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William ALSTON Siam Hall And Sible Hedingham ESS [2813]
(Abt 1537-1618)
Margery HOLMSTEAD [2815]
(-Abt 1607)
Thomas CROCHERODE of Toppesfield ESS [3118]
(Abt 1536-1619)
Anne MORDAUNT [3119]
(Abt 1540-)
John ALSTON of Stisted & Belchamp Otten [3116]
Anne CROCHERODE [3117]

William ALSTON of Sible Hedingham ESS [3701]
(Aft 1598-Bef 1699)


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1. Mary GREEN [3729]

William ALSTON of Sible Hedingham ESS [3701]

  • Born: Aft 1598
  • Christened: Cir 25 Feb 1608/09, Sible Hedingham ESS
  • Marriage (1): Mary GREEN [3729] on 28 Sep 1637 in Bocking St Mary ESS
  • Died: Bef 5 May 1699

bullet  General Notes:

William was aged under 18 as a legatee under his grandfathers will dated 31 May 1616

William was living 20 April 1678.

Misc entry in IGI William son John and Anna Crockrood abt 1637 of Stisted Essex.

5 April 1659 - William Alston son and heir of John Alston holds Priests Grove and Little Wrights. Also William Alston admitted to close called Prayors, late in the hands of John Alston- no date.
Ref. Manor of Prayors alias Bourne Hall ESS
4 Nov 1659 - William Alston surrenders to his will all his lands in the said Manor.
Ref. Manor of Prayors alias Bourne Hall ESS

The manor of Hoseden in Gt Maplestead was held by a William Alston or Alliston.

Essex Record Office D/DHt/T278/2
Dates of Creation 3 December 1655
Scope and Content 2.Copy of Court-roll Berwicks and Scotneys John Blakemore Surrender by John Overed, clerk, (R. of Toppesfield 1648-1661) William Alston and others Admission of William Smith Messuage and customary lands Toppesfield

Essex Record Office T/A 225/14
Dates of Creation 2 Sept., 1667
Scope and Content Feoffment with counterpart John Jegon of Hitcham (co.Suffolk) clerk, Thomas Bigge, Joseph Lawsell, sen., of Sible Hedingham, yeomen, to Thomas Jegon, John Sparrow, William Alston, Edward Harrington, sen., William Jegon, John Sparrow, jun., Samuel Killingworth, jun., Edw. Harrington, jun., all of Sible Hedingham, gent., Barth. Browne, sen., John King, senior clothiers, Moses Hurrell, Wm. Butcher, Joseph Lawsell, jun., and John Finch, all of Sible Hedingham, yeomen Property, etc., as in 225/9

Essex Record Office. T/A 225/15
Item Reference Code
Dates of Creation 2 September 1667 Title [Feoffment]
Scope and Content John Jegon of Hitcham, Suffolk, clerk, Thomas Bigge, Joseph Lawsell senior of Sible Hedingham, yeomen, to Thomas Jegon, John Sparrow, William Alston, Edward Harrington senior, William Jegon, John Sparrow junior, Samuel Killingworth junior, Edward Harrington junior, all of Sible Hedingham, gentlemen., Bartholomew Browne senior, John King senior, clothiers, Moses Hurrell, William Butcher, Joseph Lawsell junior, and John Finch, all of Sible Hedingham, yeomen.
Lands, tenements and rents belonging to 'Bernards' in Sible Hedingham.
The feoffees to make annual account to the vicar, churchwardens and 'governors' of Sible Hedingham, on Whit Sunday after evening prayer at the communion table of the church, the profits to be put into Barnard's Box in the presence of the vicar, etc.
For counterpart see T/A 225/14.

Bill, 6 June 1679, by William Alston of Heddingham Sible, co. Essex, gent., brother and executor, of Matthewe Alston, late of Topsfeild, said co. gent., decd., v. Thomas Crachrod, Christopher Layer and Mary Hobart.
The said Matthew was possessed of a messuage and about 60 acres of land in Topsfeild, of the yearly value of about L30 and personalty worth about L300 besides securities; and about three years since, finding himself very weak in body and infirm by reason of the greatness of his age, and not sufficient effectually to manage his business and affairs of such concern, he did betake himself to sojourn with one Thomas Crachrod of Cusse Hall in Topsfeild, gent., where he soon after died. But before his death, viz. about October 1677, he made his will, under which complainant was residuary legatee. And very soon after, before complainant was or could be permitted to come into the room where the goods and chattels, and writings &c. of the said deceased were contained, the said Crachrode went into the said room and removed the said effects. They have also wrongfully possessed themselves of the said
messuage &c. &c.
Defendants know nothing as to the value of Matthew's estate, but say that for 4 or 5 years before his death, he being very diseased and infirm in his body, and having some time before demised away the said messuage, reserving only a room or two to himself, he being there in a helpless condition, and wanting conveniences of all sorts, came to Thomas Crachrode's house, and did frequently eat and drink at his table, and was there received and entertained, at first as a neighbour, and afterwards as a sojourner. Crachrode denies possessing himself of the goods of deceased.
Matthew sold the said farm (called Hoses) to Crachrode about 5 years since, a fine being duly levied thereof.
Ref Hamilton 552 1679
Alstoniana Pg 181

