower farm house comprising 123 acres in West Hanningfield.

1833 Rowland Alston and Mrs Milles are recorded as resident at 48 Harley St London.
Ref London Royal Blue Book 1833

Report of Rowland Alston conveying an apology on behalf of a Capt Townshend for an insult to Sir Robert Peel.
Ipswich Journal 23 Sept. 1837

The Times 14th May 1841.
House Commons resumed debate on sugar duties 13 May 1841.
Mr. R. ALSTON said, that approving, as in general he did, of the principles and policy of her Majesty's Government, he had, as was well known, given to them his invariable and zealous support, and he entertained a sanguine hope that in the measure which they meant to propound on the present debate would prove a remedy for existing evils, a remedy which would materially benefit not only the financial and commercial interest of this country, but also the population, by enabling them to purchase the common necessities of life at less exorbitant prices than at present. The agricultural and commercial interests of this country were inseparable, and he knew from experience that when the price of bread was lowest, the people had always suffered the greatest distress, and if any alteration of the existing corn laws was proposed, he should give it his most strenuous opposition. (Cheers from the Opposition benches.) No person could abominate slavery more than he (Mr. Alston) did; but he could not understand how the question of the sugar duties could by any contrivance or ingenuity be brought to bear upon the question of slavery.
The question before the house was a motion for the house resolving itself into a committee on the sugar duties, and on this the noble Lord the member for Liverpool had moved an amendment to the effect, that the proposed scheme of that Government was an encouragement of slavery. Now, in that he could not agree, and he was fortified by a letter he had that day received from the Hitchen Anti Slavery Association, conveying to him the resolutions passed by that body, to the effect, that they did not think it advisable to oppose the Government measure which had been brought forward in a spirit of the liberal and enlightened legislation. This was signed by ten gentlemen, four of them members of the Society of Friends and delegates from the Anti -Slavery Society of London, and had always been the firmest advocates of the abolition of slavery. This justified him in voting as he should in favour of going into committee on the sugar duties, being satisfied that by doing so he would not be giving any encouragement to slavery, but that he was discharging his duty to his country by enabling the people to purchase at a cheaper rate one of the most essential necessaries of life - sugar. He was himself interested in a small property in the island of Jamaica. and he was satisfied by voting for the Government proposition he should do no injustice to himself nor to those who were concerned in the West Indian colonies. The country was indebted to her Majesty's Ministers for the straightforward and bold manner in which they had come forward and, though he should decidedly oppose any alteration of the corn laws, he should give a his hearty support to the proposition now before the House (Hear, hear.)

Norwich. The Church.
On the 12th day of June last, the Rev Henry Thomas Lee was instituted to the vicarage of Helhoughton with Rainham St Martin annexed, in the County of Norfolk, on the presentation of Rowland Alston and John Hillyard, Esq., nominated by Lord Charles Townsend.
Ipswich Journal 8 August 1846

RICHARD STIFF, CHARLES LUCY, theft : simple grand larceny, 28th June, 1820.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18200628-118
Trial Summary:
Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny
Verdict: Not Guilty
Name search for: RICHARD STIFF
Crime Location: Harley-street
Original Text:
839. RICHARD STIFF and CHARLES LUCY were indicted for stealing, on the 23d of March, 200 lbs. of hay, value 10 s. , the goods of Rowland Alston , Esq.
MR. ALLEY conducted the prosecution.
ROWLAND ALSTON , ESQ. I reside in Harley-street, and have a coach-house and stable there. Stiff was my coachman. The witness, Foort, had been six or seven weeks in my service - Stiff hired him, and caused him to be discharged. Foort charged Stiff with stealing hay. I said then I was satisfied it was not true, and was ready to give him every assistance to punish the boy for so false a charge. About two days after Stiff took a warrant out against him.
Cross-examined by MR. BROADRICK. Q. The charge for stealing hay was made by Foort, after Stiff took him before a Magistrate for an assault - A. No: he informed me of it two days before.
DANIEL FOORT . I was stable-boy in Mr. Alston's service. The first week I went into his service, about six o'clock in the morning, I saw a cart drawn up to the loft-door, and hay pushed into it - I did not see Lucy with the cart then, but have seen him three times with it before, at the same place. Stiff put three or four trusses of hay into it, apparently - nobody but him had an opportunity of doing it - the loft communicates with his bedroom. When the cart drove away, some hay was scattered over the ground, and Stiff swept it up to the dunghill.
Cross-examined. Q. Where did you come from before you lived with Mr. Alston - A. I came from Ruslip parish, but had only been in town a short time. I told Mr. Alston I had lately come from the country.
Q. When you heard you was to be discharged, did you not use violent language to Stiff - A. No: I only d - d him, and said I would talk to his master, and then I should be sure to do him. I made no charge against him before, because I thought he had got me the place.
EDWARD FOORT . I am uncle to the last witness, and in the service of Mr. Ricardo, whose stable-door is exactly opposite Mr. Alston's. I have seen a cart there once, or twice, early in the morning - hay was put into it, and it was trod down - the cart was filled. Stiff pushed it out of the loft into the cart, - it was rubbishing, loose hay, not trussed.
WILLIAM WAINWRIGHT . I am an officer. On the 25th of May I apprehended the prisoners. Stiff said he had given some hay to Lucy, but it was the sweepings of the loft and he received nothing for it.
ANDREW LANE . In March last I supplied the prosecutor with hay, it was good hay and all fit for use.

