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William JULIUS [685]
Jane Smith EDWARDS [686]
Rev Jonathan GILDER [1260]
Mary BRAZIER [1261]
(Abt 1743-1823)
Dr George Charles JULIUS [51]
Isabella Maria GILDER [52]

Rev Henry Richard JULIUS M.A. [776]


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Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH [1031]

Rev Henry Richard JULIUS M.A. [776]

  • Born: 30 Jun 1816, Richmond SRY
  • Christened: 14 Apr 1818, St Mary Magdalen Richmond SRY
  • Marriage: Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH [1031] on 2 Sep 1840 in Clifton, GLS
  • Died: 27 Mar 1891, Woodcroft Red Hill SRY aged 74
  • Buried: 2 Apr 1891, St John Church Yard Redhill SRY

bullet  General Notes:

Henry was baptised by his brother-in-law George Quilter.

Henry was educated at Charterhouse, Shewsbury 1832-35. St Johns College Cambridge. Curate Farnham 1839-46. Vicar of Wrecclesham, Surrey 1846-86. Henry retired in 1886 aged 70. Tilford was part of the parish of Farnham and did not have its own church in 1844.

Julius, Henry Richard. b.30 Jun 1816, 6th s. of Dr George Charles Julius of Richmond, Surrey. Day Boy, Jun 1824 - Sep 1826. At Shrewsbury, Feb 1832 - Sep 1835. St Johns, Camb.; B.A. 1839; M.A. 1842. D. 1839; P. 1840. C. of Farnham, Surrey 1839-46. V of Wrecclesham, Surrey 1846-86. m. 1840, Mary Ann, 1st. d. of J. H. Butterworth of Clapham.
d. Redhill 27 Mar 1891.
Ref: Charterhouse School Register.

Shrewsbury School Register - Entrance 1832.
Julius Henry Richard, left 1835; St Johns Coll. Cambridge, BA 1839; C of Farnham, 1839-46; V of Wrecclesham 1846; died 27 Mar. 1891.

Henry Richard Julius. College: ST JOHN'S Entered: Michs. 1835 Died: 27 Mar 1891 More Information: Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Feb. 13, 1835. S. of George C., Esq., of Richmond, Surrey. Schools [Charterhouse and] Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1839; M.A. 1842. Ord. deacon (Winchester) July 7, 1839; priest, July 12, 1840; C. of Farnham, 1839-46. V. of Wrecclesham, Surrey, 1846-86. Resided subsequently at Wrecclesham Grange, Farnham. Married, Sept. 2, 1840, Mary Ann, dau. of J. H. Butterworth, of Clapham Common. Died Mar. 27, 1891, aged 74, at Redhill. Brother of the above. (List of Carthusians; Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Crockford; The Guardian, Apr. 1, 1891.)
Alumni Cantabrigienses. Ancestry

Julius Henry Richard Wrecclesham, Parsonage, Farnham, Surrey. St John's College, Cambridge BA 1839, MA 1842; Deacon 1839, Priest 1840. P.C. of Wrecclesham, Dio. Win. 1846. (Patron Bishop of Winchester; P.C.'s Inc 350L and Ho; Pop 1271) Formerly C. of St Andrews, Farnham, 1839-46.
Ref Page 380 Crockfords 1868