Hamilton 88/58,1881.
Bill, 27 June 1681 by Anne and Dorothy Cratcherode, infants, by Thomas Cratcherode their father, v. William Alston, brother and executor of the late Matthew Alston of Topsfeild, co. Essex, gent.
The complainants demand payment of legacies of 5 apiece bequeathed to them as " daughters of his cousin Cratchrode of Cusshall " by the said Matthew, and which William refuses to pay because they are still under age.
Alstoniana Pg 209

Essex Record Office D/Y 1/3/130
Dates of Creation 12 December 1692
Title [Bond made by William Alston for his executors to pay L40 to William Hart]
Scope and Content: Executors of William Alston to pay L40 to Robert Abbott on behalf of William Hart, son of George Hart of Halstead, within a month of the death of William Alston.
This item is placed here conjecturally, ELF 2004

Manor Roll of Graveshall Sible Hedingham
Surrender from Alston to Elliot.
William Alston gentleman, since the time of the last court did surrender into the hands of the Lord of the Manor all that three and a half acres called Graveshall Fenn, John Elliot mariner of Poplar in MDX was admitted to these premises for his use and that of his heirs and assigns forever, absolutely.

PRO D/DHt/T278/2 Item 48.
3 Dec 1655 - Court Rolls mention William Alston of Topplesfield. Ref. ESS

Essex Record Office D/DHt/T295/37 (T/A 44/532,534)
Dates of Creation 20 March 1678
Scope and Content 37.Deed to declare uses of a Fine Richard Choate, of Wethersfield, yeoman William Alston, of Sible Hedingham, gentleman and Solomon Alston, his son "Cooks Crofts" (14 ac.), Wethersfield [3 sig. seals, one arm. a chevron between 3 lions rampant]

Essex Record Office D/DHt/T295/19
Dates of Creation Feb. 1678
Scope and Content: 19.Fine William Alston and Solomon Alston, pll. Richard Choate, def. An Acre of land, and 14 ac. of pasture with appurts in Wethersfield

Essex Hearth Tax, Hinckford Hundred 1671.
Sible Hedingham - William Alston 6 hearths.

July 5th Year of the Reign of William & Mary (1693)
To Robert his son his messuage and lands in Wethersfield ESS in the tenure and occupation of William Simson? and all other assets after the payment of his debts and bequests.
To Thomas Firman his son-in-law and Jemyma his wife all his messuage and lands in Heddingham Sible for their lives, and then to their daughter Mary his granddaughter, provided they do faithfully pay;
to his daughter Susannah 40/- for life in four payments annually of 10/-
To his son William Alston 2/6 to buy gloves.
To his son Solomon Alston 2/-
Robert Alston his son is appointed his Executor.
Proved 5 May 1699
Ref. ESS PRO D/ABR 14 108. (Wills reel 8)
The transcription is smudged and difficult to read, date of Will 5 Jul c1695? this extraction may be in error.
2009 New copy on file.

