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Sir Joseph ALSTON Knt. Bart of Chelsea & Bradwell [2676]
(Aft 1604-1688)
Henry SEILE of London [10024]
Isaac ALSTON of Chelsea [3220]
Mary SEILE of London [3519]
(Abt 1648-1740)

Joseph ALSTON of New House [3521]
(Abt 1676-1736)


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1. Laurentia TRUMBULL [3522]

Joseph ALSTON of New House [3521]

  • Born: Abt 1676
  • Marriage (1): Laurentia TRUMBULL [3522] on 1 Jul 1699 in St Bride Fleet St LND
  • Died: 11 Oct 1736 aged about 60
  • Buried: 15 Oct 1736, Edwardstone SFK

bullet   Cause of his death was gout.


bullet  General Notes:

Joseph was of New House (otherwise known as the Grove) Edwardstone and East Hamstead Berks. He owned lands and woods ( "Annabells Wood" and "Priory Down") in Gt Waldingfield and Edwardstone 1699. He was aged 60 at his death.

First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Alston
Title Given: junior
Occupation Given: gentleman
Admission Date: 28/05/1688
Name: Isaac Alston
Occupation: armiger (entitled to bear a coat of arms)
Father/Son Relationship: son and heir apparent
Address: Chelsea London
Former County: Middlesex
Inner Temple Admissions (2009)

Joseph Alston of Edwardstone SFK Esq., batchelor, 22, and Laurentia Trumbull of Hadleigh said county, spinster, 18, daughter of Charles Trumbull, doctor of law who consents, at St Bride London or ------ 26 Jun 1699 F.

Precis of a Tripartite Indenture made the Ninth day of December 1699.
Between Joseph Alston of Edwardstone Esq., son and heir of Isaac Alston late of Chelsea Middlesex Esq., deceased, of the first part and Charles Trumbull of Hadleigh, Doctor of Laws of the second part and James Clayton Esq., of Vach in the County of Buckinghamshire, William Phillips of London, Sir William Trumbull of East Hempstead in the County of Berkshire, Knt. and John Bridges of the Inner Temple London Esq., of the third part.
Whereas Joseph Alston has entered into a marriage with Laurentia daughter of Charles Trumbull of Hadleigh, and agreement dated the 30th June 1699, with several parties including Mary Alston the mother of Joseph Alston concerning the dower and other assets. Joseph Alston releases to the above third parties to this agreement Messuage, Tenements, Lands, Buildings, etc., described in this Indenture, in Sculthorpe, Norfolk, Boxford, Poulstead, Hadleigh, Aldham, Edwardstone, Waldingfield, Suffolk etc., in trust for 99 years for the benefit of Joseph Alston, his wife Laurentia and Mary Alston and at their demise to the first son of the body of Laurentia, with provisions for daughters. It includes other directions dependent on who should predecease who. It further provides for Joseph Alston to lease out for no more than 21 years the above Messuage Tenements Lands etc with the consent of Laurentia and Charles Trumbull or their survivors and in the presence of two or more credible witnesses to sell or revoke the details of this agreement.
The Indenture is 13 A4 pages long with detailed description of the property involved, of particular interest is the Messuage by the name of the Newhouse . . . . . containing 64 acres more or less lying in Edwardstone . . . . . and Quicks lying in Edwardstone and Waldingfield.
Ref: Bury RO 391/9 (Copy on File E L Fenn 2011)

Deeds of Mansion called New House (otherwise the Grocve c1800) and lands in Edwardstone. Owners Alston, Hare, Haring.
Also attested copy of the Will of Joseph Alston of New House Esq
Ref: Bury RO 391/18

1701. Persons subscribing towards the charge of procuring the grant of incorporating the Town of Hadleigh Suffolk.
Jos. Aston (Alstone) Esq.
Jos. Alston.
Alstoniana Pg 364

Suffolk Poll Book 1702. Edwardstone - Joseph Alston voted for Ld. Dysart and Sir. Rob. Davers.

Suffolk Poll Book 1710. Edwardstone Joseph Alston Esq., voted for Sir Thomas Hanmer & Sir Robert Davers.

