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William ALSTON Siam Hall And Sible Hedingham ESS [2813]
(Abt 1537-1618)
Margery HOLMSTEAD [2815]
(-Abt 1607)
ARDLEY [31753]
Edward ALSTON of Boxford [2971]
Anne ARDLEY [2974]
Joseph ALSTON of Bramford [2976]


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1. Mary WARNER [2977]

Joseph ALSTON of Bramford [2976]

  • Born: 8 Feb 1614/15, Polstead SFK
  • Christened: 8 Feb 1614/15, Polstead SFK
  • Marriage (1): Mary WARNER [2977] on 25 Feb 1634/35 in Parham
  • Died: 21 Dec 1643, Washbrooke aged 28
  • Buried: Bramford SFK

bullet  General Notes:

Joseph was surviving heir to his fathers Manor of Shelland Hall. After his fathers death he was under the Wardship of his Uncle Peter Alston, ref Peter Alstons will.

Bill, I January 1655/6, by Thomas Wyn [3014] of London, merchant, v. Mary Alston, widow.
Thomas Alston, one of the sons of Peter Alston, late of Bramford, co. Suffolk, gent. decd., devised messuages and lands in Bramford to complainant and Margery, then his wife (sister of the said Thomas) and their children ; and in virtue of the said bequest they duly entered in, and let the said property. Some time afterwards (about Michaelmas 1630 or 1631) one Joseph Alston, a near kinsman of the said Margery, repaired to complainant's house in London, and there had diet and lodging, and complainant procured him to be admitted to the free school of St, Paul's, London, and furnished him with a gown, books, &c. Joseph was a ward in Chancery, and the Master of the Court of Wards sent for him, and delivered him into the custody of the usher of the said court, who kept him 4 days without any manner of sustenance, so that he would have died, but the complainant sent for him to his own house again, and provided him with physicians and a nurse for a great length of time; and so the said Joseph received his health again. Complainant afterwards sent him to the University of Cambridge, until about 1639,
shortly after which the said Joseph married one Mary Warner, daughter of . . . . . Warner, since deceased ; and came of age in 1639 and was in enjoyment of the real and personal estate left by his father and elder brother (which personal estate was valued at L4000 or L5000) ; his elder brother had died under age, a ward to the court. Joseph was very sensible of his debts to complainant, but his wife incensed him against him, to such an extent that the said Joseph knowing the deeds of the late Peter Alston were in the hands of one Francis Andrewes of Hadley, co. Suffolk, by
fraudulent means got possession of them and detained them from complainant, alleging he had deeds that upset complainant's title to the premises abovesaid. He afterwards promised to surrender the deeds, but died about 10 years since, and the said Mary, his widow, still retains them.
Defendant, in her answer, denies all knowledge of the expenses incurred by complainant for her late husband ; if it is as stated the cost should be defrayed by Peter Alston, to whom he was ward. In 13 Chas. I. after a long suit in the court of Wards and Liveries upon a bond of L5000 wherein the said Peter Alston's father stood bound to account for the moneys &c. of Edward Alston, then decd., father of Joseph, the said Joseph obtained a decree against Peter for the payment of L3450, and for non-payment thereof the said Joseph did extend certain lands which formerly belonged to the said Peter's father ; and so the deeds and premises came into his hands.
Hamilton, 421. 1055/6.
Alstoniana Pg 201
Hamilton 384/42 1656/7
Two further answers, 1656 and 57, of Mary Alston, widow, to the complaint of Thomas Wyn.
Neither contains any Personal in, formation.
Alstoniana Pg 202
Although this suit was against Joseph's wife Mary I have recorded this in his file for the insights as to his youth. 2004

Chancery B. and A. Charles 1, A. 14. (54)
Bill dated 7 February 1645/6 by Mary Alston of Stowmarkett, co. Suffolk, widow of Joseph Alston late of Washbrooke in the said co., deceased, V. Augustine Parker, feoffee of certain lands bought by the said Joseph, and overseer of his will.
The suit relates only to business connected with Josephs Will.

