Descendants of John Julius of Nth Yarmouth & St Kitts

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BACK, Gilbert Alfred, Dr [10995]S born 17 Mar 1892, Reepham NFK bapt. 13 Apr 1892, Reepham NFK died Dec 1975, Reg Fulham LND
BACK, Herbert Hatfield [24082]P born Cir 1859, Norwich NFK
BALL, Ellen [10997]P born Abt 1840, Southport LAN
BALL, Nathaniel [12081]P
BALL, Verna E [4354]S born 4 Dec 1920, Tambellup WA
BALLES, Edward [16455]S born 23 Jan 1925, Pennsylvania USA died 15 Apr 1995, Poway San Diego CA
BALLES, Elizabeth [18297]C bur. Poway Ca USA
BARCLAY, Nesta Katherine [7740]S
BARCLAY, Viola Netta [15529]S born 17 Mar 1886
BARCLAY, W G, Rev [15530]P
BARKER, Marjorie Helen Ruth [40]S born 5 Jun 1907, Wellington NZ died 27 Jun 1970, Fairlie N.Z. bur. 1970, Timaru N.Z.
BARKER, Thomas Lugg Mankey [634]P born 1859, Newtown Geelong Aust died 11 May 1942, Otaki Hospital N Z bur. 13 May 1942, Karori Cemetery Wellington
BARNS, Fanny Gulliver [10486]P born 2 Jul 1853, Dudley WOR died 10 Oct 1915, Maryborough Queensland Aust.
BARNSTABLE, Catherine [11150]S
BARRETT, David Charles [5081]C born 1926
BARRETT, Lucy Josephine [5079]C born 1924
BARRETT, Margaret Isabel [5080]C born 19 Oct 1925, Akaroa NZ died 3 Sep 1994, Akaroa NZ bur. Duvauchelle Akaroa NZ
BARRETT, William Charles [875]S born 20 Aug 1900, Akaroa NZ died 28 Apr 1963, Akaroa NZ bur. 30 Apr 1963, Akaroa NZ
BARROW, Emma [24162]S born Cir 1793, West Indies died 23 Dec 1877, Lawn House The Square Hampstead MDX
BATEMAN, Arthur St John (Jack), Dr [567]C born 2 Mar 1873, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Caroline Edward [566]C born 29 Oct 1871, Richmond SRY died 1888
BATEMAN, Charles Julius [565]C born 30 Jun 1870, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Cyril St John [574]C born 1909
BATEMAN, Dorothy Mary [569]C born 22 Feb 1877, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Ellen Annie [561]C born 8 Mar 1865 died 8 Sep 1865
BATEMAN, Frederick William [560]C born 20 Mar 1864 bapt. 23 Apr 1864, Richmond SRY died 1912, Scotland
BATEMAN, Guy Vivian [570]C born 26 Sep 1882, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Ida Muriel [568]C born 1 Nov 1874, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Jessie [563]C born 23 Dec 1867, Richmond SRY died Bef 1945
BATEMAN, Laura Annie [564]C born 16 Feb 1869, Richmond SRY died 1946
BATEMAN, Lucie [562]C born 22 Jun 1866 died 1950
BATEMAN, Margaret Winifred [571]C born 11 Jul 1878, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, William Adolphus Frederick MCRS, Dr [559]S born 1835, Selsey SSX died 11 Mar 1907, Richmond SRY