Precis of Indenture made 10th day of December 1710.
Indenture between William Chaplin of Bury St Edmunds Gent, John Newman also Jaggard of Hargrave all in the County of Suffolk of the one part and Joseph Alston of Edwardstone Suffolk of the other part.
Witnesseth that the said William Chaplin John Newman also Jaggard for a consideration of L175 paid by Joseph Alston sell and convey to Joseph Alston a messuage situated in Edwardstone and in the occupation of George Mash Also a field of arable land known by the name of Clarkfield containing one acre and a half more or less abutting the Queen's highway running from Quicks Green in Edwardstone to Great Waldingfield in the West and Kilnfield in the East Also two closes of arable land called Kilnfield's containing five acres more or less abutting the Queen's highway as above Also a close of pasture ground containing three and a half acres more or less adjoining Kilnfield's above and a lane leading from Whistler's Green to Quicks Green and on the Queen's highway leading from Boxford to Little Waldingfield to the south in the tenure of George Mash aforesaid Also a wood called Annabells Wood containing five acres more or less adjoining a wood called Priory Down fenced out with a ditch or bank from Annabells Wood and in the tenure of John Aslin all the above situated in Edwardstone.
This transaction is preceded by an Indenture for Lease and Release of the above described lands dated 9 December 1710 between the above parties. These documents are contained on four A3 sheets and contain a great deal of detail on the location of the properties and terms of agreement. Ref Bury R.O. 391/9 Copy on file.

Joseph Alston Dates: 1701-1725 Location: Newhouse Suffolk
Title: Esq.
Gender: Male
Address: Newhouse, Suffolk
Source Date: 1719 Source Info:
Subscribed to Cases argued and defended in the High Court of Chancery, published from the manuscripts of Thomas Vernon by order of the Court (Vol. 1), 1719, SALMON, Thomas. London
Subject: law
Ancestry Directories.

Bury St Edmunds Quarter Sessions
1726 Gt & Lt Waldingfield
The inhabitants of Waldingfield Parva in this County moving this Court by way of appeal to be relieved against a Warrant made by John Gurdon and Joseph Alston two of his Majestys Justices for the removal of Mary Gooch from Waldingfield Magna to Waldingfield Parva aforesaid being the place of her last legal settlement, and hearing what could be alleged by Counsel on both sides this Court doth allow the Appeal and set aside the Warrant made for Settlement aforesaid.
Copy on file 2003

Parlamentary Archives: Main Papers HL/PO/JO/10/6/395
1) Petition of Joseph Alston and of Joseph Alston his son 3 February 1731, 2) Order of Joseph Alston and of Joseph Alston his son, 3) Judges report. Date: 1731.
National Archives

Advertisement printed and dated June 1767.
To be lett and entered upon immediately in the parish of Edwardstone in the County of Suffolk within 4 miles of Sudbury, 6 of Hadleigh, 12 of Colchester, and 17 of Ipswich that capital brick Mansion called NEW HOUSE containing several handsome rooms on a floor one of which is a very grand one lately built with stabling for 24 horses Coaches, Brew house and all manner of convenient offices for a Gentleman's Family with very good gardens and fish ponds together with 35 acres of land lying close to the house and a wood of 5 acres lately in the occupation of John Pogson Esq.
For further particulars enquire of John Sparrow at Edwardstone Hall within half a mile of the premises, or of Wm Sheldon Esq. in Portugal Row, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