THE CURATE OF FARNHAM, the Rev*A.B. Julius, obviously knew some Tilfordians as he shewed in a letter to Mr Ware on 21st June 1844. He made some very forceful points and wrote on the subject of a school for Tilford.
As a resident Curate of Farnham for nearly five years, I have become acquainted accidentally with some of the inhabitants of this hamlet in our parish and I deeply regret that neither piety nor morality is at all increasing in the district. On the contrary there are many youths from twelve to twenty years of age with little or no employment who are likely to infect with their evil principles, the younger children, themselves to become serious plagues to the neighbourhood unless they can be brought into contact with the civilisation and correcting influence of Christianity.
I have been making enquiries respecting the practicability of establishing such a school and there seems to be little doubt that from twelve to thirty boys might easily be brought together. This arrangement need not interfere with the school now conducted by Miss Eade as air equal number of girls ought to be under instruction to which she might attend.
The main difficulty seems to be in procuring the rental for a suitable house, and ground attached. Upon this point in particular I should apply now to you, and should feel very obliged of you could either alleviate the difficulty or suggest any other quarter in which to apply. I feel sure that I could guarantee a fair rent for two or three years through the aid of some of the inhabitants, after which time I hope the school may support itself.
I deeply deplore that circumstances should have arisen that led to the closing of the chapel but at the same time I feel that this very deprivation of spiritual privileges is an increased reason why efforts should be made to supply the sad deficiency."
The idea of the school was not acted upon with any haste.- - - The new church was consecrated on 10th July 1867 and the Rev. H.R.Julius read one of the lessons at the first evening service.
* The initials A.B. are undoubtedly an error, for the writer of the letter could only have been Rev H.J.Julius.
Ref: Tilford Through the Ages

JULIUS. Henry Richard.
Alum Cantab. Adm pens St.Johns 13 Feb 1835.
Son of George C. Esq. Richmond Surrey.
Schools [Charterhouse] & Shrewsbury.
Matric Michs 1835 B.A. 1839. M.A. 1842.
Ord. Deac [Winchester] 6 July 1839 pr 12 July 1840.
Curate of Farnham 1839-46.
Vicar of Wrecclesham, Surrey 1846-86. Resided subsequently at Wrecclesham, Grange, Farnham.
M. 2 Sept. 1840 Mary Ann d of J.H.Butterworth of Clapham Common. D. 27 Mar 1891 Aged 74 at Redhill. Bro. of A.A.Julius.
FROM : List of Carthusians, Shrewsbury Sch Reg, Crockford, The Guardian 1 Apr 1891.

The Times, Friday, Sep 20, 1844; pg. 0; Issue 18720; col A
Marriages - Henry Julius MA officiating at St Marylebone church
The Times, Friday, Apr 28, 1848; pg. 0; Issue 19849; col A
Marriages - Rev H R Julius at Wreclesham Surrey, officiated

1855 July 16; Henry was issued a British Passport No. 24787
Ref: Findmypast 2011.

Soon after the year 1860, Henry Julius began to feel the growing hamlet of Rowledge at the junction of three parishes, Binsted, Frensham and Wrecclesham needed more supervision. He consulted the Bishop and the clergy of the parishes affected and it was decided to issue a subscription list in order to build the church. The government gave a quantity of 2 acres of forest land for the church and vicarage of which three quarters of an acre was used for the church and 1 acre and a quarter for the vicarage and garden. 300 per annum was set aside to endow the parish of Rowledge. The church was dedicated to St James and consecrated 28 January 1871.

The Bishop had offered Henry the first appointment to Rowledge who thereupon offered it to his son-in-law Arthur Parker.

On St James Day, July 25 of 1894, the east window was dedicated. The window is a triplet in the style of early English architecture designed and executed by Clayton and Bell. It was given by the Rev A W and Mrs Parker in memory of the latter's parents, the Rev H R Julius founder of the church, and his wife. The subject of the window generally is "The Resurrection"
Ref: A Rowledge History by Florence Parker and others researched and published by Roy Waight

England Return of Owners of Land 1873. Surrey.
Rev Henry R Julius Wreclesham. 2a 2r 34p gross estimated rental value. L86/10s/0d

Julius. On Good Friday at Woodcroft, Redhill, the Rev Henry Richard Julius, for 40 years vicar of Wrecclesham, aged 74.
Ref: Sussex Agricultural Express 3 April 1891.

