Descendants of John Julius of Nth Yarmouth & St Kitts

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WALCOTT, Jean Rhoda [11101]S born 2 Jan 1916, Belknap, St. John's Park, St. Helens, Ryde, Isle of Wight
WALSH, Arthur John Robert [4949]S born 1919 died 1982
WALSH, Bridget [19077]P
WALSH, Elizabeth Ann [4954]C born 1959, Nanango Qld died 1988
WANSEY, Agnes Yolande Wood [581]S born 25 Mar 1900 died 21 Jun 1970 bur. Northern Suburbs Crematorium Sydney
WARD, Ailsa May Stella [4988]S born 8 Feb 1922, Bray St Murwillumbah died 16 Apr 1983, Murwillumbah N.S.W.
WARD, Gwydir Gus [4498]S born 1915 died 9 Aug 1977
WARD, William Frederick [7370]P
WARLAW, Picton [1061]S
WARNER, Margaret of Trinidad [719]S died Bef 1858
WARNER, Matilda Louise [1117]S born Cir 1874, Chichester SSX
WARNER, Robert Greenwood [22767]P
WATERS, Matthew James [4956]S born 27 Jan 1924, Gympie Queensland
WATERS, Vivian [11240]P
WATSON, Ada [9156]P born 1875, Sunderland DUR died 1945, Middlesborough YKS
WEBB, Margery Nora Penelope [23890]S born 1905, Kent England died 8 Aug 1966, Ringwood HAM
WEBB, Somerset Edward Deane [23901]P born 1867, Dublin died 1944, Hove SSX
WEBSTER, [18292]P
WEBSTER, George [16472]S born 25 May 1920 died Oct 1985
WEBSTER, Reginald [16473]P
WEBSTER, William Forbes [16457]S born Abt 5 Mar 1919, Scotland died Abt 4 Feb 1990 bur. Imiola Church Cemetery Kamuela, South Kohala, HI
WEST, Dorothy Frances [1384]S born 1894, Wisbech CAM died 20 Feb 1928, MDX
WEST, Ethel Grace Thorp [1215]S born Cir 1874, Borrowdale Cumbria died 14 Jun 1959, Guernsey Channel Is.
WEST, G of Horham Hall ESS, Rev [2208]P
WEST, Walter, Sir [23897]P born 1861 died 1952
WESTCOTT, [23725]C
WESTCOTT, Ann [23724]C born Cir 1750 died 16 Aug 1839, St Kitts WI
WESTCOTT, Elizabeth Spinster [11395]C
WESTCOTT, James [23728]C
WESTCOTT, John [23685]P died Nov 1675, Ham Kingston SRY
WESTCOTT, John [23723]C died After 1756
WESTCOTT, John Julius [23053]C
WESTCOTT, Thomas [1477]S bapt. 1 Nov 1657, Kingston-on-Thames SRY
WESTCOTT, Thomas [23064]C born 21 Sep 1734, St Anne Sandy Point. bapt. 14 Oct 1734, St Anne Sandy Point.
WESTCOTT, Thomas [23727]C born Cir 1659
WESTCOTT, Thomas James [23730]C died 23 Dec 1807, St Kitts WI
WETHERALL, , Major [1507]P
WETHERALL, Hermione Blanche Catherine [1360]S
WHARTON, Anthony of St Kitts [350]P died 4 Nov 1758, St Paul Cabbesterrre bur. 5 Nov 1758, St Anne Sandy Point St Kitts
WHARTON, Elizabeth [8094]P born 3 Mar 1736/37 bapt. 20 Sep 1737, St Anne Sandy Point.St Kitts bur. 20 May 1766, St Thomas Middle Island St Kitts
WHARTON, Mary [699]S born 17 Sep 1744 bapt. 17 Feb 1743/44, St Anne Sandy Point St Kitts bur. 22 Dec 1775, St Anne Sandy Point St Kitts
WHEELER, Alison [20628]S
WHITE, Norman L F.R.C.S., Dr [1217]S died Abt 1967
WILDER, Albert Norman [12880]C born 24 Jul 1925, Charters Towers QLD died 2009, Townsville Qld.
WILDER, Clive Frederick [12877]C born 1912 died 13 Sep 1943, Killed in Action Lae Pacific
WILDER, Emily Frances Isobel [12874]C
WILDER, Herbert Christian [12866]S born 27 Dec 1891, Queensland Aust. died 26 Oct 1928, Queensland Aust.