ALSTON v. COOKE & others,
Chancery B. and A. Charles 1. A. 5. (IO)
Bill dated 10 February 1646/7, by Mary Alston of Stowmarkett, widow and executrix of Joseph Alston, gent., V. Lionell Cooke, Edward Parris and Robert Alcocke.
The said Joseph Alston, after a long and tedious suit in the court of Wards and liveries, obtained an order and execution thereupon against the lands and tenements of Peter Alston and Edward Alston and some others for the sum of L3000, and about February 1638 delivered the writ for the execution to Lionell Cooke, then under sheriff of co. Suffolk. Joseph survived until the month of December 1643. The suit is brought for redress against a conspiracy
to obtain money on the part of said Lionell and the other defendants, pursued before and since the decease of the said Joseph Alston.
Alstoniana Pg 174

Bill, 25 May 1649, by Francis Warner of Parham, co. Suffolk, esq, v Joseph Alston and Mary his wife.
Edmund Warner, late of Parham, Esq., orator's father deceased, died about 17 Jas. I., leaving (among other children) orator and one Mary Warner, who, being of tender years, your orator did maintain her with meet apparel and diet from the time he was 21 until about the month of January 11 Chas. I. (1635/6), when the said Mary was about to marry Joseph Alston. Orator then had to go to London, and his sister gave him a note to deliver to the said Joseph (then in London) enclosing a list of articles she wished him to buy, and asked orator to buy them for her if the said Joseph did not, saying she would see him paid. Orator bought the articles. being apparel and linen for said Joseph and Mary, amounting to threescore pounds and upwards.
ln February following Joseph and Mary were married Orator gave her L250 over and above her own portion.
They now refuse to refund the said L60.
In their answer the defendants say that Anne Warner, Mary's mother maintained her till her brother Francis was 21, when he did so out of the interest of her portion.
Joseph Alston denies all knowledge of the purchases in question, but says he was promised a portion of L500 with his wife, and that her relations promised to find her wedding apparel and necessaries. Some years since they referred the matter to Sir Anthony Wingfeild, for his arbitration therein, but the complainant refused to abide by his award.
Collins. 25. 1649.
Cresswell notes he may have made an error in his transcription of the date which should probably read 1639
Alstoniana Pg 199

Inquisition Post Mortem taken at Ipswich.
May 21 Charles i. (1644).
Ser. ii. Misc. Pt. 26, No. 88, 1644 co. Suffolk
The said Joseph was seised of the manor of Shelland and two messuages and land in Rattlesdon, Shelland and Wollpitt, co. Suffolk; a messuage and land in Bures St. Mary; and messuages and land in Chilton in the parish of Clare, Stoke by Clare and Poslingford ; a messuage and land called Osmonds, in Assington, Wissington and Stoke by Nayland, formerly John Turner's ; land in Polsted and Boxford, formerly John Yeoman's ; a messuage and land in Great Waldingfeild and Acton ; and the site of the manor of Overtie and land in Bramford, late farmed by Francis Colburne, decd., and parcel of the said manor ;and three closes of land there, lately bought by the said Joseph of Nicholas Bacon, gent. ;
and four messuages and land, bought by him of James Baldwin, gent., in Washbrooke, Hintlesham and Chattisham.
Portions of his will, dated 18 December 19 Charles i. (1643), at Washbrooke, are recited,
Joseph died at Washbrooke 21 December 1643 ; his widow Mary is living at Stowmarket.

His daughters Mary and Suzanna were his heirs, aged at their father's death respectively 4 and 2.
On the 4th December last past the said Suzanna died at Beeston, co. Norfolk.
Alstoniana pg 262

Loraine Family Archive
Ipswich Record Office
Ref HA61
Item: Incomplete copy of will of Joseph Alston of Washbrook, Suffolk. - ref. HA61/436/78 - date: 18 Dec 1643

Jacob Brand held in trust for William Alston, Esq. of Bramford
Property in Bramford, Blakenham and Baylham, Suffolk - descended from Joseph Alston through Dame Mary Hanmer, wife of Sir John Hanmer, Bt. of Hanmer Hall, Flint, daughter and heir, then to Samuel Alston & to grandson.
Date: 1766.
Ref Ipswich RO HA61/436/142

