Descendants of John Julius of Nth Yarmouth & St Kitts

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FAIRLEY, Lillian Gladys May [19507]P born 14 Jul 1896, Delacy Street Nth Ipswich QLD died 1981
FAY, Mary Kaala [2747]P
FELIX, de St. [1487]P
FELIX, Louisa Antoinette de St. [1401]S born Jul 1821, Walton ESS died 24 Jun 1882
FENN, Charles Edward , Dr [18]C born 23 Sep 1873, Richmond SRY died 30 Apr 1947, 8 Priory Rd Kew London. bur. 5 May 1947, Richmond Cemetery.
FENN, Cyril Duncan R N, Lieut Commander [38]C born 19 Aug 1882, Richmond SRY bapt. 4 Oct 1882 died 9 Aug 1921, Nayland SFK bur. 12 Aug 1921, Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Edgar Julius M A, Rev [39]C born 16 Jun 1885, Richmond SRY died 7 Aug 1942, Castlethorpe bur. 12 Aug 1942, Castlethorpe Churchyard
FENN, Edith Nancy Alston [31]C born 2 Feb 1917, 8 Lancaster Plc. Hamstead London died 26 Sep 2003, Wimbledon London bur. 6 Oct 2003, Putney Vale Chapel Wimbledon
FENN, Edward Churchill [36]C born 19 May 1881, Richmond SRY died 20 May 1882, Richmond SRY
FENN, Edward Liveing M.D., Dr [3]S born 20 Aug 1843, Stourbank Nayland SFK bapt. 6 Oct 1843, Nayland SFK died 8 Dec 1907, Nayland SFK bur. Nayland Burial Ground
FENN, Ernest Vanderzee M A, Rev [37]C born 20 Feb 1880, Richmond SRY bapt. 31 Mar 1880 died 22 Jan 1956, Timaru N.Z. bur. 1956, Timaru N.Z.
FENN, Evelyn Alston [34]C born 29 Feb 1876, Richmond SRY died 27 Sep 1877, Portland Tce Richmond SRY
FENN, Harold Liveing [33]C born 28 Mar 1877, Richmond SRY bapt. Stoke died 6 Jan 1969, St Georges Hospital Christchurch NZ bur. 1969, Timaru N.Z.
FENN, Reginald Alston [35]C born 1878, Richmond died 11 Jul 1879, Portland Tce Richmond SRY
FENN, Thomas Harrold M.R.C.S., Dr [1]P born 1815 bapt. 27 Mar 1815, Coddenham SFK died 13 Apr 1870, Nayland SFK bur. Nayland SFK
FENN, Walter Robert Julius [32]C born 5 Feb 1875 died 9 Aug 1880, Isle Wight
FERGUSON, Victor [1357]S
FERGUSON, Victor Robert Hull [1358]C born 1918
FERGUSSON, , Mr [23726]S
FERNHEAD, Eliza [4528]S
FIELD, Agnes [23414]P born 5 Sep 1812, Mitcham SRY died 8 Sep 1868, Bath SOM
FIELDEN, Lena Mary [7729]S born Melbourne Aust died 1906, Japan
FIELDEN, William Sutcliffe H [11098]P
FIELDING, Cecil Coleman [1125]S born 24 Apr 1874, co Durham Ontario Canada died 1916, France, Killed In Action.
FIELDING, James [22771]P born Cir 1844, Flordon NFK
FILLEY, Emily [23855]P born 27 Apr 1819, Norwich NFK died 7 Feb 1908
FISHER, George Ballye, Lieut Gen [1179]S died 20 Apr 1907
FISHER, Henrietta (Jeanette) [810]S born 20 Sep 1848, Cambridge CAM. died 29 Jul 1935, Petersham Surrey bur. 1 Aug 1935, Petersham SRY
FISHER, Thomas Hall [1502]P born 12 Oct 1788, Cambridge died 21 Sep 1867, Cambridge
FISON, Kenneth Wilfred Y [1219]S born 1905 died 8 Jan 1943, In action
FISON, Susan Caroline [10928]C born 26 May 1936 died 6 May 1962, Isle of Wight
FLETCHER, Evelyn Maud [15191]S
FORD, Elizabeth May [1056]S born 1878
FORD, Frank B C [881]S born 1859 died 20 Sep 1948
FORMAN, Kathleen [1113]S born 1911
FOSS, Mary Jane [16487]P
FOSTER, Mary Victoria [2763]S died 27 Aug 1868
FOWLE, Fulwar Rupert Craven, Wing Cmdr [20630]S born 1912 died South Africa
FREDINBERG, Sarah B [1254]S born Jun 1861, Hawaii
FRYER, Phyllys Esme [9673]S born 23 May 1911, Johannesburgh South Africa died 10 Nov 1993, Perth WA
FRYER, Walter [10948]P born 27 Jul 1879, Dublin Ireland died 27 Apr 1947, Kisumu Kenya bur. Kisumu Kenya

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