THIS INDENTURE made the thirtieth day of June Anno Domino 1780 and in the fourth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the second by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith. BETWEEN Joseph ALSTON the Elder of Newhouse in the County of Suffolk Esquire of the one part and Joseph ALSTON the Younger of Newhouse aforesaid Esquire only son and heir apparent of the said Joseph ALSTON the Elder of the other part WHEREAS the said Joseph ALSTON the Elder doth hold for the Terme of his natural life ALL that messuage or tenement called Has Tendis (sic) with the Homestall thereto belonging and all the lands meadows pastures seedings groves woods woodlands and appurtances thereto belonging or herewith now used occupied or enjoyed or accepted reputed known deemed of taken as or for part parcel or member thereof heretofore in the tenure or occupation of Robert SLY and Walter ATKINS or one of them their or one of their undertennant or undertennants and afterwards of Thomas SHERWOOD and Elizabeth SHERWOOD and now in the tenure or occupation of Robert MATHEWS his undertennant or assigns and let at the yearly rent of one hundred and thirty pounds and situate lying and being in the Parish of Sculthorpe in the County of Norfolk AND ALSO ALL that capital messuage r tenement called or known by the name of MASCALLSs with all the edifice buildings barnes stables yards gardens and orchards thereto belonging situate and being in ELMSETT in the said County of Suffolk and also all the lands meadows pastures feedings grounds woods groves and appurtances thereto belonging or herewith now enjoyed lying and being in ELMSETT aforesaid HINTLESHAM and ALDHAM in the said County of Suffolk or some or one of them or in some town parish or place there near adjoining thereforeto in the tenure or occupation of Thomas H . . . . . and his . . . . . precincts of Boxford Polstead and Hadley (Hadleigh) or some or one of them in the said County of Suffolk therefore in the tenure of occupation of Walter SMELLING and now of John RUFFLES his undertennanrts of assigns and let at the yearly rent of six and forty pounds per annum and also all that messuage or tenement called Quicks and all those severall pieces or parcels of arable land meadow and pasture with the appurtances thereunto belonging or herewith now used situate and being in the parishes of Edwardstone Groton and Little Waldingfield or some or one of them in the said County of Suffolk heretofore in the tenure of Thomas OSBOURN and now of John HIND his undertennants or assigns and let to him at the ret of nine and thirty pounds per annum the immediate reversion or remainder whereof doth belong to the said Joseph ALSTON the son and to the heirs male of his body lawfully to be begotton NOW THIS INDENTURE witnesseth that the said Joseph ALSTON the father for and in consideration of the sums of five shillings to him in hand paid by the said Joseph ALSTON the son the receipt whereof is herby acknowledged and for diverse other good causes and considerations him hereunto moveing hath granted and surrendered and by these presents doth grant and surrender unto the said Joseph ALSTON the son all and singular the said messuage or tenement called Has Tendis and all the lands meadows pastures feedings groves woodlands and premises now in the tenure or occupation of the said Robert MATHEWS his undertennants or assigns and lying and being in the said parish of Sculthorpe and also all the said capital messuage or tenement called or know by the name of MASCALLS with all the edifices buildings barnes stables yards gardens and orchards thereto belonging or now therewith enjoyed being in ELMSETT HINTLESHAM and ALSDHAM aforesaid or some or one of them or in some town parish or place near there adjoining and now in the tenure pr occupation of the said William HENINGALE his undertenants or assigns and also all that the said messuage tenement or farm with the arable lands meadows pasture feedings and appurtances in the said parishes towns or precincts of Boxford Polstead and Hadley in the said County of Suffolk and now in the tenure of the said John RUFFLES and also all that the said messuage or tenement or farm with the arable land meadows and pasture in the said parishes of Edwardstone Groton and Little Waldingfield in the said County of Suffolk now in the tenure of the said John HINDE and likewise all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Joseph ALSTON the father of in and to the said messuage farms lands premises with their appurtances and every part and parcel thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said messuage or tenements farms lands and hereditaments herby granted and surrendered or mentioned or intended so to be with their and every of their appurtances unto the said Joseph ALSTON the son and the heirs of his body lawfully to be begotton IN WITNESS whereof the said parties first above named to these present indentures their hands and seals interchangeably have set the day and year first above written.
Jos. ALSTON, gent SEALED and delivered in the presence of us being first legally stamped. Marshe DICKINSON Edward ACTON
This is a true copy of the original examined by us this 28th August 1788 Wm. Blackstone, Sam. G. Fleet - Clerk to Mr. Totton of Lincolns Inn.
Bury RO 391/9
From Susan Perrett 2004

