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Robert LIVEING [427]
Sarah HEARN [428]
(Abt 1723-1772)
Thomas HARROLD [131]
Deborah BETTS [21849]
Commander Thomas LIVEING R N [230]
Harriet HARROLD [231]

Rev Henry Thomas LIVEING [2038]


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Rev Henry Thomas LIVEING [2038]

  • Born: 14 Jun 1805, Harwich ESS
  • Baptised: 13 May 1808, St Nicholas Harwich ESS
  • Died: 27 Mar 1884, Tansor Northampton aged 78

bullet  General Notes:

Extract from the Harwich register of baptisms in the year 1808.
Henry Thomas son of Thomas and Harriet Liveing was born June the 20th 1805 and christened May the 13th 1808 registered May the 13th 1808 by me Wm Whinfield Curate.
The above is a true and correct copy from the said register book in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 14th day of September 1821 Wm Whingfield Vicar of Harwich
Red Book

Liveing Henry Thomas. Adm Pens. (Age 18) at Pembroke, January 3, 1824. 4th s of Thomas, gent., Of Harwich Essex. b there. Matric Michs 1824; Scholar, 1824; prizeman; BA 1829; MA 1833. Ord Deacon (London) December 18, 1831; priest, December 23, 1832; C of Wix Essex, 1832-5; C of Polstead, Suffolk, 1835-42; C and PC of Uxbridge Moor, Middlesex, 1842-4. V of Bedfont, 1844-59. PC Of Christ Church, Woburn Square, Bloomsbury, 1844-59. R of Tansor, Northants., 1859-84. Died unmarried March 27, 1884. (Northants Clergy; Crockford; The Guardian, April 2, 1884.)
Ref: Venn: Alumini Cantabrigienses II iv

Reference to Henry in his mothers letter 1823 to his brother Edward, and in his neice Francis Liveing's letter to her mother 10 Sept 1842. He was living in Camberwell London, probably with his brother Charles, a further address was Bedfont MDX, 1869 his address is Tansor Northhants.

Liveing Henry Thomas BA
Licenced 18/12/1831 Stipendiary Curate Weekes Essex
Source Guildhall Library
Jurisdiction Blomfield, Charles James/London 1828-1856 stipend L70 plus surplice fees (L10 pa.); to reside in his own house

His mother refers to his Ordination in Dec 1831 in her letter to her daughter-in-law Catherine Liveing dated 18 Dec 1831.

Married Thomas & Maria Fenn when he was Curate of Polstead, living at The Cottage, Stoke by Nayland. Sponsor to the family of T H Fenn of Nayland

On Tuesday last, being Commencement day, the following Masters of Arts were created:
. . . . . Pembroke College - Henry T Liveing.
Ref: Ipswich Journal July 6, 1833

On the 3rd inst was married at Wix, by the Rev H. Liveing, Mr Thomas Conder. . . . . to Esther Everett. . . . .
Ref: Ipswich Journal October 5, 1833. (Henry has started work)

Henry had business interests, see Research Notes for his brother Edward [98].

Tithe Apportionment:
Owner: Rev Henry Liveing. Occupier: Abraham Garrod. Parish of Boxted ESS. 22 November 1838. Plots . 613 - 622 comprising 23 Acres 2 Roods 15 Perches Tithe: Vicar L2 3s 3d, Impropriator. L5 3s 0d IR 29/12/45.
Ref: The Genealogist.

London Metropolitan Archives:
Catalogue Ref. ACC/746
Correspondence reports and Deeds
FILE - Rev. H.T. Liveing Vicar of East Bedfont, requesting the consent of the Governors to an exchange of land. - ref. ACC/746/21 - date: 27th April, 1853
FILE - Letter. Rev. H.T. Liveing acknowledging reply to his request for an exchange of land. - ref. ACC/746/22 - date: 5th May, 1853
FILE - Letter. Rev. H.T. Liveing, Vicar of East Bedfont acknowledging notice of view. - ref. ACC/746/23 - date: 28th June, 1853
To find out more about the archives described below, contact London Metropolitan Archives <>
Ref A2A

Henry is listed in the 1851 Post Office Directory as a resident of Bedfont Green MDX

Liveing Rev H T M.A. East Bedfont, Hounslow. ( Vicar St Mary's Church) Post Office Directory 1855

Preferments and Appointments.
Rev Henry Thomas Liveing, M. A. to the Rectory of Tansor.
Ref: extracted from The Derby Mercury 16 March 1859

Cambridge Independent Press Saturday, 12 March 1859.
Pembroke College.
On the 3rd day March 1859, the Lord Bishop of Peterborough instituted the Rev Henry Thomas Liveing MA (BA 1929) formerly of this College, to the Rectory of Tansor, Northamptonshire, vacant by the death of the Rev C A Wheelwright, on the presentation of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln.
Ref: British Newspaper Archive.