Rowland Alston
Birth year 1782
Burial date 25 Nov 1865
Place Brompton
Age 83 Residence 52 Belgrave Road, Pimlico County Middlesex
Document type Burials Burial number(s) 43041, 41666 Print number 41666
Burial register number 43041
Piece description Brompton Cemetery burial book no. 144, references 41497-41796 Records year range 1865-1865
Archive reference WORK 97/352
Record set Middlesex, Brompton Cemetery Records

bullet  Research Notes:

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office:
Catalogue Ref. DR 3
Ferrers family of Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire
FILE - RAINHAM in Norfolk, TAMWORTH, co. Stafford - ref. D
R 3/561 - date: 3 July 1818
[from Scope and Content] Assignment from Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend, younger son and devisee of George [2nd.] marquess Townshend, with the consent of the creditors of the said Charles, listed in the attached schedule, to Rowland Alston of Harley Street, co. Middlesex esq., Henry Loftus of Wimpole Street, co. Middlesex a colonel in the King's army, John Robbins of Warwick Street, Golden Square, co. Middlesex auctioneer and Thomas Vandergucht of Craven Street, the Strand, co. Middlesex gent. reciting that whereas the said marquess by his will dated 19 July 1811 left to Lord John Townshend and Robert Blake esq. all his lands etc. in trust to pay his debts, maintain the mansion houses at Rainham in Norfolk and Tamworth, and to provide an annuity of L.4,000 for 21 years for the said Charles his younger son, and whereas the said Charles had incurred certain debts and claimed L.10,000 from the said trustees, and whereas books, plate and pictures due to the said Charles were valued at L.8,000, and whereas there was a debt of L.1,000 due to the said Charles from Daniel Henry Ferrall in Ireland and L.500 due to the said Charles from George Montgomery in France, and whereas the said Charles had received permission from the master in Chancery to take a lease of the said mansion house at Rainham and lands belonging to the same for the annual sum of L.630, the said Charles now assigned to the said Rowland, Henry, John and George the said annuity of L.4,000 and the said sums of L.8,000, L.1,000 and L.500 to hold the same in trust to pay the said Charles an annuity of L.1,500, the said books and pictures to be sold and the residue used to discharge the debts of the said Charles with interest at 5%. The said mansion house and lands to be assigned to the said trustees as surety for these debts and to be leased to the s aid Charles at the annual rent of L.650 to be deducted from the said annuity of L.1,500, the said mansion house and lands to be restored to the said Charles on the payment of the said debts.

FILE - RAINHAM in Norfolk, TAMWORTH, co. Stafford - ref. DR 3/562 - date: 21 August 1822
[from Scope and Content] Assignment by way of mortgage from Rowland Alston of Harley Street, co. Middlesex esq., Henry Loftus of Wimpole Street, co. Middlesex a colonel in the King's Army, John Robins late of Warwick Street, Golden Square, now of Regent Street, co. Middlesex auctioneer and Thomas George Vandergucht of Craven Street, Strand, co. Middlesex gent., at the direction and appointment of the Rt. Hon. Charles Vere Townshend, younger son and devisee of the will of the most Hon. George [2nd.] marquess of Townshend, deceased, to Francis Lawley of Grosvenor Square, co. Middlesex reciting 562., of the annuity of L.4,000 for 21 years left to the said Charles under the will of his father, to secure L.20,000. The said L.20,000 to be repaid in three lots ending on 20 August 1833 during which time the life of the said Charles was to be insured for L.5000 at four Life Insurance Companies, namely the Provident, Globe, Albion and Westminster, provision being made for the payment of these premiums and other expenses incurred.
[from Scope and Content] Signed and sealed by Rowland Alston, [Henry Loftus] John Robins, Thomas George Vandergucht and Charles Vere Townshend.