July 5th Year of the Reign of William & Mary (1693)
In the name of God Amen I William Alston of heddingham Sible in the County of Essex Gent being in reasonable good health of body & of sound & perfect mind & memory praised be almighty God therefore calling to mind the uncertainty of mans life here on earth and being desirous to settle things in order before I go hence and be no more do make ordain & declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say as touching such temporal estate as almighty God hath bestowed upon me here do order give and bestow the same as followeth Imprimis I give devise and bequeath unto my son Robert Allston & to his heires & Assigns forever All that my messuage tenement or farme lying & being in Wethersfeild in the said County of Essex with all the houses lands meadowes pastures profits Commodities rights members & appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging as they are now in the tenure and occupation of one William Simsonne or his assigns Item I give devise and bequeath all my Customary messuage or tenement
Page 65.
with all the lands meadowes pastures wayes easements rights members and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging lying & being in Heddingham Sible aforesaid and also all my customary or Coppyhold & freehold lands lying & being in Topesfeild in the said County of Essex With their and every of their rights members and appurtenances as they are now in the tenure and occupacion of one William Hayward or his Assigns unto my lovinge son in law Thomas ffurman and Jemyma his now wife for and during the term of their two naturall lives & to the longer liver of them and after their decease To the only use and behoofe of their daughter Mary ffurman my Grandchild & to her heires & Assigns for ever Provided and upon the Condicion following That they the said Thomas ffurman my said son in law Jemyma my said daughter & Mary my said Grandchild or some of them or some of their heires Executors or Assigns do and shall give and faithfully pay or cause to be paid unto my daughter Susannah Blower or her Assigns the full summe of forty shillings of currant english mony yearly & every year during the term of her natural] life by ten shillings a payment at four the most usuall feastes or termes of payment in the year that is to say the feaste dayes of the Annunciacion of the blessed Virgin Mary Saint John the Baptist Saint Michael the Archangell & the nativity of our Lord Christ the first payment to begin upon the first of those four feasts which shall happen next after my decease And for want of such payment of the forty shillings a year my mind and will is and I do hereby give full power and authority & strength unto my said daughter Susanna & her assigns to enter into and upon a certain feild parte of the Lands now in the possession of the said William Hayward called by the name of Little Chare with the appurtenances & the same to have possesse & enjoy peaceably and quietly and receive and take the rents issues and profits thereof and to be fully satisfied & paid the said forty shillings [with all costs and damages that may issue] Provided alwaies Neverthelesse upon this Condicion following It is my will & mind that if in case my said son in law Thomas ffurman shall purchase and settle so good an estate of twenty poundes a year in messuages lands & tenements as my son Robert Allston shall agree unto and approve upon himself Jemyma his wife and Mary ffurman my Grandaughter & same to be paid the fourty shillings a year to my daughter Susan Blower in such manner and forme as I have given and bequeathed all those lands and tenements unto him and them now in the possession of William Hayward That Then my will mind & meaninge is and I give and devise full power and authority unto my said son in law Thomas ffurman or his heires or Assigns to sell settle & convey All the said messuage lands & tenements with the appurtenances pertaining thereunto whatsoever in the possession of the said William Hayward or his Assigns before in this bequeathed unto my said son in law Thomas ffurman and Jemyma his wife upon some person or persons by all the lawfull ways & means whatsoever and to such use or uses as the purchaser or purchasers sold with the same to be settled for the perfect sale thereof & for the purchasers full and perfect title & security Item I give unto my son William Allston two shillings and six pence to buy him gloves Item I give unto my son Solomon two shillings Item all the rest residue & remainder of my Goods and Chattels not hereby before by this my will given and disposed my debts legacies & funerall expenses & probate of this my will being first paid & discharged I give & bequeath unto my son Robert Allston which said son Robert Allston I doe nominate and appoint to be sole Executor of this my last will & testament hoping that he will faithful] performe the same And I do pronounce this to be my last will & testament revoking & making void all other wills & testaments by me heretofore made In
Page 66.
witnesse whereof to this my present last will & testament being contained in these sheets of paper written on one side to every sheet thereof have set my hand & the first & last sheet thereof my scale this fifth day of July in the fifth yeare of the reign of our Sovereign Lord & Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God King & Queen of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland Defenders of the faith etc Anno Domini 1693 [witnessed by Francis Clarke and others; proved by executor 5 May 1699].
Transcribed by David L Kent Austin Texas. 2006 Wills and Administrations of the Minor Courts of Essex and Hertfordshire, 1697-1703 'Porter', Chelmsford Registry Commissary Court [FHL film 0094229, pp. 108ff]; abbreviations extended, spelling retained

Essex Record Office D/ABW 76/107
Level: Category Archdeaconry records
Dates of Creation 5 May 1699
Scope and Content:
Will - William Alston of Sible Hedingham,
As above

bullet  Research Notes:

This tree is recorded in Alstoniana Pg 86, supplied to Cresswell by Miss Eliza Alston and Thomas Sewell Alston.
Researched and corrected in 2013 by Mary Tebrack

Data also from Alliston/Allyston tree by Mrs Sylvia Myles - on file 2003


William married Mary GREEN [3729] [MRIN: 113] on 28 Sep 1637 in Bocking St Mary ESS. (Mary GREEN [3729] was born in 1609 in Sible Hedingham ESS.)

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