Will of Rev. Henry Richard Julius.
Dated the 24th day of April 1891.
This is the Last Will of me Henry Richard Julius of the Grange, Wrecclesham in the County of Surrey, clerk in Holy Orders I hereby revoke all former Wills and Testamentary dispositions made by me. I appoint my nephews Alexander Kaye Butterworth and George Montagu Butterworth (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustees of this my Will.
I give all my plate linen china glass books pictures prints wines furniture and other household effects and my carriage and pony to my dear wife Mary Ann absolutely in case she shall survive me but in case my said wife shall die in my lifetime then I give the testimonial presented to me by my late parishioners and the silver tea pot coffee pot cream jug sugar basin and salver given to my father together with the piano pony and carriage to my dear daughters Edith Catherine and Constance Marion jointly and my plate and ornaments other than the articles aforesaid together with the jewellery and trinkets worn or used by my wife I give to my trustees (to whom I have signified in writing my wishes as to the distribution thereof) to be by them divided between my children and grandchildren or some of them according to the uncontrolled judgement and discretion of my Trustees. And all my other household effects I give to my said daughters Edith Catherin and Constance Marion jointly I give my leasehold dwelling house, the Grange, situate at Wreccelsham aforesaid to my dear wife absolutely if she shall survive me but in case she shall die in my lifetime then I declare that the said dwelling house shall fall into and form part of my residuary Estate. To my dear daughter Mary Isabel as I consider that she will find the money she will receive under parents marriage settlement amply sufficient for her wants as a Clewer Sister and to my dear daughter Harriett Emily, the wife of the Reverend Arthur Parker who has already received two cottages at Boundstone and to my dear son Henry John to whom I have advanced in my lifetime a sum of money which I had intended to leave him at my death I make no bequest. I give and devise the cottage situate opposite the Vicarage at Wrecclesham with the garden and appurtenances to my wife during her life and after her death to the use of such of my children or grandchildren as she shall by any deed or deed by her will or any codicil thereto appoint and in default of such appointment and so far as any such appointment shall not extend to the use of my dear daughter Florence the wife of James Stevens. I give to my dear wife the sum of three hundred pounds to be paid within one calendar month after my death. I devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my Trustees upon trust that my Trustees shall sell call in and convert into money and shall with and out of that money produced by such sale calling in and conversion and with and out of my ready money pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debt and the legacies bequeathed by this my Will or any Codicil hereto and with the consent in writing of my said wife during her life and after her decease at the direction of my Trustees invest the residue of the said moneys with power for my Trustees from time to time with such consent or at such discretion as aforesaid to vary such investments and shall stand possessed of the said residuary trust moneys and the investments for the time being representing the same( hereinafter called the residuary trust funds) upon the trusts following (that is to say) in trust to pay the income thereof to my said wife, Mary Ann for her life and after her decease in trust for my children or of any of their issue as my said wife shall by any deed or deeds or by her will or any codicil thereto appoint and in default of such appointment and so far as any such appointment shall not extend upon trust to sell and convert into money the said residuary trust funds and out of the money produced by such sale and conversion to pay the following legacies that is to say to my dear daughter Ellen Georgina, the wife of Reverend Ambrose Morris the sum of eight hundred pounds . To my dear daughter Mary Louis the wife of Arthur Brewin the sum of two hundred pounds and to my dear daughter Octavia the sum of three hundred pounds and to pay the residuary trust funds and moneys to my said daughters Edith Katherine and Constance Marion in equal parts and if any of my five last named children shall die in my lifetime leaving children then such children shall take in equal shares the share or legacy of their respective parents Provided always that no child or grandchild of mine who shall take any part of the residuary trust funds from any such appointment aforesaid shall be entitled to any part of the residuary trust funds under any appointment as aforesaid shall be entitled to any share of the unappointed part of such residuary trust funds or to any such legacy as aforesaid without bringing the share or share appointed to him or her into hotchpotch and accounting for the same accordingly. And I declare that my Trustees may postpone the sale and conversion of my real and personal estate or any part thereof for so long as long as they shall think fit and that the rent profits and income to accrue from and after my decease of an from such part of my estate as shall for the time being remain unsold and unconverted shall after payment thereout of all incidental expenses and outgoings be paid applied to the person or persons and in the manner to whom and in which the income of the moneys produced by such sale and conversion would for the time being be in payable or applicable under this my will if such sale and conversion had been actually made. And I declare that all moneys liable to be invested under this my will may be invested in or upon any stocks funds or securities of or guaranteed by the government of the United Kingdom or any British Colony or Dependency or any Foreign state, or the debentures securities stocks or shares of any railway or any other company in the United Kingdom or India or upon any real or leasehold securities and in lending money on any mortgage security my trustees may accept whatsoever title or evidence of title shall appear to them sufficient without being answerable for any loss arising therefrom And my Trustees may release any part of the property comprised in any mortgage on security if satisfied that the remaining property is a sufficient security of the money owed to thereon. And I also declare that the power of appointing any new trustees conferred by statute shall for the purpose of this will be vested in my said wife during her lifetime And I also declare that my trustees and any future trustee of this my will who may be a solicitor shall be entitled to charge my estate for all business done by them in relation to my estate or the trusts of this my will in the same manner as they would have been entitled to charge my executors or trustees but had been employed by my executors or trustees to do such business as their solicitor.
In witness thereof I the said Henry Richard Julius have hereunto set my hand this 27th day of August one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.
Henry R Julius as and for his last will in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses - George Robert Waterson, School Master, Wrecclesham Schools - George Hoare Gardener, Wrecclesham.