FILE - NORFOLK - ref. DR 3/567 - date: 15 June 1830
[from Scope and Content] Appointment by the Rt. Hon. Charles Vere Ferrars Townshend, with the consent of Francis Lawley of Grosvenor Square esq., of Rowland Alston of Pishiobury, co. Hertford Esq. as receiver of the rents listed in the schedule attached named as security for certain mortgages outlined in 566. The attached schedule listed tenants and rents to be received under the following places all in Norfolk: East, South and West Rainham, Pattesley, Oxwick, Helhoughton, Toftrees, Tatterford, Shereford, East and West Rudham, Houghton Coxford, South Creake, Horningtoft, Stiffkey, Cockthorpe, Morston, Hempton, Colkirk, Weasenham, Scullthorpe [Sculthorpe] and Holt.
[from Scope and Content] Signed: Chas. V.F. Townshend, Rowland Alston.
Ref A2A

Alston (Rowland). Correspondence with the 3rd Lord Hardwicke 1812-1818.
Alston (Rowland). Letter to Sir H. Hardinge 1837.
Alston (Rowland). Letter. to Sir F. Burdett 1826.
Ref British Library 2007

Hertford Museum:
Archive collection of the Hertford Museum Trust
Catalogue Ref. HETFM
Hertford Museum
Posters and other ephemera associated with elections in the Hertford area - ref. HETFM/Elections/
FILE - Parliamentary election poster mentioning Rowland Alston - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.114 - date: 1826
FILE - Parliamentary election poster defending Rowland Alston against Currie - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.180 - date: 1831
FILE - Poster announcing Alston retiring - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.193 - date: 1831
FILE - Parliamentary election posters for the 1831 election featuring the Reform Bill and the Candidates, Duncombe, Currie, Alston and Ingestre - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.209-17 - date: 1831
FILE - Parliamentary election poster, Alston denying he is enemy of agricultural interest - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.247 - date: 1832
FILE - Poster signed An Elector of Herts, casting doubts on suitability of Alston as candidate and accusing him of owning slaves - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.256 - date: 1832
FILE - Poster, Alston offering himself as candidate - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.267 - date: 1832
FILE - Poster, Alston defeated - ref. HETFM/Elections/4434.270 - date: 1832
FILE - Poster, Alston offering himself as candidate as County member - ref. HETFM/Elections/4435.216 - date: 1832
Poster and Notices associated with Hertford and its area - ref. HETFM/Posters
FILE - Notice of resignation of Mr Alston as Trustee and Manager of Savings Bank - ref. HETFM/Posters/6244.11 - date: 1849

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies:
Manorial records, title deeds and family papers of the Abel Smith family of the Woodhall Park Estate, Hertfordshire, 1139 - 1917
Catalogue Ref. DE/AS 1-4898
Abel Smith family of Woodhall Park Estate, Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire
Dixon's Wood
FILE - Lease and Release in fee; and assignment of a term of 1,000 years - ref. DE/AS/3415-6 - date: 5 and 6 Sept 1834
[from Scope and Content] Mary Head of Burnham Green and Joseph Frogley of Hoddesdon, gardener (1); John Blindell (2); John and Sarah Blindell and John Blindell (3); John Cass (4); William Hale, John H Waddington and John Proctor (5); Rowland Alston (6);
Clay Hill
FILE - Assignment of terms in trust - ref. DE/AS/3448 - date: 19 March 1839
[from Scope and Content] Rowland Alston and George Proctor junior, esquires, to Samuel George Smith and John Smith.