Deed C. 6737.
Schedule of deeds, acknowledged by John Jaggard, gentleman, to be in his custody in his answer to the bill of Sir Joseph Alston, baronet, to be produced in Court under an order dated 5 June, 1 James II.:
(1) Grant, dated 20 January, 1640, by John Holland to Edward Alston, the younger, Penning Alston, of London, grocer, and Joseph Alston, of London, merchant, for 1,100l., of the Newhouse in Edwardston.
(2) Grant, dated 10 February, 1641, by Richard Hale and Anne, his wife, Richard and Edward, their sons, Ambrose Hale, and John Brand, esquire, to Joseph, Edward, and Penning Hale, for 60l., of a messuage called 'Shobly' alias 'Link,' in Edwardston.
(3) Grant, dated 14 April, 18 Charles I, by Edward, Joseph, and Penning Alston to John Brand, gentleman, lord of the manor of Edwardston Hall, of an annuity of 10s. 8d. issuing out of lands in Edwarston.
(4) Grant, dated 22 October, 1644, by Edward Alston, of Sudbury, to Joseph, Edward, and Penning Alston of a messuage called 'Quicke' in Edwardston and Great Waldingfield, or one of them.
(5) Conveyance, dated 27 November, 1648, by Joseph, Edward, and Penning Alston, to Joseph Mann, gentleman, of the farm called 'the Newhouse,' for 1,700l. English. Paper.

His ledger stone in Edwardstone Church was removed from the Nave to the Lady Chapel c1878 now obscured by the organ 2010, it reads:
Josephus Alston Armr.
filius unicus Isaaci
Josephi Alston de Chelsea in Com. Middlesex, Baronetti,
filii natu tertii
vir nullo non nomine laudandus
Ingenio, literis, moribus ornatissimus,
Pietate in Deum, amore in patriam, fide in amicos
liberalitate in egenos, comitate in omnes insignis
omnia vite officia egregie implevit
Conjux, Pater, Dominus Civis optimus.
Arthritis quoe per complures annos
gravissime illum afflixerat
Cujusque Saevissimos cruciatus mira animi constantia
vultuque non modo tranquillo sed etiam hilari pertuleraat
vitoe minium quantum aerumnosae finem imposuit
Anno AEtatis Sexagesimo Domini MDCCXXXVI
Die- Octobris undecimo.
Filiae illi tres superstites fuere
Margareta Anna Charlotta
quarum tertia viro nondum nupta est
secundam in matrimonia habet Steph Soame de Thurlow Parva Arm,
primam Revs. in Christo Pater Franc. Hare Episcopus Cicestrensis
hoec optimo Parenti heres et testamenti curatrix facta.
H. M. P.
Ref: Alstoniana Pg. 250.

Joseph Alston Armigerous.
only son Isaac
Joseph Alston from Chelsea in Com. Middlesex Baronet,
the eldest son of the third
The man is not worthy of the name
Natural ability letters, character richly endowed,
His love for God, love of country, faith in his friends,
his generosity to his needy, the company all conspicuous
admirably fulfilled all the duties of life
A married person, the Father, the Lord is a citizen of one of the best.
Arthritis which lasted for several years
seriously harm him
Each cruelly tortured wonderful steadfastness
not only calm but also a cheerful countenance endured
put an end to life too much trouble
Aged 60
Year 1736
Day - October eleventh.
The three surviving daughters were
Margaret Anna Charlotta
The third man was not yet married
In second marriages has Stephen Soame of Thurlow Armigerous.
First Rev Father in Christ Francis Hare Bishop of Chichester
Parent heir and the best testament and curator made.
H. M. P.

HATCHMENTS. Edwardstone Church.
1. Alston.
Az. 10 Etoiles 4, 3, 2 and I
on an escutchn. of pretence
Arg. 3 bulls heads erased, sa.
breathing flames, proper
Helmet Mantle.
An Btoile, or, in a crescent, arg.

2. Quarterly
Alston I and 4
Seile 2 and 3 Arg. on ye sinr. side a tree
proper issuing therefrom an antelope courant, sa.
Trumbull: and on an escutchn. of pretence
Trumbull: Helmet Mantle and Crest.

bullet  Research Notes:

Owners of New House after Joseph Alston, were M Hare, (Joseph's heirs sold to a Mr Sheldon of London - pg 366 Alstoniana), and the Waring family (1794). ref Suffolk PRO 391/17.