England Return of Owners of Land 1873. Northamptonshire.
Rev Henry Liveing Tansor. 236a 1r 0p gross estimated rental value. L463

Kellys Northamptonshire Directory 1890.
Tansor - "The Rectory House standing close to the church is a building of stone in the mediaeval style, built in 1862 by the Rev Henry Thomas Liveing M.A. then Rector." The living is derived from 231 acres of land L300 in the gift of the Dean & Chapter of Lincoln.

Henry Thomas Liveing - Tansor Rectory Oundle Northants, Pembroke Col. Camb., Prizeman 1826,27,28. BA 1829. MA 1832. Deacon 1831 & Priest 1832 by the Bishop of London. Rural Dean formerly Curate of Wix ESS 1831, Polstead SFK 1835, Hadleigh SFK 1838, P.C. of Uxbridge - Moor 1843; Vicar of Bedfont MDX 10 May 1844-59.
Perpetual Curate of Christchurch Woburn Sq Bloomsbury 10 May 1844-59 Rector of Tansor. Dio Pet. 3 Mar 1859-84 (Patrons D&C of Lin; Glebe 235 acres; R's Inc. variable; Pop 248).
Gt Uncle of Henry George Downing Liveing. Died unmarried 27 Mar 1884.
Ref: Crockfords 1868 & Longdens Northants & Rutland Clergy - NZSOG

1884 Death ref June quarter aged 78 Oundle 3b 117 BDM

Liveing - March 27 at Tansor Rectory Oundle Northamptonshire. The Rev Henry Thomas Liveing MA aged 78.
Ref: London Standard Wednesday 2 April 1884, also Northampton Mercury Saturday, 5 April 1884.

The Will of Henry Thomas Liveing of Tansor Northampton Clerk who died 27 Mar 1884 at Tansor was proved 25 Jul 1884 to Edward Liveing of 52 Queen Anne St MDX nephew and William Coppard Beaumont of 23 Lincolns Inn Fields MDX gent the Executors at L9215 3s 2d

Picture taken at Tansor July 1875 by Edward H T Liveing. Ref: C Buxton.

bullet  Medical Notes:

Thomas had the cow pox when two years old.


bullet  Other Records

1. Henry Thomas Liveing: Certified copy of his birth date details, 14 Aug 1821.
Liveing Archive.

Extract from the Harwich Register of Baptisms in the year 1808.
Henry Thomas son of Thomas and Harriet Liveing was born June 20 1805 and christened May 13 1808. Registered May the 13th 1808 by me.
Mr Whinfield Clerk.
The above is a true and correct copy from the said Register book in witness whereof I hear to set my hand this 14th day of August 1821
Mr Whinfield.
Vicar of Harwich.

2. Census: England, 30 Mar 1851, Bedfont Berkshire. Henry is described as head of house unmarried aged 45 vicar of Bedfont MDX born Harwich also in the house were two servants.

3. Rev Henry Thomas Liveing: to his brother Edward, 16 Nov 1864, Tansor Northampton.
Liveing Archive: Image Letter 18a & b

Tansor Nov 16th 1864
My dear Ned I have had a restless night - and this changeable weather does not suit my complaints - I have thought much about poor Uncle William - and cannot help feeling grieved that his will should disturb him - when I last saw him, he gave it me to read - it was his own making, according to his own uninfluenced judgement - and altho' of course I cannot in honor (sic) a llude to its contents or give you the slightest hint of anything contained therein - I may say - that I was much pleased with it, and thought he had done what was right - of course I do not desire in any way to interfere with his affairs - but I cannot conceive why he should be troubled about it - it seems to me he has done so rightly - I wish he would not trouble himself about John - for from Mr Thorogood's estate &
Page 2.
His own - His daughter must be so handsomely provided for - and be quite independent of all trouble as to her worldly affairs - even if she should outlive her husband & get nothing from him - which surely cannot be probable - I cannot think he would leave her no life interest in any portion of his estate - if I were in his place - I would let well alone - and not allow John to trouble me - for it is not a matter of life and death - and Betty has had so little control of her money - that if ever she lived to be as she liked with her own estates - she would feel herself perfectly rich - let me have a line from you - for I feel much troubled - with my best love to you all - to Mother Charlotte & Uncle William also - believe me to be ever my dear Ned
Your most affectionate uncle

We shall look out for Frances as soon as we hear from Tassie about the train

4. Rev Henry Thomas Liveing: to his brother Edward, 6 Aug 1867, Tansor Northampton.
Liveing Archive: Image Letter 17 a b

Tansor Rectory - August 6th 1867
My dear Ned - I am afraid that my commission has given you great trouble - for which I am truly obliged to you - I will take the Tabasco plank which you mention as 16 feet long 17 inches wide and 2 inches thick - and two of the eleven feet planks of Spanish by 16 inches wide at 14d per foot - I think this lot will suit me better than those I had selected even if they had been sound - as the measures will come in very well - Mary is pretty well - and I have suffered much less pain for these three days so as to have obtained good night's rest - I hope therefore the Quinine has taken good effect - and that I shall get rid of the pain - tomorrow is our school feat (sic) if the day is fine - it rains now - has done all night - I am almost afraid of tomorrow - but we shall be glad to get it over before Mary leaves - with my best love & thanks
Page 2.
to you - and love to all around you
believe me ever dear Ned
Your affectionate Uncle
H T Liveing
We shall look out for Frances as soon as we hear from Tassie about the train