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies:
Miscellaneous Family Letters and other papers, 1796 - 1930
Catalogue Ref. DE/Z5
Covers only
FILE - ALSTON Rowland to Mrs Fisher, Buxton, Derbys - ref. DE/Z5/C89 - date: 11 Aug 1836
Ref A2A

Essex Record Office
Level: Category Miscellaneous
Level: Series Deeds of property in Little Hallingbury and Sheening and Sawbridgeworth and Pishobiury, Hertfordshire

Level: Item
Reference Code D/DU 752/134
Dates of Creation 6 November 1832
Scope and Content Adm. of Eliza Thompson [nee Whitehead] by terms of the will of f. W. Whitehead Arable land (3r.) formerly Littletons, in Northfield, Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, abutting W. upon lands formerly of John Gibson, afterwards of Sarah Jocelyn, and sometime since laid into freehold land (4a.) late of Henry Gladwin, Manor of Pishobury, Sawbridgeworth Recites: (a) Adm., 14 October 1805, of Ann Whitehead nee Gorrod; (b) Appointment, 1 November 1809, vesting property in William Whitehead, in pursuance of Release, 5 June 1806, between Ann Whitehead nee Gorrod, William Whitehead of Sawbridgeworth, farmer, Thomas Mott, Thomas Whitehead; (c) Will of William Whitehead, 12 November 1818

Lord: Ravland* Alston, esq. Steward: William Shergeon Sims.
*May be a spelling error

Essex Record Office
Level: Category Estate and Family records
Reference Code D/DGe/253
Dates of Creation 1 June 1813.
Scope and Content Lease for 7 years; at annual rent of L200. Rowland Alston of Pishobury (co.Herts.). esq., & wife Rose (formerly Rose Milles), & Harriot & Sophia Milles of Harley Street (co. Midx.), spinsters, to Rich.Finch of West Hanningfield, yeoman. Messuages etc. called the Brick House & the Lower Farm House with 123a. land [no details] in West Hanningfield, with appurts. (except mines, minerals, quarries, timber etc.). (Sporting rights also reserved.) Various husbandry covenants.

Guildhall Library: Records of Sun Fire Office [MS 11936/477]
Records of Sun Fire Office
Catalogue Ref. SUN
Sun Fire Office, 1710-1891
Exchange House Fire Office, 1708-1710
Sun Insurance Office Ltd, 1891-1959
Sun Alliance Group, 1959-1996
Royal and Sun Alliance, 1996-

[Access Conditions]
Records marked "access restricted" are subject to access conditions. Please enquire to Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section.

For guidelines for how best to use the detailed index of policies for some of the London insurers policy registers (old series, MS 11936) on A2A please see The "Place in the Sun" project - using the online index of Sun Fire Office policy registers 1816 - 1824 at: <>

FILE - Policy register - ref. MS 11936/477 - date: 1818-1819
item: [no title] - ref. MS 11936/477/948493 - date: 4 January 1819
[from Scope and Content] Insured: Rowland Alston Pishobury Hertfordshire
Ref A2A

Image Courtesy of family of J B Alston.


bullet  Other Records

1. Rowland Alston in his youth.
Rowland Alston MP (1782-1865), wearing grey doublet, white lawn collar with lace trim and tassels, golden mantle draped around his shoulders (artist's join)
Sold for 500 (NZD 972) inc. premium

2. Petition to the Poor Laws Commissioners: Whitehall London, 1 Dec 1834.
The Poor Laws Commissioners Whitehall London.1
Petition by the proprietors and occupiers of lands and tenements in the parish of Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire objecting to a proposal to unite their parish with the parish of Bishops Stortford and others.
They point out that there parish is purely agricultural containing about 6500 acres of land, it has a newly erected work house and adequate facilities for the poor.
It continues with further details and objections of distance etc. . .

It is signed firstly by
Rose Milles of Pishobury Lady of the Manor of Shingle Hall (Nr Thorley)
Rowland Alston of Pishobury Lord of the Manor of Pishobury
Rowland Gardner Alston proprieter of land in Sawbridgeworth [?]
and many others.
Ref: National Archives Catalogue: MH/12/4536/20


3. Census: England, 30 Mar 1851, 45 Harley St St Marylebone MDX. Rowland is recorded as head of house a widower aged 68 a landed proprietor born ...ton Bedford


Rowland married Rose MILLES [4085] [MRIN: 1408], daughter of Jeremiah MILLES of Sawbridgeworth. [4086] and Rose GARDINER [15908], on 26 May 1810. (Rose MILLES [4085] was born on 24 May 1782 and died on 19 Feb 1824 in Pishobury HRT.)

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