On the 24th April 1891 probate of this will was granted to Alexander Kaye Butterworth and George Montagu Butterworth the Executors.
Be it known that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament of The Reverend Henry Richard Julius formerly of the Grange, Wrecclesham but late of Woodcroft, The Common, Redhill within the County of Surrey, Clerk deceased who died at Woodcroft aforesaid was proved and registered in the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's High Court Of Justice, and that administration of the personal estate of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to:
Alexander Kaye Butterworth of the North Eastern Railway Station in the City of York, Solicitor to the North Eastern Railway Company and George Montagu Butterworth of No 5 Brunswick Terrace, Swindon in the County of Wilts. Solicitor the Nephews the Executors named in he said Will they having been first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.
Gross Value of Personal Estate L3,851 7s. 0d.
Ref: Will Supplied & Transcribed by J Birch 2014

Julius the Rev Henry Richard 24th April 1891.
The Will of the Rev. Henry Richard Julius formerly of the Grange Wrecclesham but late of Woodcroft the Common Redhill both in the County of Surrey. Clerk who died 27th March 1891 at Woodcroft was proven at the Principal Registry by Alexander Kaye Butterworth of the North-Eastern Railway Station in the City of York Solicitor to the North-Eastern Railway Company and George Montagu Butterworth of 5 Brunswick Terrace Swindon late of the County of Wilts. Solicitor. The nephews the Executors.
Personal Estate L3,851 7s 0d
Ref: National Probate Calendar.

bullet  Research Notes:

Image Courtesy St Peters Wrecclesham SRY Archive.


bullet  Other Records

1. Census: England, 30 Mar 1851, Rectory Wrecclesham Farnham. Henry is recorded as head of house married aged 34 Curate of Wrecclesham born Richmond. Also in the house were a governess, cook, 3 maids.

2. Census: England, 2 Apr 1871, Rectory Wrecclesham Farnham. Henry is recorded as head of house married aged 54 Vicar of Wrecclesham born Richmond SRY

3. Census: England, 3 Apr 1881, Rectory Wrecclesham Farnham. Henry is described as head of house married aged 64 Vicar born Richmond SRY. Also in the house were three servants


Henry married Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH [1031] [MRIN: 329], daughter of Joseph Henry BUTTERWORTH of Clapham Common [2216] and Mary Ann STOCK [2217], on 2 Sep 1840 in Clifton, GLS. (Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH [1031] was born in 1816 in MDX London and died on 27 Mar 1893 in Woodcroft Red Hill SRY.)

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