A History of Newhouse aka The Grove. The Grove, Edwardstone In the eighteenth century this house was usually called Newhouse. A previous farmhouse on the same site, or nearby, was called Quickes; it may have stood on the moated site destroyed in the 1970s. The earliest reference to Quickes farm is in a marriage settlement, dated 9 December 1699, between Joseph Alston of Edwardstone and Laurentia Trumbull of Hadleigh. A deed of 1 July 1730 mentions Joseph Alston esquire of Newhouse. This is the earliest mention of the house. Joseph Alston esquire of Newhouse, Edwardstone, made his will on 5 June 1734 (proved in 1736) leaving New House with its grounds and a farm called Quickes to his mother, Mrs Mary Alston, for life. After her decease, the property was to be divided between his daughters Ann and Charlotte. Ann was married to Stephen Soame of Little Thurlow. The Soames were rich, the source of their wealth being West Indian sugar plantations. There is a slight indication that Joseph Alston may also have been involved in the sugar trade; in his will he mentions a 'place' he owned at Gravesend. A number of houses in Suffolk were either built or extended by men who had grown wealthy through the ownership of sugar plantations. Newhouse had clearly been built by 1730, the year of the deed mentioned above. A 20 year lease of Quickes farm made in 1747 mentions a cottage "standing by Newhouse". By 1762 it belonged to Robert Hare esquire, a grandson of Joseph Alston. Hare did not keep the property for long, for in 1768 Walter Waring esquire of Roxford was mortgaging Newhouse with its outbuildings and land. In the eighteenth century short-term mortgages were a very common way of raising money. Walter Waring was dead by early 1780 when his widow, Hannah, was granted the administration of his estate. After 1780 Newhouse was frequently let as well as being mortgaged. In 1794, for example, the owner, another Walter Waring, mortgaged the "mansion commonly known as New House", which was described as a mansion house, capital messuage or farm. The second Walter Waring, made his will in 1797; it was proved in 1800. He described himself as "of Edwardstone Goove", the earliest mention of The Grove as a name for the house. His heir was his nephew Thomas, son of the late Thomas Waring of Chatham. The 1812 marriage settlement of Thomas Waring and Maria Hanmer describes the groom as
of Edwardstone Grove'. Thomas died in 1823 and his widow then married a man name Fowke. Maria Fowke had a life interest in the house, but as the result of a suit in Chancery in 1828 it was agreed that Thomas's brother, Richard Waring should inherit the house after Maria Fowke's death. When Richard Waring mortgaged the "mansion house formerly known as New House and now called the Grove" in June 1828, he was living at Edwardstone House. In 1837 the house and its land were again mortgaged. It is probable that in 1834 Richard Waring made an attempt to sell The Grove. Amongst the documents deposited in the Suffolk Record Office in 1951 were a set of sale particulars dated 1834. Unfortunately, these were returned to the depositor in the early 1950s, so I have not been able to see them. If I am correct in guessing that these sale particulars relate to The Grove, it may not have sold, with the result that Richard Waring then decided to demolish the house. Alternatively, the purchaser may have pulled it down. In 1836 Richard Waring esquire leased for fourteen years to Mr Henry Baldwin land and cottages, including a piece of ground where "a mansion house lately stood". This lease was renewed for a further eight years when it expired in 1850. Again the ground "where a mansion has lately stood." is mentioned together with Mount cottage lying at the back part of where the house had stood. This may be the cottage referred to by Philip Atkins in the, second paragraph of the section of his report- headed 'The Standing Buildings' . Richard Waring made his will in 1855, and in 1861 his three children , Thomas of Cavendish and Henry and Anna of Swansea, sold the messuage and farm known as The Grove with 57.5 acres of land to Ann Lovell shepherd of Edwardstone, Hall.There must have been some doubt or dispute about the title to part of the property, for in July 1862 the Warings solicitor and John Day of Edwardstone gave evidence about , its ownership. John Day was 78 years old and had lived for thirty years in the cottage with garden numbered 161 on the enclosed map. He said that in 1829 Richard Waring , brother of Thomas, came into possession of the Grove estate except for the "Mansion House then standing thereon but since pulled down", Thomas's widow, Maria Fowke, kept the house with its buildings and gardens, but in 1836 all this came into the ownership of Richard, who died in January 1861. It is also a possibility that it was Maria Fowke who tried to sell The Grove and then demolished the house. A photocopy of the map which accompanies John Day's evidence is enclosed. 98 is the site of the Grove, and the building marked H is a dwelling; all the others are barns etc. This map is an exact copy of part of the tithe map of 1838, which shows Richard Waring esquire as the owner of the farm and Henry Baldwin as the occupier . The total acreage was just under 58 acres. The Newhouse alias The Grove was certainly in existence when Joseph Alston was a party to a deed in 1730 and had been demolished by November 1836 when the first lease was made to Henry Baldwin. It is impossible to be more precise than to say that the house had a life of not much more than a century. Sources . Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds. 391/39 Bundle of title deeds. 391/41 Bundle of title deeds. The above documents are a small part of a collection of deeds for a number of properties in Edwardstone and elsewhere, which was deposited in the Record Office in 1951 by Sir Henry Corry of Edwardstone Hall. In 1952 he withdrew some items, including the sale particulars of 1834. This is unfortunate if they are for the Grove estate, for they might include a plan and description of the house. May I suggest that you approach the present owner of Edwardstone Hall to ask if he has the documents withdrawn from the Record Office. The only other possibility is that there is a copy of the sale particulars in the Map Room of Cambridge University Library, which houses a number of such documents. On my next visit to the Library I will see if this is the case.
Ref: Courtesy author Mrs Nestaa Evans, 21 Jan 1998, and owners of The Grove and its beautiful accommodation cottages.