5. Rev Henry Thomas Liveing: to his brother Edward, 15 Nov 1869, Tansor Northampton.

Liveing Archive: Image Letter 5a & 5b

Tansor Rectory
Nov 15th 1869
My Dear Ned
I have been much troubled since the receipt of your letter about my poor brother - indeed from a letter he wrote to me after I had paid him the dividends due to him - he said that John was quite disposed to dispose of his income for him, although he i.e. John [7037] had been married 20 years himself and had made no will nor any provision whatever for his wife in the event of his decease - I suppose then from this observation coupled with allusions of yours ( in a late letter you sent me) wherein you observed how exceedingly irritable he had been, and had caused his daughter to weep and feel very sad by what he had said to her - that he had worked himself up into a fever and sent some reproachful message to John about his negligence in making no will, a provision for Betty [2065] - and that John taking advantage of the opening thus made for him - has sent certain propositions to my brother, very distasteful to him - stipulating probably that he would not make a proper provision for Betty unless he would give him the power of doing what he pleased with his estate in the event of my brother dying before him - i.e. unless my
my ( sic ) brother would give up settling his estate upon his daughter - I fancy of course I cannot positively know - that matters have taken some such turn as this - but dear Ned - I do not wish to be mixed up in a business of this sort again - I have suffered already - all manner of annoyance and know-through my late sisters affairs -who whenever she was in trouble used to send for me to advise and help her - and then told her son all I had said, and made it appear as if I had been the cause of all the bickering disputes which have so unhappily, and unjustly arisen - and what an unpleasant man her son is to deal with - he seems quite to ignore his co-executors -and yet we are appointed solely for the protection of his nephews and nieces - which we should not have been, had not my late sister had serious misgivings about their welfare - she was always writing to me, and entreating me to give her counsel which I did to the best of my ability and she made a will just in the Light of God - such as her husband desired ( with the exception) which was this & which was the sole cause why he did not make his own division of his estate-that he could not make up his mind to give John half the estate, at his mother's decease to do what he pleased with-but thought that he ought
only to give John & Betty a life interest in one moiety-and to entail it after they were dead upon Tom's [6542] children -that neither he nor Betty might have the power to divert it elsewhere - how I persuaded my sister not to carry out Mr Ambrose's plan in the above manner - because I felt it would be unjust to John to deprive him of his power over his own moiety to dispose of it as he liked, my words to her were - make clear such a will as will be acceptable to God and you can think upon with satisfaction when you come to die - have all the estate valued at your decease and give half to John and half to Tom's children and a life interest to Toms wife so long as she remains unmarried - or you required all she was entitled to to be settled on your son Tom in his life - with the settlement on Mrs Emma Ambrose for her life I could not get her to comply in altho Mrs Emma Ambrose [7036] was no favourite of mine - I thought - she was entitled to be done by as they had made her do by her husband. I then said as the children will be unable to take any immediate benefit from your estate it cannot matter to them if after your estate is valued - that John should have the choice - as he ought to have - of such portions as are agreeable to him to the
full value of the moiety - and also - that if he has money of his own to lay out ( as I knew he had) that if he desired any portion or all of the other moiety the executors should be empowered to let him have it at the full and fair value being paid & invested for the children such was the first will made - and for several years John knew nothing about it - but one day they had a quarrel and she let it all out and I was ever after heated ( sic) (hated?) and detested by John, as one who had put myself forward to interfere with his mother's affairs - whereas I never once presumed to do any thing of the kind - nor should I have thought of asking a single question as to how she meant to settle her affairs had she not applied to me & begged of me very earnestly to give her my advice - dear Ned I wish to bury all these feuds, and to keep them out of my mind as much as I can - I wish I had nothing to do with my sister's Mrs Ambrose's affairs at all - I never hear what is done do you know how the children's estates are disposed of ? - I am very desirous to avoid a second business with John and Betty for I feel sure if I have anything to do with advising it will come out - and whatever Betty's real feelings towards me maybe - she will be obliged to join with her husband against me & will say it is all my interfering again & that I have done fresh mischief
I desire then to avoid being called upon to interfere for I foresee nothing but trouble in everything that I may have to do with your cousin John and if any mistake is allowed I shall have to bear the onus.
Ever your most affe Uncle Henry

6. Dr Edward Liveing: Notes on family taken, 1 Jan 1883, Tansor Northampton.
Liveing Archive: Image Letter

Tansor Rectory January 1, 1883 Memoranda EL (Edward Liveing)
Mr Betts of Dedham ("Great Uncle Betts" my father's grandmother Harrold's brother) had Brinsley Sheridan's carriage there; uncle Henry (H T Liveing) has often ridden in it. He, as we know, was a decorator in London and his wife's family were in the coach building line in London and it was in the way of business it came to him.

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