Consistory Court, Norwich-Register No. 133 fol I - 1643.
18 Nov 1643. Joseph Alston of Washbrook co Suffolk gent being sick in body etc.
My soul to the Holy Trinity of Heaven etc. and my body to the earth from whence I received the same to be interred in Christian burial at the discretion of my executrix.
To poor of Bramford L5, Rushbrooke 40/-, Spowton 40/-.
To most needy poor of Boxford L3,
All my messuages, lands, gardens &c. in Boxford, Groton, Powlstead, Assington and Wiston co. Suffolk now occupied by John Hamond, Samuel Carter, Joseph Cole, and John Brownsmyth, to be sold for the purposes aforesaid and my executrix may at all times (until my daughter Mary shall be 18 years of age) have the timber upon my manor or demesne land called Shelland Hall in Rattlesden and or any other my lands now occupied by Joseph Isaacke and liberty of ingress and egress, sawing pits, etc. whereof I have a lease assigned to me diverse messuages lands, etc. in Bramford co. Suffolk being freehold messuages lands etc. of Peter Alston, Edward Alston and Margery now wife of Thomas Wynn all ye children late of Peter Alston my late deceased Uncle and I now give and demise to my executrix all my right, title etc. with term of years therein to sell same and whereas there has been some speech as to an agreement between me and the parties owners of said premises for payment to me of L2500 (and wh hath in no sort been performed) if said Peter Alston, Edward Alston and Mary wife of Thos. Wynn, shall pay to my executrix L1900 and to Bridget Bridgman my sister now wife of Edmund Bridgeman L500, then executrix to convey her right in sd premises to them-and money arising from such sale to pay debts and legacies.
To my dear and loving wife Mary (in satisfaction of dower) my messuages, lands &c. in Bramford and Blakenham on the Hill for her life and then as follows :If she be with child a son then to remain to him, and if a daughter then to her, and my daughters Mary and Susan to hold same to them for ever.
If my children all die s.p. then to go to my loving wife Mary, to her heirs etc. for ever.
To my daughter Mary my Manor or Messuage called Shelland Hall in Shelland, Rattlesden and Woolpit and its lands and appurtenances &c. to her for ever, at 21, and if she die under age and s.p. then to my daughter Susan (at 21).
To my said daughter Mary L1000 at 18 years or marriage.
To my said daughter Susan L2000 (L1000 at 18 or marriage and L1000 at 21).
If daughters die before legacies are due, then to my other children, and if children die, then above money to be divided equally between Anne Payne, my sister and the children of my sister Bridget Bridgman who may then be living.
To my sister Bridget Bridgman my messuages &c. in Clare co. Suffolk for her life, and then to her children.
To my sister Anne Payne all messuages in Great Waldingfield for her life, and then to her children.
To my wife the rents and profits of the Capital Messuage wherein I now dwell and all lands &c. bought of James Baldwyn and his wife in Washbrooke, Chattesham or Hintlesham co. Suffolk for two years and then to Augustine Parker, son of Augustine Parker my kinsman for ever, and said Augustine the father to have profits until the son Augustine is of age.
To the two Children of my sister Susanne Bright deceased L20 apiece, at 21.
To Joseph Colman, son of Frances Colman, deceased my godson and kinsman L60, at 21
To my wife's brother Mr. Robert Warner and to Mrs. Ursula Warner and Mrs. Dorothy Warner my wives sisters each a ring value L20.
To Thomas Lilly my servant a suit and a cloak and L10.
To Charles Sterne my man L5 and my brown mare, or L5 more and a suit of apparel and a cloak.
To William Pilborough my servant L5.
Legacies to 3 female servants of L5 each.
To Mary Parker, wife of said Augustine Parker the elder, a ring value L5, and to Susan Parker his daughter L100 at 18.
To my wife all household goods &c. linen, plate, &c. for her life and then to come to my children equally.
Also to my wife my coach and furniture.
To my kinsman Augustine Parker, the elder, my grey nagge.
My dear well beloved wife to be sole executrix and said Augustine Parker the elder to be the supervisor, and he to have L100 for his pains.
18 December 1643.
Signed Joseph Alston
Will on ten sheets and witnessed by James Wythe, John Hurrell, John Arnold, Thomas Lillye, Joseph Alston.
Proved at Washbrooke 11th January 1643 by Mary Alston the widow.

Phyllis Wells writes in Dec 2011 from a copy of Josephs Will:
Think that the month has been misread. It is December (Signing date, not Nov as in Alstoniana). Re the probate, the Will was proved 11.1.1643/4 and administration was committed to Mary Alston, widow, the executrix in the said testament (will). On the 22.2.1643/4 she is back again and ' alleged the testament above of the above said deceased testator to have been the original and principal evidence for herself and her daughters for various lands and tenements in the same will by the testator given, and the relict ( ie widow ) etc,. . . . . ' after that it is incomprehensible. That actually sounds as though someone else was contesting her right of ownership.


Joseph married Mary WARNER [2977] [MRIN: 999], daughter of Edmund WARNER [2978] and Unknown, on 25 Feb 1634/35 in Parham. (Mary WARNER [2977] was christened on 22 Jul 1617 in Parham, died on 17 Sep 1687 and was buried in Bramford SFK.)

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