bullet  Other Records

1. Will: of Joseph Alston, 5 Jun 1734, of New House Edwardstone.
Precis of the Will of Joseph Alston of Newhouse Edwardstone
Dated 5 June 1734.
I desire to be buried in the Chancel of Edwardstone co. Suffolk between the Corps of my wife and daughter Mary of Newhouse, I desire my just debts funeral charges and legacies to be paid and charge all my Estates therewith.
I give to my mother Mrs Mary Alston for her life my mansion called Newhouse with the grounds and appurtenances thereof; the farm called Quicks and the land now occupied by John Hind; also the use of the furniture and Linen in Newhouse.
I give to my daughter Charlotte Alston L1000 in lieu of her share of the marriage settlement, for the portions of my daughters.
I declare that the sum of L1400 paid by me to Stephen Soam Esq. as the marriage portion of Ann my daughter was to be in lieu of any claim she might make on the marriage settlement of L3000.
I give further to my daughters Ann Soam and Charlotte Alston the sum of L1000 each provided that, they within six months after my death do release assure and assign unto my daughter Margaret Hare and her assigns, and also unto Charles Longueville of Norfolk St. co. Middlesex, Esq. and Marshe Dickinson of London Gent my Trustees all their rights and Interests in and to the Estates of Doctor Charles Trumball their grandfather, deceased, and also in and to my real estates
I give to my said daughter Charlotte Alston one third of her grandfather's (Doctor Trumball) plate
I give to Charles Longueville and Marshe Dickinson all my freehold Estate herein before mentioned (subject to the life interest of my mother) in trust-they to sell or mortgage such part of my estate to meet the claims of debts, legacies and funeral expenses as my personal estate shall fall short of the residue of my real estate I give to my daughter Margaret Hare with remainder to Charles Longueville and Marshe Dickinson in trust for my Grandson Robert Hare and his heirs male - in default of heirs male to the daughters of my said daughter Margaret.
I give to my grandson Robert Hare all my Books.
(Various legacies to servants)
I devise all my Copyhold Estates to my daughter Margaret Hare and her heirs and I appoint her sole executrix of this my will.
Witnesses: John Cholwell, John Kellett, D. Blaney
Proved 22 October 1736 by Margaret Hare (wife of the Rt Revd Francis Bishop of Chichester) the daughter and executrix named in will.
Derby 211.


Joseph married Laurentia TRUMBULL [3522] [MRIN: 1202], daughter of Rev Charles TRUMBULL L.L.D. [3523] and Anna RICH [25630], on 1 Jul 1699 in St Bride Fleet St LND. (Laurentia TRUMBULL [3522] was born about 1680, died on 28 Feb 1717/18 and was buried on 1 Mar 1717/18 in Edwardstone SFK.). The cause of her death was smallpox.

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