BATEMAN, Winifred Alberta Ellen [575]C born 1911
BATTU, Herbert Alfred Edmond [1252]C born 1875 died 1876
BATTU, Leopold Percy Leonce [1251]C born 1870
BATTU, Leopold Pierre [1249]S
BATTU, Lucie Annie Jeanne [1250]C born 1868
BAVIN SMITH, Francis, Sq Ldr [24094]S born 11 Jul 1906
BEAVER, Frederick Bathurst [25102]S born 20 Mar 1889, Bathurst N.S.W. died 7 Sep 1948
BEAVER, Grace Elizabeth [25104]C
BEAVER, Helen [25106]C
BEAVER, Katherine [25107]C
BEAVER, Margaret Constance Silvia [25103]C born 18 Sep 1921, Burwood NSW
BELCHER, Frances Maude [22588]P
BELL, James David K [18294]C born 30 Jun 1940, Hawaii died 13 Nov 2006, Hawaii
BELL, James Kamakea [16441]S born 7 Oct 1909, Honolulu Oahu Hawaii died 5 Sep 1954, Kamuela, South Kohala, HI
BERRY, Elmer Leroy of Arizona [16471]S born Abt 1891, St Johns Arizona
BIDDLE, Benjamin Morgan [901]S born 23 Apr 1873 died 1943 bur. Lutwyche Cemetery Brisbane
BIDDLE, Dorothea Marion [Gilly] [5093]C born 23 Mar 1915 died Abt 1960, Brisbane Australia bur. Albany Creek Crematorium Brisbane
BIGGAR, Margaret [1092]S
BIRD, Mary Atherstone [14234]P born Dec 1844, Marylebone London MDX died 5 Jul 1940, Surrey England
BIRT, Reginald Bertie [5162]S born 3 Mar 1923 bapt. 1923, Woolooga Qld. died 7 Aug 1993, Kingaroy Qld bur. 10 Aug 1993, Wondai Qld.
BLACKMORE, Bonnetti Hazel [4985]S born 30 May 1917, Sydney NSW Australia died 7 Nov 2008, Tweed Heads Hospital NSW bur. Tweed Heads NSW
BLACKMORE, George Sydney Warren of Waverton [9604]P born 1888 died 26 Aug 1950 bur. Macquarie Park Cemetery Sydney
BLAIR, Amea Fenerly [1086]S born 18 Aug 1874, Frederickton New Brunswick CAN died 10 Jul 1944, Cobourg Ontario CAN
BLAIR, Andrew George, Hon [1098]P
BLOW, Charles Edward [911]S born 4 Apr 1894, Duaringa Qld. died 4 Mar 1966, Greenslopes Hosp. Brisbane bur. War Graves Section Albany Creek Crematorium Brisbane
BLOW, Charlotte Eva [5101]C born 26 Oct 1929, Hillcrest Hospital Rockhampton died 16 Feb 2010, Brisbane Australia bur. Albany Creek Crematorium Brisbane
BOLTON, Charles George, Lieut [1421]C born 14 Nov 1866, Singapore bapt. 25 Dec 1866, Singapore died 28 Oct 1900, Greenock RFW
BOLTON, Charles James, Capt [1420]S born 1829, Hull YKS bapt. 27 Jun 1829, Sculcoates Dist England
BOLTON, Mary Louisa [20618]C born 27 Aug 1865, Singapore bapt. 4 Oct 1865, Singapore died 11 Mar 1866, Hong Kong
BOLTON, Violet [1422]C born 7 Jan 1869, London bapt. 12 Feb 1869, St Luke West Kilburn MDX died Between May and Jun 1870, At Sea enroute to Calcutta.