WILDER, Herbert Julius [12878]C born 25 Sep 1913, Charters Towers QLD died 17 Feb 1937, Cloncurry QLD
WILDER, Hilda Florence [12876]C died 20 Nov 1993, Rockhampton QLD
WILDER, Julius [12867]P born Abt 1836, Rosenburg Germany died 18 Feb 1920, Charters Towers QLD
WILES, Roger Lee R.N., Commander [1374]S
WILKINSON, Geraldine Francis Catherine [806]S
WILLIAMS, Gladys [751]S born 1893
WILLIAMS, Gladys Amy [13360]P
WILLOUGHBY, Blair [1095]C born 6 Sep 1929 died 1940
WILLOUGHBY, Woodbury [1094]S born 5 Jun 1904 died 11 Mar 1964
WILSON, Alexander [904]S born 20 Aug 1899 died 30 Jun 1976 bur. Gympie Cemetery
WILSON, Alexander of Beckenham [15234]P
WILSON, Alice Rosemary [1147]C born 1906
WILSON, Cecil, Bishop [557]S born 9 Sep 1860, Islington MDX London died 19 Jan 1941, Perth WA bur. Karrakatta Cemetery
WILSON, David Churchill, Rev [1157]C,C born 20 Jun 1916, Walkerville SA died 9 Jul 2009, Midland Perth WA bur. 17 Jul 2009, Karrakatta Cemetery
WILSON, Emma [11073]S born Abt 1894, Florida USA died 1974, Florida USA
WILSON, Frances Ethel Qona [1140]C born 24 Jan 1903, Norfolk Island.
WILSON, George Hamish [19057]P born 15 Jun 1875, Bulls NZ died 27 Aug 1954, New Zealand
WILSON, James Glennie (Hamish) [2632]S born 15 Dec 1909, Bulls NZ died 6 Oct 1990
WILSON, Joan Cecilia [1146]C born 1905 died 1906, Norfolk Island.
WILSON, Jocelyn (Joy) Mary [1135]C born 1900 died NZ
WILSON, John Cecil Julius, Rev [1156]C born 17 Oct 1912, Walkerville SA died 13 Feb 2009, Cottesloe Perth WA bur. 16 Feb 2009, Freemantle W.A.
WILSON, Lilian Awdry [1151]C born 2 Sep 1910, Norfolk Island. died 28 Feb 1988, Caloundra Qld.
WILSON, Michael Richard Varean [1158]C born 7 Aug 1919 died 30 Dec 1986, Adelaide SA
WILSON, Natalie [4355]C born 1 Nov 1945, South Perth WA died 25 Dec 2003, Shenton Park Perth WA bur. 31 Dec 2003, Perth WA
WILSON, Vincent [4351]C born 25 Aug 1943, NZ died 1993, Palmerston Nth NZ
WINFIELD, Alison Lucy [8177]C born 1922, Birmingham WAR died 2014, Haywards Heath Sussex
WINFIELD, Frederick Butwell MRCS LRCP OBE, Dr [10892]S bapt. 7 Feb 1892, Solihull WAR died 1968, Birmingham WAR
WINFIELD, George F [5806]P born Cir 1867, Birmingham WAR died Dec 1921
WINFIELD, Jennifer [5493]C born 1927
WINFIELD, Robert Newton [7365]C born 12 Apr 1924, Birmingham WAR died 10 Dec 2014, Taunton SOM
WIX, Alice [10893]S
WOOD, F [24831]P
WOOD, George J [738]S born 1904 died 1979
WOOD, Winifred Hazel [24284]S born 5 Mar 1918 died 1 Jun 2011
WOODCOCK, Anna Maria [10972]P born 1 Jun 1811, Ganjam India died 26 Nov 1868, Stresa Italy bur. Stresa Italy
WOODIFIELD, Elizabeth [626]S born 1865, London died 27 Mar 1936, London
WOODS, Dorothy Elizabeth Nee Drake [4471]S born 30 Jan 1917, Bankstown Sydney died 6 Sep 1996, Inverell N.S.W.
WOODS, Susanna Frances [768]S
WOODWORTH, William Wallace [23524]S born 25 May 1884, Los Angeles CA USA
WORTHINGTON, Margaret [9355]S
WRIGHT, Kathleen Mary [5210]S

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