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SANCROFT, Sarah [18687]S,P
SANDER, Elizabeth [10050]S,P born 1697 died 2 May 1756 bur. St Michaels Appleby WES
SCOTT, Francis [21839]S,P
SCOTT, Francis [21842]C born 14 Sep 1684-1688 bur. 18 Feb 1713/14, St Nicholas Harwich ESS
SCOTT, Sarah [21838]S,C,P
SCOTT, Williqam [21841]C bapt. 20 May 1681, St Nicholas Harwich ESS
SEAX, Abigale [287]S,P
SHOLVARD, Zebede [26218]S,P born 1545, Wetheringsett SFK died 1616, Cotton SFK
SHULVARD, Ann [26215]C born 1598, Cotton SFK bur. 18 Mar 1598/99, Cotton SFK
SHULVARD, Benjamin [26214]C born 1643, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, Elizabeth [26207]C born 1623
SHULVARD, James [26204]S,C,P bapt. 1596, Cotton SFK bur. 1666, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, James [26212]C born 1638, Kenton SFK died 1698, Suffolk
SHULVARD, Jane [19665]S,C,P bur. 13 Oct 1716, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, John [26208]S,C,P born 1572, Wetheringsett SFK died 1638, Beddingfield SFK
SHULVARD, John [26213]C born 1634, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, John [26222]C born 1605, Bedingfield SFK died 1683, Bedingfield SFK
SHULVARD, Martha [26223]C
SHULVARD, Mary [26210]C born 1629, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, Mary [26221]C born 1612, Bedingfield SFK
SHULVARD, Sarah [26216]C bur. 10 Jun 1624, Cotton SFK
SHULVARD, Tabitha [26211]C born 1631, Kenton SFK
SHULVARD, Tabitha [26220]C born 1598, Cotton SFK
SIMKIN, George [21837]S,C,P
SIMKIN, John [21843]P bur. 26 Mar 1708, St Nicholas Harwich ESS
SIMKIN, Sarah [6257]S,C,P bapt. 8 Jan 1701/02, St Nicholas Harwich ESS died 9 Aug 1774 bur. 12 Aug 1774, St Nicholas Harwich ESS
SIMONDES, Henry of Wenham [11294]C
SIMONDS, [2644]S,C,P
SIMONDS, Thomas [2821]P
SMITH, Catherine [4805]S,P
SMITH, Charlotte [12760]C born 29 Jun 1764 died 17 May 1802
SMITH, Dorothy [12763]C born 10 Mar 1768 died 26 Jan 1786
SMITH, Elizabeth [12766]C born 28 May 1772 died 8 Feb 1819
SMITH, Ellen Hannah [49]S,C,P born 7 Jul 1813, Nottingham bapt. 19 Jul 1813, Marygate Chapel Nottingham (Register No. 35) died 21 Aug 1869, The Old Palace Richmond SRY bur. 27 Aug 1869, East Sheen & Richmond Cemetery.
SMITH, Hannah [12765]C born 1 Aug 1770 died 25 Jul 1772
SMITH, Joseph [12759]C born 19 Jun 1763 died 14 Jun 1772
SMITH, Lucy [12767]C born 13 Nov 1776 died 18 Mar 1792
SMITH, Margaret Anne [12764]C born 8 May 1815 died 29 Oct 1815
SMITH, Mary [12762]C born 19 Dec 1766 died 30 Jul 1790
SMITH, Mary [19657]S,P
SMITH, William [12757]S,P born Abt 1738 died 23 Aug 1817
SMITH, William [12761]C born 30 Dec 1765 died 31 Dec 1765
SMITH, William of Nottingham [2423]S,C,P born 23 Jun 1769 died 3 May 1818
STOCK, [4746]S,P
STOCK, Hannah [11280]C
STOCK, John of Wethersfield [4745]C
STOCK, Mary (Martha) of Wethersfield ESS [5349]S,C,P born Abt 1653, Wethersfield ESS died 1728, Edwardstone SFK bur. 3 Mar 1727/28, Edwardstone SFK
STOCK, Mary of Toppesfield [11278]C
SYMONDS, Ann (Elizabeth) [2820]C died 1564, Newton SFK bur. May 1564, Newton SFK

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