BOOTH, Emma Catherine [2754]P
BOOTHBY, Katherine Anne [19199]S born 11 Jun 1915
BOOTHMAN, Frank Edward [1047]S
BOOTHMAN, Joseph William [22762]P
BOUGHTON, Itta Mary [1409]S
BOWEN, Alice Georgina [592]S born 1877 died 1962
BOWEN, Croasdale, Archdeacon [4942]P born 21 Dec 1831, Milford Ireland died 1871, Hastings SSX
BOWEN, Robert Henry [5060]S born 4 Nov 1899, Brisbane Australia died Apr 1981, Brisbane Australia
BOWLES, Harriet [23404]P died 23 Apr 1859, Bridgewater SOM
BOYLE, Alan R, Hon [1370]S born 1886
BOYLE, Fenella [1371]C born 1918
BOYLE, Jean Isabel [1372]C born 1919
BRAZIER, Mary [1261]P born Cir 1743 died 1823, Bromley College Bromley KEN
BREWIN, Agnes Elizabeth [1084]C born 1880, Richmond SRY died 24 May 1967, St Leonards on Sea SSX
BREWIN, Amea Domville [1093]C born 14 Jan 1909, Hove SSX died 1970
BREWIN, Arthur [1070]S born 17 Aug 1835, New Kent Rd SRY bapt. 17 Aug 1835, New Kent Rd SRY died 30 Mar 1919, The Jungle Popes-grove Twickenham MDX bur. 2 Apr 1919, Twickenham Cemetery
BREWIN, Arthur Herbert [1078]C born 25 Jun 1912, London died 1993, Cirencester GLS
BREWIN, Barbara [1079]C born 27 Feb 1914 died 12 Jul 1984, Sydenham LND
BREWIN, Ella [1072]C born 24 Mar 1871, Isleworth MDX died 27 Feb 1952, Wreccclesham SRY
BREWIN, Emily Louise [1071]C born Sep 1869, Isleworth MDX died 16 Mar 1875, Wreccclesham SRY
BREWIN, Francis Andrew [1091]C born 1907
BREWIN, Francis Henry, Rev [1085]C born 26 Nov 1873, Brentford MDX died 9 Nov 1961
BREWIN, Francis Jnr [18919]P born 25 Feb 1809, Southward SRY died 31 Oct 1841, Southward SRY
BREWIN, George Merriman [1074]C born 21 Nov 1883, Richmond SRY died 6 Sep 1952, Newburgh Orange New York USA
BREWIN, John Hamilton [1096]C born 1911 died 1931
BREWIN, John Michael [1083]C born 1925
BREWIN, Judith [1087]C born 1904
BREWIN, Julius Arthur [1073]C born 8 Mar 1875, Richmond SRY died 22 Oct 1937, 7 Denbridge Rd Bickley KEN
BREWIN, Peter Julius [1081]C born 1920
BREWIN, Rosalind [1097]C born 1912
BREWIN, Thurstan Berkeley [1082]C born 1921
BRINTON, Christine [1058]S
BRODIE, Kaye Lynette [7384]S
BROEK D'OBRENAN, Charles van den [23893]S
BROWN, Alice (Garvie) [878]S born 8 May 1847, Denver NFK died 4 Aug 1951, Woody Point Brisbane Qld.
BROWN, John [14926]P
BROWN, Sarah Jane [12859]S
BROWN, Susan [5065]P born 1849
BROWN, Thomas Gent [4929]P born Abt 1798, Wimbotsham NFK died 2 Jul 1885
BROWNE, Charlotte Allison [11275]C born Abt 1866, Maryborough Qld Aust. died 1953, England.
BRUCE, Alan C F [20633]S born Abt 1919, England
BRUCE, Jean [20634]C born 1921
BRUNEL, Anna Isabel Alice [1245]C born 1872
BRUNEL, Ferdinand George Gaston [1244]C born 1869
BRUNEL, Ferdinand Mathias [1243]S born 1837
BRYAN, [23729]S
BUCKNELL, Horace Oswald [22554]P born 9 Jun 1864, Cooks River NSW died 23 Dec 1958, Brisbane Australia
BUCKNELL, Roy Stanley [5057]S born 8 Jan 1907, Goulburn NSW died 22 Nov 1993, Buderim Queensland
BURKE, Molly [7606]P
BURLEY, Frank Balfour [4967]S
BURMESTER, Elfrida Dora Maria (Ella) [10949]P born 8 Jan 1881, Somerset East Eastern Cape SA
BUSCHE, Elizabeth [7728]P born 1790 died 1880
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Henry of Clapham Common [2216]P born 1792 died 1828
BUTTERWORTH, Mary Ann [1031]S born 1816, MDX London died 27 Mar 1893, Woodcroft Red Hill SRY
BUTWELL, Lucy Ann [6007]P born 1868 died 1930

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